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Pando: In the Valley, pre-seed is a meme. In New York, it’s a necessity
// cost of entry? // unable to make it happen? // Can't you write software from anywhere? // problem, heavily diluted early on approaching A/B, traditional shops don't like the cap table of pre-seed, angels, seed, accelerator & Micro VC's already owning ~+40% ... you come to a traditional A/B shop and not one of the existing investors is actually leading the round or committed in paper do double down? // // from a financial perspective/investment/math --- in the PRIVATE MARKET thrown under the bus by NIRP, QE, hunt for yield and FOMO (looking for their female unicorn or own Zuck) everyone can run 100 burger stands with unlimited/stellar returns in their spreadsheet model (bc cost of capital being 0 or negative). Despite the deflation of price of software & hosting (marginal cost, economics of abundance), Talent got bid up heavily (+200k/y in LA by Snapchat) in certain cities (SV, NY, London) // &! Steen Jakobsen - - min 16 avg guy does not have access to credit!
Seed  Round  Party  Round  Venture  Capital  Micro  VC  barriers  to  entry  cost  of  entry  London  Start-up  Scene  ecosystem  New  York  Scene  burn  rate  runway  traction  A  Round  seedfunding  funding  Angel  Investor  dilution  cap  table  lesson  advice  liquidation  preferences  hunt  for  yield  2015  distortion  FOMO  equity  bubble  credit  bubble  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  asset  allocation  Limited  Partners  monetary  policy  fiscal  policy  Wall  Street  asset  bubble  behavioral  finance  behavioral  economics  Silicon  Valley  Private  Market  Public  Market  reflate  reflation  cost  of  living  valuation  Unicorn  Decacorn  cost  of  leverage  financial  repression  financial  literacy  financial  financial  cycle  business  cycle  business  confidence  consumer  confidence  hubris  panic  irrational  exuberance  retail  banking  investment  banking  fractional  reserve  banking  banking  crisis 
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The frustrating, no-win "Goldilocks Zone" of seed deals
Don’t do party rounds. Raise as much as you possibly can so you don’t get crunched. Don’t raise money from just seed funds. Don’t raise money from just big name VCs unless you know you’ll breakthrough, and then absolutely do. And actually you never know that, so nevermind. Oh, and good luck rationalizing all of this advice, first timers. [...] TL;DR version: Large VC firms may do lots of seed deals but each partner will only do one to two Series A deals a year. So basic math tells you it’s a game of survivor. Most of the seed deals will not get a Series A from that firm. The concern is if you don’t quite make the cut, is the signal so bad to other VCs that you are worse off than if you never raised that, say, $200k from a big name VC to begin with? [ not every product consumer or b2b will not be a 500m/1bn dollar company, thus it's not worth it to raise risk capital and just grind it out!? at a sustainable pace, putting back in what you earned. ] &!
Seed  Round  Party  Round  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Angel  Investor  Micro  VC  Venture  Capital  Series  A  seedround  seedfunding  traction  business  model  Silicon  Valley  economies  of  scale  pageviews  Unicorn  valuation  speculative  bubbles  speculative  speculation 
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Forward Partners - Your unfair advantage
Nic Brisbourne - Managing Partner at Forward Partners | Silicon Real LIVE - // ex-DFJ (Series A&B) // is on website, it says, focused on e-commerce, but does/did also consumer and some enterprise/dev tools. // they also have drop-in office hours - // 9:05 - Finding Tech Co-Founder is difficult, business founders have to sell themselves really hard. Same in SV, and UK. // 24:15 don't build lonely MVP, build one that resonates, slow down to speed up during feedback time and crystallising MVP to specific customer+own vision (balance) to the point where it fly's off the shelve // optimism with critical thinking (balance.) // Board to set focus and resolve problems. Staying on the same page (ben horrowitz book) // London Start-up Scene Ecosystem, its a marathon. TC reporting is not conducive to portray a realistic picture of Start-up struggle. // &! Philippe Botteri - Accel Partners -
Venture  Capital  UK  London  Start-up  Scene  Europe  Scene  Seed  Round  seedround  seedfunding  wisdom-of-the-crowd  MVP  Accel  Partners  Forward  Partners 
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[PreMoney MIAMI] Upfront Ventures, Mark Suster, "Venture Outlook 2015 - Goldrush or Fool's Gold" - YouTube
