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Bitcoin 2.0: Unleash The Sidechains | TechCrunch
Never mind “don’t be evil”; we want to build a company that actually can’t be evil. - The distributed nature of Bitcoin has caused people to speculate about autonomous corporations powered by blockchains, which sounds like a creepy Kafka-meets-Gibson notion if I ever heard one. On the other hand, a company which committed to behaving in a particular way, not with a mere promise, but with an enforceable and cryptographically ironclad contract, might be much worthier of the public’s trust than your standard amoral corporation. This is, of course, all highly speculative verging on cloud-cuckoo-land until people actually start shipping code which turns these notions into reality. What interests me most about sidechains is that, if implemented, they might bring that day closer, by aiding and accelerating the entire ecosystem of blockchain innovation. And I’m awfully curious about what Hill and Back still have up their sleeve (no, they didn’t tell me.) Interesting times indeed.
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april 2014 by asterisk2a

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