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Gay and bisexual youth are nearly 4 times more likely to attempt suicide - Vox
"The findings emphasize the need for greater attention in research and public health interventions to similarities and differences among diverse groups of sexual minority youth." The study acknowledges that even its own categorization of sexual minorities may oversimplify the issue. Previous research, for instance, found health outcomes can differ starkly among people who identify as homosexual and those who identify as bisexual. The study also doesn't account for transgender individuals and some of the other forms of sexual and gender identification, such as genderqueer and intersex.
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Tinder highlights tech world’s frat-pack culture -
! GREAT ARTICLE by Tett ! tip of the iceberg. "money and hubris is involved." - Sheryl Sandberg's 'book for the white, privileged & entitled ivy league girls' is a drop in the ocean. Instead of having girls getting a beautician degree at college for the service industry; fighting the hard fight/competing head to head for little pie there is * || - - Tinder's sexual harassment scandal is not a surprise. It's another wake-up call How many Silicon Valley sexism stories must we endure before 'entrepreneurs' get serious about diversity? + + +
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