(1) Change from Sales Funnel to Funnel of Intent on Mobile and Social Media. Lower Marketing/Early user acquisition cost at scale. And tap to credit cards to with one click through third party Platforms. And also Open Source Software Stacks and buying 'by time' the hardware stack on Google, AWS or Azure is paradigm shift. Results also in noise one has to break through first - raising the bar (by user choice) for everyone. (2) min10 - Value Creation held inside Private Market through growth & late-stage investing instead of IPO with single-class share structure with wobbily business numbers 'help you god that you aren't out 24m later' because of impatient Wall Street. (3) min14 Series D valuations show Private Market highest bidder wins phenomenon. But Valuations are up across the board. And with more Seed/Angel Investors, Seed Valuations are also bid up higher compared to ABC. // &! min29 - 500 Startups, Dave McClure "4 Years of Moneyball - What Have We Learned"
Silicon  Valley  Seed  Round  A  Round  growth  Venture  Capital  Sales  Funnel  Funnel  of  Intent  mobile  first  mobile  homescreen  mobile  phone  Social  Media  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  hunt  for  yield  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  secular  stagnation  productive  investment  Private  Market  Platform  TOS  2000  bubble  2008  IPO  Wall  Street  single-class  share  structure  SPV  short-term  thinking  short-term  view  Hedge  Fund  Mutual  Fund  Private  Equity  late-stage  funding  Unicorn  seedround  seedfunding  angelinvestor  angel-list  Angel  Investor  angelinvestors  incomplete  information  complexity  unintended  consequences  Dave  McClure  Mark  Suster  UpFront  Ventures  500  Start-ups  paradigm  shift 
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Foreign Founders Should Look Beyond Silicon Valley | TechCrunch
Put your start-up tent up at expensive places = less runway for your start-up = competitive disadvantage (burn rate). To get a MVP minimally viable product out the door, you don't need a $120k/y full-stack dev, for 90% of "ideas," Start-ups fail because they run out of time (= money to pay bills) to find traction, the formula for their "idea." Sure, there are bad ideas. But sometimes you need time to fix all the problems and test and optimise etc etc. A marathon of sprints. // "Burning Money For The Roof Above Your Head" &! So Silicon Valley is an extraordinarily competitive and expensive place to hire; the risks are high for you as a founder – and yet you have to hire faster than you ever have. Candidates are gone if you don’t catch them in a day. &! RE TECHCITY UK - RETS ARE ALREADY WAY UP IN THE AREA AND LONDON IS EXPENSIVE. AS IS NY. AND LA IS AWEFUL, always in the car and the pollution. //
Silicon  Valley  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Berlin  Start-Up  Scene  Europe  Start-Up  Scene  London  Scene  burn  rate  runway  Venture  Capital  seedround  seedfunding  angelinvestor  angelinvestors  San  Francisco  Palo  Alto  San  Jose  Mountain  View  war  for  talent  New  York  Start-Up  Scene  Los  Angeles  Start-Up  Scene 
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HORIZONT Award 2015: Keynote Oliver Samwer - Teil 1 - YouTube
It's only the beginning, the race starts a new (concerning mobile usage & patterns/behaviour). // [along the line of "It is still Day 1" via Marc Andreessen] // Talks Zappos & e-commerce that inspired them to do Zalando. To build e-commerce of that type, there are years of losses ahead. There was no possibility at that time in sight, to fund that with European VC's. Zalando raised in its lifetime till the IPO ~500m. That was around the same amount EU VC's handed out in 2008. They started 2007 w 20 ppl. EU VC's handouts are about 2% of SV VC's handout per year in aggregate. Capital intensive companies out of EU (Germany) are nearly impossible to pull off. Mittelstand/SME/Dude&Dudette businesses are ok with peanut investments/savings/bank credit and focusing on making it at nearly break even in the first year. That is not the mantra in SV. SV = go big or go home, once you got real traction. Reach for the sky. Biz (Start-ups) fail when you run out of money before you found traction.
Oliver  Samwer  mobile  first  mobile  homescreen  mobile  phone  Tablet  Phablet  Appification  Rocket  Internet  Zalando  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Europe  Start-Up  Scene  Berlin  Start-Up  Scene  London  Scene  Germany  erzkonservativ  conservative  e-commerce  Silicon  Valley  Venture  Capital  seedfunding  angelinvestor  angelinvestors  Exportweltmeister  risk  aversion  risk  taking  Risk/Reward  Ratio  mitigating  risk  isolating  risk 
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Product Hunt Blog — What Makes a Great Investor? 10 Great Investors Weigh In.
In a collaborative @ProductHunt post, angels/VCs weigh in on what makes a great investor: @alexisohanian: 'Want to invest in great entrepreneurs? Be one first' @joshelman: '...give advice to help founders grow and scale just ahead of the company' @naval: 'Engages with you as a peer, not as your boss. Patient, empathetic' @paulsingh: '...clear about their view on the world, their investment thesis and their decisions' @mazzeo '...insight, conviction in the face of dissent and most importantly a poignant sense of empathy'
