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Workers or Shirkers? Ian Hislop's Victorian Benefits
An entertaining, provocative film in which Ian explores the colourful history behind one of the most explosive issues of our times - welfare: who deserves to be helped, and who doesn't. [... ] all hate, no heart. just spreadsheets. at Whitehall, no 11. [...] Benefit Street = victorian freak show/circus of curiosities [...] writing about others, "othering" them. demonising them or putting them on pedestals, making them saints. [...] IDS "a single mother wo aspiration is a product of the system" would correct that, a product of her environment (society) [ie gentrification - poor living w poor door to door. and everyone is looking down on them.].
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Prisons overhaul to be announced by David Cameron - BBC News
He will say the "failure" of the current system, with its high reoffending rates and levels of violence, is "scandalous". He is expected to announce prison governors will be given more say over how jails spend their money. [ BUT NOT MORE MONEY AS A WHOLE TO PREVENT, INTERVENE, REINTEGRATE and this was not in the Manifesto ] [...] "Not everyone shows remorse and not everyone seeks redemption. "But I also strongly believe that we must offer chances to change; that for those trying hard to turn themselves around, we should offer hope; that in a compassionate country, we should help those who've made mistakes to find their way back onto the right path." [...] "Prisons are currently violent and overcrowded. As such, they fail everyone: victims, the public, staff and prisoners themselves. [...] outgoing chief inspector of prisons in England and Wales said prisons were "as bad as you could possibly imagine". [...] conditions in adult prisons had deteriorated over the past five years.
austerity  Police  Public  Services  Social  Services  Integrationspolitik  deprivation  Precariat  Sozialpolitik  Beschaffungskriminalität  poverty  trap  Tories  PR  Positioning  spin  doctor  budget2015  nasty  party  Conservative  drug  abuse  alcohol  abuse  physical  abuse  substance  abuse  Gini  coefficient  Wertegesellschaft  Gesellschaft  society  psychology  sociology  David  Cameron  Career  Politicians  mental  health  childhood  development  parenthood  parenting  short-termism  childhood  child  poverty  child  abuse  Privatisation  Justice  System  economic  mobility  income  mobility  inequality  welfare  state  safety  net  homeless  homelessness  addiction  War  on  Drugs  Westminster  Toff  Privileged  Establishment  No  Representation  budget  deficit  Big  Manifesto  election  campaign  promises  general  election  2015 
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