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Stephen Fry - HIV and Me - Part 1 - YouTube
[ chem sex as symptom of public sentiment at large towards what "being gay" means. and how gay people see themselves in this picture and see how they are treated at large?! it's like about breaking free from social norms, its a counterproductive form of rebellion against society in its most dangerous form. ] [ protection = naughty but not dangerous ] [ some are thrill seeking people. a kick apart form normal life. ] [ hetero sex now counts for half of all new infections ] [ medical profession guess is that between 1/3 and 1/2 of all infection go undiagnosed, because they don't have HIV test, in UK ] PART 2: [ stigma and prejudice of being HIV positive is a social crisis. medically we moved on, but socially we haven't. there is still this big fear and horror part, instilled into people by it's initial campaign during the 90's. HIV is a social problem. ]
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BBC News - Diane Abbott: British culture 'increasingly pornified'
'Pressure to conform' +++ It's hyper-sexualized British culture in which women are objectified, objectify one another, and are encouraged to objectify themselves.” Diane Abbott MP (Shadow public health minister) +++ "Parents and teachers have a duty to ensure that children develop a healthy view of sexuality, distinct from this porn version that is swamping and infiltrating British life. Because it's a very specific form of sexuality that's being imposed, on children and adults: a porn version. This is what kids are dealing with on a daily basis. "Young people are accessing far harder pornographic images than 10 or 15 years ago." +++ Sex education should be "revolutionised" to better prepare young people for "healthy, respectful, emotionally fulfilling relationships" and deal with issues of self-esteem. +++ "commercialisation of childhood"
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