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Bereaved families bring case against government over prisoner suicides | Society | The Guardian
Relatives of prisoners at HMP Woodhill who have taken their own lives are to bring a legal challenge against the institution’s governor and the justice secretary for allegedly failing to introduce basic safety measures. Eighteen prisoners have killed themselves at the jail in Milton Keynes since early 2013 despite repeated recommendations and guidance from coroners’ reports and official bodies that investigate deaths in custody.
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HMRC asked tax avoider to sign pledge not to engage in practice again | Politics | The Guardian
HMRC asked tax avoider to sign pledge not to engage in practice again Department says letter was sent as part of series of measures to discourage wider issue of tax avoidance and was not a legally binding document. [...] [ out of the lions mouth ] "one man’s aggressive avoidance is another man’s sensible planning" [...] [ but benefit "scroungers" go to jail. one tax cheat has yet to go to jail // google "daily mail benefits cheat jailed" vs daily mail tax cheat jailed // tax cheats fleece state because they use infrastructure and services for free, have thought about that? but can't jail you because you create jobs, and thus have a meaning to capitalistic society. benefit claimants, the sick, the vulnerable, the disabled have no place in a capitalistic society and thus in Osborne's budget considerations nor for the NHS which is in his eyes (actions speak louder than words, no investment to better society ... where is the Big Society item?) only a cost item. ] [write ur own rules $]
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