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Calm down, tech journalists: It’s okay if you don’t use Snapchat | PandoDaily
artificial limitations is the trend that emerged late out of the freeze box that was SV 2001-2005/6 ... artificial limitations ie 140 charachters, ephemeral content, <10s videos, Yo, (photo)filters, ... and anonymity within the echo chamber made Secret --- and the real world broke the idea. Hot deals emerge quickly within an echo chamber, even if it doesn't end world hunger or make it rain. // This is a new phase of SV companies and tech, question is, can anyone of these be sustainable long-term world wide as big and far as they are shouting (out of the echochamber) // as fascinated as the press at large is right now, there could be, looming on the horizon, a backlash from the general population, as their livelihoods are deeply affected (work, social, democracy, ... uncertainty. people don't like uncertainty and insecurity.)
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january 2015 by asterisk2a | Frank Schirrmacher - Emigration Of Thinking Because Of Algorithms.
... apart from teaching algo's, people have to be taught too - to think about the third factor that puts everything in question. algo's are about the absolute solution to problem x. thus we become blind to factor x, the third factor, the black swan (see GFC, we are not in a bubble, houseprices never reverted back to the mean). Narrative, doubt (zweifel), intuition - vs - algo's outcome. Without narrative, what world is that, where we just have results only? No narrative (linearity), no grammar. What world is that?
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re:publica 2014 - Sarah Spiekermann: Die ethische Maschine - YouTube
From Technological hype cycles to Singularity and Ethics. Humans stand above technology. - + +
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may 2014 by asterisk2a | Sarah Spiekermann - Die ethische Maschine. The Ethical Machine.
Pressure to keep up with technological progress towards ... ~near singularity~ ... keeping up with the help of implants. Is that ethical? human rights is about bodily integrity. But pressures will mound eventually. Gesellschaftlicher zwang / societal force / pressure. That we have to optimise ourselves constantly. Backlash - People will seek out to be accepted how and who they are, unoptimized, unable to keep up with the attention demand and demand to process incoming data. - +
Sarah  Spiekermann  ethics  singularity  technological  history  technological  progress  Robotics  attention  attention  span  humanoid  productivity  Ray  Kurzweil  Post-Modern  social  science  social  pressure  peer  pressure  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  Transhumanoid  Transhumanism  ethical  machine  systems  design  system  design 
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Why I’m Bullish on the News - POLITICO Magazine
Go maximum mass or maximum specific. [...] News organizations are also going to have to mix and match revenue models. I see eight obvious ones: advertising, subscriptions, premium content, events, cross-media promotion, crowdfunding, micropayments and philanthropy. [...] Today, this same science culture, this civilization of engineers and math, is again on the rise. And to many, it feels like it’s running away with the future. [...] The point is that, for people who aren’t deep into math and science and technology, it is going to get far harder to understand the world going forward. || + + +
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Jaron Lanier: "Wem gehört die Zukunft?" | Kulturjournal | NDR - YouTube
only those who have the date, profit from the data. middle class jobs will be lost as software and automation more and more takes over other peoples jobs. 3D printing, transportation, - user data should cost money - it is valuable. Companies will appear that offer people money to share their data, their online lives, in return for money. Less people around the globe needed to produce/make stuff people around the world need. means less menial, task oriented jobs to go around. thus the future is in software, problem solving and creativity. in the next 5 years, Amazon will have only roboters in its warehouses. no people packing the packages.
big  data  Facebook  Google  future  Internet  Jaron  Lanier  Philosophy  book  complexity  unintended  consequences  private  medical  insurance  health  insurance  Ray  Kurzweil  Amazon  IaaS  SaaS  middle  class  Robert  Skidelsky  productivity  labour  market  globalisation  globalization  jobmarket  jobcreation  job  market  job  creation  capitalism  Twitter  3D  printing  transportation  singularity 
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Hirnstrme: Computerrekonstruiert Filme ausGedanken - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Wissenschaft
Die zentrale Frage aber lautet: Werden Computer eines Tages in der Lage sein, dem Gehirn auch die Bilder aus Erinnerungen und Träumen zu entreißen? "Ich glaube, dass das möglich sein wird", sagte Gallant SPIEGEL ONLINE. "Das ist nur eine Frage der Zeit." Die Grenzen bestünden derzeit nur in der Qualität der Hirnaktivitätsmessungen und der Computermodelle sowie in der Rechenkapazität.
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