Venture  Capital  angelinvestors  angelinvestor  seedround  seedfunding  partyround  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice 
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Bad Notes on Venture Capital
Me: Yup. I see that all the time. I know how to structure around that to protect the founders from getting screwed on a multiple liquidation preference. But most VCs don’t bother so many convertible note founders get screwed and never know it until they sell their companies. My colleague: Whoa. Me: Yup. The whole industry has strangely accepted this artificial structure for all the wrong reasons. There are a million ways to do quick, easy, low-cost rounds with prices. There are a bunch of ways to offer cheaper pricing to people who commit early without notes. But founders these days seem strangely unfocused on finance and on terms that could hurt them even though we fought to the death about these same terms 10 years ago. [...] I have never come across a sophisticated A, B or C round venture capitalist who thinks convertible notes are a smart move for entrepreneur or investor. // via
convertible  note  convertible  notes  seedround  seedfunding  openangelforum  angelinvestor  angelinvestors  Venture  Capital  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  VC  Mark  Suster  funding 
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Shrink Your Digital Footprint with Mark Cuban's Cyber Dust | Disrupt SF 2014 - YouTube
min 8:45 - Silicon Valley & Culture & Valuations (_cost of Living_!!! - Silicon Valley and surrounding areas ie SF and Palo Alto etc.) & FOMO (fear of missing out) ... arbitrage >> coming from the outside, selling it to the inside. +++
Silicon  Valley  Mark  Cuban  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  FOMO  valuation  Unicorn  culture  hunt  for  yield  Los  Angeles  Start-Up  Scene  New  York  Start-Up  Scene  Berlin  Start-Up  Scene  Europe  Start-Up  Scene  London  Scene  angelinvestor  angelinvestors  seedfunding  seedround 
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Report: Fenwick study points to rising valuations, but don’t call it a bubble | PandoDaily
Fenwick partner Barry Kramer, who co-authored the report, breaks down the fundamental signs of a bubble into three things: high valuations, an absence of investment fundamentals, and large volumes of investment activity. Today’s report confirms that the first factor is very much a reality, but the latter two are far less of an issue. +++
Venture  Capital  Silicon  Valley  hunt  for  yield  valuation  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  unintended  consequences  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  asset  bubble  speculative  bubbles  seedround  seedfunding  angelinvestor  angelinvestors 
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Is everything we know about what makes a good VC just wrong? | PandoDaily
Still, I’ve heard that idea — operational experience as the mark of a great investor — countless times in the past twelve months. As a founder, I resonate with everything everyone says about good and bad investors on an emotional level. I used to think entrepreneurs were too whiney about interfering board members and VCs. Guys, they gave you millions of dollars to build your dream with no obligation on the downside should you completely blow it and lose it all! You think they shouldn’t have a say in the company? But I get it now. I can’t tell you how times in the past two and a half years I’ve said the words “easier said than done.” The worst conversations are ones where investors say something like: “Have you thought about hiring a world class sales guy?” [...] THERE IS NO 'apply this' PLAYBOOK. [VC's & Co are in THE SERVICE BUSINESS. Entrepreneurs are their customers. LPs ar their shareholders.]
Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Venture  Capital  angelinvestor  openangelforum  angel-list  angelinvestors  VC  seedround  seedfunding  execution  Silicon  Valley  Palo  Alto 
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A fireside chat with Fred Wilson - YouTube
"We are in the service business, helping them being successful." VC guys - here to help you; council, scale, connect/network help, help where they can be helpful otherwise find the person who can help you with X (ie Chris Sacca seems to have special skill set that some companies can leverage for biz deals and negotiations - ie Uber [ ]). See a16z model; Operations Helpers (HR, Marketing, biz Dev.). That is where Angel Investors (single persons) and Seed Rounds lack value; the added value and the scalability (n+1 people behind VC company). In Finance School; the present value of the company is the future cash-flow (not necessarily profits), that is why companies who aimed for revenue growth are much more valuable than companies who aimed for margin. Term 'Investing in the future.' ;-) The future is uncertain by definition. Very uncertain. High risk, high potential returns. With given losers (losses non-leveraged, can't loose more than you've invested).
Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Mark  Suster  Fred  Wilson  VC  Venture  Capital  Chris  Sacca  Angel  Investor  seedround  seedfunding  Twitter  Etsy  Dick  Costolo  execution  focused  focus  vision 
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A Fireside Chat Jason Calacanis - YouTube
>> be short, sharp, compelling, have at least a mock-up if not better a MVP, or even better a product w traction. DONT ASK INVESTORS WHAT THE HAVE LEAST, TIME. ... and no dissing of unicorns (billion dollar exist, business),
Jason  Calacanis  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  focused  focus  execution  communication  Unicorn  MVP  Minimal  Viable  Product  Hustle  billion  dollar  exit  Venture  Capital  VC  angelinvestors  angelinvestor  seedround  seedfunding  traction 
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- Venture Capital - This Week in Venture Capital - Mark Jeffrey, CEO of ThisWeekIn - YouTube
Brad Feld, Fred Wilson, Suster - - Blogs, + Quora, ... Mark Suster "execution tends to win." talking about copycats and me too start-ups, get an introduction from existing/past portfolio companies. Hustle. It's unacceptable not to be able to figure out how to get access other than in a straight line via email on persons homepage. || people now, with lower barrier of entry - MVP, - ppl wanna see product. + PLUS + financial models !!! business model / plan - the economics. - have a plan for the basics of the company ~2-3 quarters into the future while keeping the vision in mind.
Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Deck  pitch-deck  pitch  elevator  pitch  pitching  pitch  execution  creativity  Hustle  authentic  Venture  Capital  seedround  seedfunding  angelinvestor  openangelforum  angel  list  open  angel  forum  TheFunded  sales  focus  focused  Chutzpah  MVP  Minimal  Viable  Product  business  model  businessplan  businessmodel  business  plan  businessmodels 
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Why your dinky little startup is worth billions of dollars - Quartz
Though companies hire trained futurists, technology is still moving to fast to predict where it will go. “Value has become an abstraction because we don’t really know what kind of product is going to make the most money,” Chayka writes. “We have no idea what kind of technology will dominate the commercial landscape over the next decade, let alone century.” For companies with as much money and as much to gain—and lose—as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, it’s better to be optimistic about hyped startups than to let them slip away. Of course, this means that they know some of their acquisitions will be duds and even those that aren’t will be expensive. But it’s worth more to them to stay ahead of the curve.
Facebook  Yahoo!  AOL  Twitter  Microsoft  Google  acqui-hire  acquisitions  acquisition  Uber  Airbnb  growth  round  Venture  Capital  Technology  strategic  strategy  VC  Silicon  Valley  acquihire  seedround  seedfunding  Instagram  Snapchat  WhatsApp  Google+  Moore's  Law  B2B  C2B  marketplace  industry  Oculus  Rift  virtual  reality  3D  printing 
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Airbnb Could Be Valued at More Than $10 Billion in New Round | Re/code
more and more non-traditional entities like Wall Street banks, funds and PE go to the valley to look for established companies who pose much less risk than usual start-ups who have no business model or existing revenue stream(s) and thus no profit ... Airbnb is a solid business model, this is a growth round. a new thing in the valley to have such numbers been thrown around. 10bn valuation is not start-up any more.
growth  round  Venture  Capital  Private  Equity  Wall  Street  Silicon  Valley  Start-Up  Airbnb  seedfunding  seedround  ZIRP  QE  unintended  consequences  NIRP 
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Gillmor Gang: No Reply - Gillmor Gang | TechCrunch TV
talking about Sillicone Valley funding scene, people getting more into growth funding more, more people piling in. real innovation which needs development time and a R&D lacks the whole scene. + talking about Twitter's spam notion, and its lean towards more distribution and unattractiveness for non tech savvy people and bc of the spam its lack to have a open converstation with @'s
Twitter  Silicon  Valley  Venture  Capital  Start-up  Start-Ups  seedfunding  seedround 
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It’s Not A Bursting Bubble. It’s a Correction And It Will Take Awhile. | TechCrunch
the hunt for yield.

