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Who Will Pay? Austerity vs. Bailouts | Greece, Europe and The Euro! - YouTube
have to be held accountable >> bankers! but have not, just transfered private debt/losses onto public balance sheet which no has to paid down by the weakest of society and collectively by less public investment for the future (output gap/lower productivity) ie into infrastructure and education // stealing from the young // policy making by comfort and trinkets - George Osborne // moral hazard - the options they choose - paulson geithner summers and co made the tbtf and jail even worse! instead should have chosen partial privatization // sold off our future for keeping the gangsters "private" - get out of jail free card for what reason? because it would be not American? American means to be WALL STREET crony capitalistic greed with tax evasion and lobbying to the tunes of millions - your judge - that judges on you whether you get a free out of jail card?! // who will suffer in the end? the public and the weakest of society and unborn! period. long-term. // &!
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