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How Narcissists Took Over the World - YouTube
intolerant of others and other thinking. increases entitlement feeling and lowers respect for others. // mobile homescreen is feeding. same w social media. // thus CONCLUSION! POLITICAL COLLECTIVISM WILL HAVE IT AS HARD AS NEVER BEFORE! Generation Me to forgoe self interest in crony capitalism society.
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Addiction and Depression - Have You Considered This? - YouTube
What are you running from? // the tip of the iceberg is off-label use of prescription drugs (Modafinil) for narcolepsy, ADHD and other conditions that give you the kick to focus ... on work. // Work to keep up with the Jonse's. // taking is time consuming. vs giving // commodification of human as resource, exchangable resource via capitalism // Love & Community // Do what ever it takes to get you through the day. // Good for the collective. // Coffee as gateway drug. // give everything up for success, use every thing for success // honor your needs! //
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