Late Stage ...
companies are still getting bid up “like insane.”
but .... “Like Icarus, they got too close to the sun.” (Zynga, Fb, Groupon)

still ... The best companies might even do better in a down market. (Linkedin, Monster energy drink company)

Early Stage investing ...
The impact on the early-stage market is the hardest to predict since these companies are valued more subjectively.


This is partly just natural market behavior. When things get super-hot, it’s smart to look elsewhere for less obvious opportunities.

Facebook IPO was just a good catalyst for reinforcing discussion about valuations.

Historical bubbles from the 17th century to 2008 have all sorts of bizarre characteristics. They tend to include masses of normal, unsophisticated investors and draw out unscrupulous and fraudulent actors.

Plenty of capital is still coming in ... The bigger firms are raising a billion dollars or more for their funds. mhhhhh ....
bubble  economic  history  investment-vehicle  investment  management  linkedin  IPO  Groupon  Twitter  seedfunding  venturecapital  Spotify  Zynga  Facebook  SiliconValley  2012  greatrecession  GFC  LTRO  monetary  policy  QE  ZIRP  unintended  consequences 
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Angel No More: Why One of Silicon Valley's Savviest Investors Has Shut His Wallet | Epicenter |
Hartz is making follow-on investments in his current roster of startups, but he’s not looking to do anything new — it’s just too expensive.

“We don’t know where we are in this cycle,” Hartz says from Eventbrite’s San Francisco headquarters. “We can’t know how much longer this abundance of capital will last, but I don’t want to be a part of it. When I see a massive number of new investors and carpetbaggers coming in, it’s time to get out.”

It’s all an outgrowth of an abundance of capital.”

= ZIRP + QE + promise to keep ZIRP going for +2 years = local asset bubble as too much supply of $$$ is chasing higher yield and overlooking inherent risk of VC.
USA  silliconvalley  monetary  policy  seedfunding  venturecapital  bubble  unintended  consequences  QE  ZIRP 
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Did everybody see what just happened? The pendulum has swung. - Find Office Space - 42Floors
Here is the thing ... you never know how big and outrageous the bubble can get.
There is ample liquidity world wide (via central banks), there is lack of ROI when in sovereign debt, there is risk when in sovereign debt (see PIIGS), there is other risk (ie currency devaluation, political risk) when in sovereign debt (see Russia, UK, Japan, USA).
There is hightend uncertainty and volatility in the equity markets plus the usual currency devaluation going on.
Then there are alternative investment like commodities, synthetic products, property, real estate, farmland (agriculture), corporate debt, ... and venture capital/seed funding.

The last two are seeing greater attention due to many different view points. But yes, ... it is artificially inflated ... because we are all humans, making mistakes. We will be all the wise afterwards. Hindsight 20/20.

