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We Are All Venture Capitalists Now | TechCrunch
In Mediocristan, you work fixed hours for a fixed wage. In Extremistan, success is enormously lucrative, but failure is far more common … and, for artists, condemns you to a life of grinding poverty and/or working outside of your chosen field. Of course tech startups also live in Extremistan. So too does venture capital itself, a meta-tournament of picking winners, in which enough money is (hopefully) made from the few big hits to outweigh the inevitable failures– –and so too will we all, soon enough. I’ve argued before that, because software is eating the world, “technology is slowly dragging us all, economically, away from Mediocristan and into Extremistan.” The power of software is such that it gives ever-smaller numbers of people ever-greater leverage. Meanwhile, much of yesterday’s rote Mediocristan work can and will be automated tomorrow. As a result, our economies are moving (slowly, in fits and starts) to a power-law Extremistan future. [ Seth Godin "be remarkable" ]
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