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So you hate the Tories – but what comes next? | John Harris | Comment is free | The Guardian
Tory conference: Cameron's 'assault on poverty' pledge belied by new figures. [...] planned welfare cuts would lead to 200,000 more working households in poverty by 2020. - The thinktank’s analysis also indicates that the number of all households – both in and out of work – that will be in poverty at the end of the parliament is projected to rise by 700,000 to nearly 4 million. The report will pile further pressure on ministers to rethink how they protect the working poor, following the introduction of controversial plans to cut tax credits in the first budget immediately after the election. //&! - Podcast &! Tories hollowness in their tax credit cut & talking abt social mobility @ their conference (audacity [spin&PR& repeating the message over & over they want to get across] to speak abt poverty @ their conference) - - masking their rightwing neoliberal policy pitching it as centre - &! redefine center
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