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Bed shortages lead to patient 'harm' in South Tees - BBC News
The Care Quality Commission (CQC), which regulates and inspects health and social care services in England, visited the hospitals in January and February.

It said: "Harm had occurred to patients from three serious incidents because critical care beds were not available.

"Staff were not reporting staffing shortages and their impact, and infection control breaches were due to the service not being able to isolate patients with an infection."

The CQC said its inspectors "found a lack of assurance that nurse staffing levels were appropriate to safely care for patients".

It added: "Whilst leaders were aware of some of the risks, issues and challenges they were not always acted upon in an effective or timely manner."
NHS  Austerity  CQC  patient  safety  rationing  healthcare 
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Fewer criminals being caught amid 28% drop in detective numbers | UK news | The Guardian
Exclusive: English and Welsh forces lose 610 serious crime detectives under austerity
Austerity  crime  Police  public  safety  trust  UK  Justice 
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NHS inpatient satisfaction falls for first time in six years | Society | The Guardian
The findings were the worst set of results to emerge from the CQC’s annual inpatient survey in the last 10 years. They are based on the views of 76,000 people who were being cared for in hospital in England on the same day in July 2018.

Experts said they were alarming and showed the NHS can no longer always look after every patient properly because it is so hamstrung by shortages of staff and money.
NHS  public  safety  sickcare  demand  Austerity  crisis 
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UK's 'cruel and harmful policies' lack regard for child hunger, says NGO | Society | The Guardian
'Broken' care system for most vulnerable
Patients with mental health problems, autism and learning disabilities are being let down by a "broken" care system, a report warns.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) says it knows of at least 62 adults and children that have been living in segregation in mental health hospitals for long periods of time.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who commissioned the work, said he was appalled by the distressing stories.

He promised cases would be reviewed.

The CQC found some of the wards were not suitable environments for people with autism and many staff lacked the necessary training and skills to work with patients with complex needs and challenging behaviour. - Schools confirm Human Rights Watch findings government is failing children in poverty
UK  austerity  poverty  trap  childhood  hunger  mental  health  vulnerable  duty  of  care  gov  NHS  children  education  policy  Council  CQC  safety  Autism  disabled  learning  disability  staff  crisis  staffing  training  CAMHS 
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Criminals going unpunished because of cuts, says police chief | UK news | The Guardian
He said forces were screening calls to manage demand, jargon for not having enough officers to investigate crimes such as theft, lower level assaults and burglary.
Austerity  UK  police  injustice  justice  public  safety 
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Cuts have left officers retreating from streets, says outgoing police chief | UK news | The Guardian
Sara Thornton says police are ‘really struggling’ with routine responses to crime
Police  Austerity  poblic  safety 
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(752) CSI Genome: From Neanderthals to superhumans? | SRF Sternstunde Philosophie - YouTube - Science is racing to stop another CRISPR baby from being born As the world grapples with the first gene-edited babies, questions are being raised about where we go next. &! - MUTATED ANIMALS SHOW WHY GENE EDITING ISN’T READY FOR HUMAN TRIALS
CRISPR  genome  China  philosophy  medicine  epigenetics  genetics  ethics  moral  morality  evolution  god  HIV  AIDS  complexity  complex  gene  edit  deletion  interaction  Science  safety 
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Police chiefs warn of fewer officers after Treasury shrinks budgets further | UK news | The Guardian
Fresh cuts will leave largest forces in England and Wales with officer numbers last seen in the 1970s [...] “There is no question there will be more obvious rationing of services. The public can already see it is going on,” he said. “We are already not pursuing crimes where we could find a suspect. We are doing things now that surprise me.

“We are struggling to deliver a service to the public. I think criminals are well aware now how stretched we are.”
UK  Austerity  Police  public  safety  democracy 
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Norfolk hospital plans 'in-patient' care at home - BBC News
A hospital preparing for forthcoming winter bed pressures has confirmed plans to treat dozens of people classed as "in patients" at their own homes.
NHS  patient  safety  Austerity  winter  crisis  sickcare  demand 
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Policing in parts of the UK is 'broken', says Police Federation chief | UK news | The Guardian
John Apter says stretched resources force police to ditch some crime investigations [...] “We can’t do everything – there are going to be situations where we simply can’t deliver the policing we want to deliver,” he said. “In those cases we are failing the public, but that’s not the fault of police officers on the ground, and in some cases it’s not the chief constable’s fault. “You can only slice the financial cake so many ways and you have to prioritise … The public are already suffering and they are going to suffer more and more.” Forces logged 5.5m crimes in the 12 months to March, a rise of 11% on the previous year and the highest tally for an equivalent period since 2005-06. // &! - The Guardian view on legal aid: cuts have caused chaos and must be reversed
UK  Austerity  public  health  safety  patient  NHS  Police  Council  crime  legalaid  legal  aid  Justice  system 
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Hospital overcrowding blamed for rise in recorded sepsis deaths | Society | The Guardian
Expert says staff shortages are an issue but NHS says increase is due to better data // Sepsis deaths recorded in England's hospitals have risen by more than a third in two years, according to data collected by a leading safety expert. -
NHS  sepsis  Austerity  patient  safety  overcrowding  excess  deaths 
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UK children with ADHD wait up to two years for diagnosis, say experts | Society | The Guardian
Postcode lottery chaos and misconceptions of mental health condition lead to delayed treatment, harming chances of education and future prospects
NHS  mental  health  Austerity  CAMHS  public  crisis  patient  safety 
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Leaked figures reveal more patients coming to harm as NHS standards fall | Society | The Guardian
Growing numbers of critically ill patients are coming to harm as a result of inadequate care provided by NHS staff, new figures reveal.

