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Why should Rachel Watt have to sleep in her wheelchair? | Frances Ryan | Opinion | The Guardian
This is the hidden face of Britain’s social care crisis: disabled people left without help in their own homes. Read most coverage of the cuts to social care and it is easy to believe the crisis solely affects older people. According to research by Scope, 83% of disabled people in this country are now living without sufficient hours in their care package. That means being unable to get out of the house or waiting 14 hours to go to the toilet. This is what happens when austerity strips £4.6bn from social care spending in five years. As the government squeezes local authorities, social care has been left with a “funding gap” – a gaping wound, shall we say – that is growing by £700m a year. The King’s Fund thinktank has told the Guardian that the financial prospects for Britain’s social care system in 2016 “could not be worse”. [...] The biggest trick the government can play is the myth that any of this is inevitable. [...] It is the political choice[.]
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