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Portable home delivered as furniture, tailored as smartphone - YouTube
[~75-90k maybe all together ] + Family wraps home in greenhouse to warm up Stockholm weather - // Both together could reduce energy bill in winter. And work outside - in the summer, spring, autumn - in the green house. Put washing machine outside and also washing in green house. Should be ok in mild UK weather.
architecture  design  tiny  house  Frugal  life  hacker  life  lesson  simplicity  status  symbol  status  anxiety  zombie  consumer  Housing  Crisis  affordable  social 
february 2016 by asterisk2a
Credit Booms & Credit Busts - YouTube
// financial cycle twice as long as business cycles (which is on top, like an inverted pyramid). // financial markets are not self-stabilising // better make policy on caution, that if you don't act you will cause more long-lasting economic damage by curbing one obvious bubble not in (ie uk property bubble - people who have difficulty serving their interest payment) // QE does not facilitate loan growth in times of balance sheet recession - Richard Koo // QE is reflationary and currency war, downside size unknown - look Richard Koo, state has to pick-up shortfall of demand // // There is now a growing consensus among policymakers and academics that a key element to improve safeguards against financial instability is to strengthen the “macroprudential” orientation of regulatory and supervisory frameworks. [Dr. Claudio Borio @ BIS], one could even say that “we are all macroprudentialists now”. And yet, a decade ago, the term was hardly used. What does it mean?
BIS  equity  bubble  speculative  bubbles  credit  bubble  asset  bubble  property  bubble  macroprudential  policy  macroeconomic  policy  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  Taper  unintended  consequences  unknown  unkown  complexity  bond  bubble  Student  Loan  debt  debt  regulation  oversight  governance  BOE  simplicity  incomplete  information  academia  academics  economist  behavioral  economics  behavioral  finance  economic  history  systemicrisk  EuropeanSystemicRiskBoard  financial  market  sustainable  sustainability  mortgage  market  UK  USA  China  speculative  speculation  contagion  monetary  policy  unconventional  monetary  policy  monetary  theory  modern  monetary  theory  credit  boom  financial  cycle  Makers  policy  folly  policy  error  Career  Politicians  short-term  thinking  short-term  view  political  economy  political  theory  centralbanks  economic  damage  economic  model  Richard  Koo  animal  spirit  austerity  monetary  transmission  mechanism  robertshiller  Robert  Shiller  ideology  dogma  sovereign  debt  crisis  populism  corporate  state  manufactured  consent  Lügenpresse  BOJ  Fed  currency  war  currency  debasement  ECB  negative  real  interest  rate  Japan  hunt  for  yield  irrational  exuberance 
july 2015 by asterisk2a
Introducing Place Tips in News Feed | Facebook Newsroom
Facebook launches location-specific Place Tips for iPhone; appears at top of News Feed when user enters establishment; tapping displays friends' comments & photos related to business; also shows maps, restaurant menus, etc; viewing does not post to Facebook or reveal location; also testing w/ beacons in NYC // >> "In late 2013, Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley and his leadership team decided it was time to rethink things. If the company was founded today, what would the app look like? What would the experience feel like?" // &! &!
Facebook  geolocation  location  foursquare  Yelp  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  differentiation  differentiate  features  feature  Big  Data  Appification  Single-Use  App  unbundeling  user  experience  user  behaviour  user  acquisition  UI  UX  business  strategy  focus  focused  simplification  simplicity  product  management  Product/Market  Fit  product  experience  Design  Minimal  Viable  multi-product  company  Officer  discovery  curation 
january 2015 by asterisk2a
Kevin Rose’s New App Tiiny Lets You Share Little Photos That Disappear In 24 Hours | TechCrunch >>> Valleywag's @samfbiddle "imagine how sycophantic ur scene has to be in order to think making another ephemeral image app is a good idea ..." +++ 24hrs later >>> "Rose tells me Tiiny is “a two-fold experiment in minimalism, both in how we interact with each other — less choice, less friction, less megapixels" +++
Kevin  Rose  Silicon  Valley  culture  frictionless  friction  minimalism  simplicity 
september 2014 by asterisk2a
Can We Reclaim Power By Sharing? Russell Brand The Trews Ep81 - YouTube
minute 2:30 in ... sharing economy; transportation, housing, physical storage, books, ...
sharing  economy  Uber  Lyft  AirBnB  less  is  more  simplicity  baggage  lifestyle  western  lifestyle  status  symbol 
june 2014 by asterisk2a
High Scalability - High Scalability - 10 Ways to Take your Site from One to One Million Users by Kevin Rose
How to reward users. Measurement.
Build, release, feedback, revise, build, release, feedback, revise, ...
Do un-rural / unusual PR, Hack the Press, Traditional PR is dead
Connect with community
Provide value (metrics, information, in depth analysis)
Analyze traffic
The big picture (macro economics).
kevinrose  digg  growth  marketing  business  tips  startup  webdev  start-up  simplicity  simplification  pr  analytics  macroeconomics 
october 2009 by asterisk2a

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