The number of “serious incidents” involving what the NHS calls “sub-optimal care of deteriorating patients” is going up in hospitals, ambulance services and mental health settings.

The trend has emerged in previously unpublished NHS England figures provided to former Liberal Democrat health minister Norman Lamb, who has branded them “deeply disturbing”.

They also show that the number of patients in hospital in England who are suffering harm in serious incidents because of delays in their treatment has risen significantly over the last two years from 700 for some of 2015-16 (only part-year figures were available) to 1,027 in 2016-17, and then again to 1,515 last year.
NHS  Austerity  patient  safety 
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Police custody deaths hit 10-year high, with experts citing austerity | UK news | The Guardian
Police custody deaths have hit their highest level in a decade with police, campaigners and experts warning that austerity and a crisis in mental health services have driven the figure up.

A total of 23 people died in or after detention in 2017-18, according to official figures released by the police watchdog, up from 14 people the previous year.

More than half had mental health problems, according to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), who said the conditions included psychosis, depression and self-harm or suicidal tendencies. Eighteen people had drug and or alcohol issues.
A&E  Police  mental  health  NHS  Austerity  rationing  Council  excess  death  patient  safety 
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Mental health patients still sent hundreds of miles for treatment | Society | The Guardian
Despite government promises to end practice, figures show almost no change since 2016 [... and more beds were cut!] [...] However, since this pledge, the number of mental health beds in England has fallen. There were 18,082 mental health beds available in January, February and March, 200 fewer than the 18,282 that existed in October, November and December 2017, other NHS Digital data shows.
NHS  mental  health  Austerity  patient  safety 
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Private hospitals warned over failing safety and quality standards | Society | The Guardian
Exclusive: Jeremy Hunt writes to 206 private providers across England after damning CQC report
NHS  Privatisation  CQC  patient  safety 
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GPs offered cash to refer fewer people to hospital | Society | The Guardian
NHS Coastal West Sussex CCG has offered to give groups of practices working together in its area 50% of savings made from GPs referring fewer patients for dermatology care, ear, nose and throat treatment in the community, and minor surgery and wound closure. [...] Peter Swinyard, chair of the , said: “From a patient perspective it means GPs are paid to not look after them. It’s a serious dereliction of duty, influenced by CCGs trying to balance their books.” [...] would let hospitals treat the most needy cases. [...] The Department of Health and Social Care made clear that no patient should be denied care. “Patients must never have their access to necessary care restricted - we would expect local clinical commissioning groups and NHS England to intervene immediately if this were the case,” a spokesperson said. //&! making GPs ever more unpopular -
NHS  Crisis  rationing  chronic  sick  population  Diabetes  CVD  Cancer  sickcare  demand  A&E  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  Austerity  GP  waiting  times  patient  safety  treatment  delay  CCG  NICE  guidelines 
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Tool 'names and shames' hidden drug trials - BBC News
Some pharmaceutical organisations have been accused of burying unfavourable drug and medical test results.