And VCs have a job ... invest the money to the best of their knowledge at hand. There is no stopping because there is no end in sight yet.
bubble  ZIRP  unintended  consequences  greatrecession  monetary  policy  Fed  LTRO  QE  2012  seedfunding  VC  venturecapital 
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Ainslies Maverick Capital Looking to Seed Hedge Fund Managers - Bloomberg
The hedge fund has allocated $22 million to Maverick Seed Partners LP, according to a July 15 regulatory filing with the SEC.
... joining firms such as Blackstone Group LP, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Shumway Capital Partners LLC in putting money with new managers in exchange for a share of fees as institutional investors have focused on larger firms with established track records. About $2.6 billion was available to seed managers in the first half of the year, up from $1.3 billion in the second half of 2009, according to Acceleration Capital Group, a New York-based firm that works with seed investors.The number of money managers seeking to raise cash for hedge funds increased as banks started disbanding their proprietary trading desks to comply with U.S. legislation that restricts trading with their own money.
Goldman Sachs said it raised $158.1 million for its seeding fund
hedgefunds  seedfunding  start-up  wallstreet 
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With New Fund, German Seed Stage Investing Gets a Boost
German Internet entrepreneurs have a new friend — Hanse Ventures, a Hamburg-based Internet incubator that has been co-founded by Jochen MaaB, founder of Internet marketing firm, artaxo and Sarik Weber, formerly of XING and co-founder of Cellity. The founding share holders of the new investment group are publishing house Gruner+Jahr’s Chairman Dr. Bernd Kundrun and Rolf Schmidt-Holtz, CEO of Sony Music Entertainment.

Weber and MaaB are responsible for the operational aspect of Hanse, which already has taken stakes in eight Internet start-ups. These include Carmio, a price comparison engine for auto parts and, a online wedding portal. Hanse Ventures plans to add between 6-to-8 start-ups every year for next three years to its portfolio. The start-ups are getting the usual physical infrastructure along with other services such as design, programming and online-marketing.
incubator  german  germany  seedfunding  seedround  angelinvestor  angelinvestors  angel 
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Greece gets a third angel investment fund courtesy of Virtual Trip Group
vhg Athens-based Virtual Trip Group has announced plans to start an angel investment fund through its subsidiary Virtual Trip Holdings SA. It will be focused on ‘innovative startups’ from Greece and abroad, and will be the third angel investment fund in the country following OpenFund and Driin Ventures.

What we know so far is that they’ll target investments of between €50.000 to €200.000 for an equity stake of around 35-45%. And while it can certainly be argued that this may not represent the best available deal out there, if we take into account the financial difficulties Greece is facing, it’s an offer that many startups could find both useful and necessary in order to stay out of the deadpool.
angelinvestors  angelinvestor  uk  europe  seedfunding  venturecapital  vc  tuki 
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Moai Capital Group
Moai Capital Group is providing seed funding (usually €50-250k) to companies operating in real time media, SaaS, cloud computing, mobile advertising and similar sectors. Pre-revenue stage companies are OK, as long as they have a business model that works and potentially can get to big figures in terms of user base. Mentorship and strategic support are part of the investment, as well as marketing and biz dev advice. The company is accepting new applications on its site.
venturecapital  vc  earlystage  seedfunding  europe  uk  tuki 
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Allegis Capital
they do early seed,

Bob Ackerman is the founder and managing director of Allegis Capital (, a seed and early-stage venture firm headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Ackerman has worked with more than 50 corporate investment partners over the past 20 years as both a venture capitalist and a startup executive. Read his past peHUB posts here
vc  venturecapital  usa  seedfunding  angelinvestor 
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Venture Hacks - Startup List
Yesterday, we launched AngelList, a curated list of angel investors, representing $80M going into early-stage startups this year.

Today, we’re launching a cool new way to get intros to these angels: StartupList. It’s a weekly email we send to AngelList, with 3 high-quality startups who want intros. Here’s how it works: you send us your pitch, we review it and, every Monday, we email the best 3 startups of the week to AngelList
startup-list  angel  investment  funding  vc  venturecapital  seedfunding  seedround  list  overview  angel-list 
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Incubation Ltd About Us
What is Incubation?

Incubation is a specialist business start-up, investment and turn- around boutique run and owned by Colin Wilkinson operating in partnership with an elite group of principals.

Incubation Ltd is the umbrella name for a range of ventures of which each new enterprise stimulates the creation of a new company, but it is not a trading entity in its own right (you will find it listed as ‘dormant’ withCompanies House).
seedfunding  vc  venturecapital  europe  incubator  seedround  investment  angelinvestor 
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