Dr Ben Goldacre, who devised the website, told the BBC he hoped it would "nudge" institutions into properly disclosing data.
big  pharmaceutical  medical–industrial  complex  lobby  vested  interest  pharma  Transparency  Cancer  CVD  patient  safety  shareholder  dividend  CEO  pay  profit  maximisation 
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NHS 'dangerously' short of 100,000 staff - BBC News
The NHS in England has nearly 100,000 jobs unfilled, a situation described as "dangerously" understaffed.
NHS  Crisis  patient  safety  Austerity  staff  shortage  Doctor  Nurses  Doctors  sickcare  demand  chronic  sick  population  ageing  demographic  bubble  CVD  Cancer  obesity  overweight  diabetes  premature  rationing  waiting  times  treatment  delay 
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Ambulances stuck at A&E 'unable to respond quickly to 999 calls' | Society | The Guardian
Patients who have a stroke or heart attack are at risk of harm because so many ambulances are stuck at A&E units that they cannot respond quickly enough to 999 calls, an NHS boss has said.
NHS  A&E  Crisis  patient  safety  Austerity 
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Niedersachsen: Antibiotika-resistente Keime in Gewässern nachgewiesen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Wenn gesunde Menschen mit den Keimen in Kontakt kommen, erkranken sie für gewöhnlich nicht, heißt es beim NDR. Gefährlich kann es aber werden, wenn das Immunsystem durch eine Krankheit geschwächt ist. Auch Neugeborene und Senioren haben ein erhöhtes Risiko, bei Kontakt mit den Bakterien zu erkranken.
antibiotic  antibiotics  post-antibiotic  public  health  patient  safety  premature  death 
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NHS Scotland embarks on global radiologist search - BBC News
A global campaign to attract radiologists to work in the Scottish NHS has been launched.

Nine health boards, including NHS Fife, Grampian and Greater Glasgow and Clyde, have 32 vacancies which they have struggled to fill.

Radiologists specialise in diagnosing and treating diseases such as cancer using medical imagery.

NHS Scotland will take its recruitment drive to India, the US, Canada, western Europe and Australia.
NHS  Cancer  Crisis  Grampian  Scotland  England  patient  safety 
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Liverpool NHS trust 'dysfunctional' and unsafe, report finds | Society | The Guardian
But mounting problems at LCH went undetected for four years because NHS local and national bodies, including the Care Quality Commission and NHS England, failed to monitor it properly, the inquiry found.
NHS  Crisis  Austerity  Privatisation  patient  safety 
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Patients suffering as direct result of NHS wait-time failures | Society | The Guardian
[ - also Sepsis not just the Flu ] Of those, a record 1,043 were on a trolley for more than 12 hours, despite NHS bosses telling hospitals that that should never happen.

Such patients could die, Hassan said, adding: “International studies have consistently shown an association between long waits in emergency departments and avoidable deaths. These figures again make clear that patient safety is at risk.”

Prof John Appleby, the chief economist at the Nuffield Trust health thinktank, said: “A year ago we warned that corridors had become the new emergency wards. It is deeply concerning that 12 months on the position has worsened, with many harrowing reports of patients being treated in busy corridors by stressed and overworked staff.” //&! &! - NHS pressure: Hospital corridors 'the new emergency wards' //&! - Care sector: 'Short of nurses and other key staff' //&! - Hip fracture patients face up to 80-day wait for rehab, survey finds
NHS  Crisis  winter  A&E  GP  patient  safety  Austerity  social  adult  elderly  care  Council 
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NHS beds crisis: sick patients can sit in A&E, says health minister | Society | The Guardian
Hospitals are supposed to have no more than 85% of their general and acute beds filled at any one time, in order to ensure patient safety, for example by minimising the spread of potentially fatal infections such as MRSA. However, this winter has seen some hospitals hit 100% bed occupancy and many others become 98% or 99% full as they struggle to cope with a sudden influx of patients, many with breathing problems.

The NHS-wide lack of beds and A&E crisis has forced NHS England to tell hospitals to postpone tens of thousands of planned operations, and even outpatient appointments, until the end of February.
NHS  winter  crisis  patient  safety 
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(4870) OP gelungen – Patient tot | Die Story im Ersten - YouTube
eine einzige nacht im mehrbettzimmer - Krankenhaushygiene // simplest example the stetoscope. how often is a stetoscope desinfected? // also needs more time for patients and staff. //&! - Der unsichtbare Feind – Tödliche Supererreger aus Pharmafabriken | Die Story im Ersten //&! - Die Antibiotika Falle | Doku
antibiotic  HAI  infection  antibiotics  post-antibiotic  MRSA  staff  shortage  patient  safety  excess  deaths  Superbug  MCR-1  prevention  public  health  food–industrial  complex  bigpharma  big  pharma 
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Jeremy Hunt orders NHS England bosses to stick to waiting time limits | Society | The Guardian
Jeremy Hunt orders NHS England bosses to stick to waiting time limits
Health secretary swiftly rejects service chiefs’ public warning that meeting targets is impossible with current funding [...] In an unprecedented move reflecting a widening gulf with the government, NHS England used its board meeting to warn that it had to make “difficult choices” next year that would involve limiting what it could provide for patients. [ only providing basics life saving treatments - not life improvement treatments (elective surgery) ] [...] NHS England has also said it is unable to implement best practice as advised by Nice on a routine basis – an extraordinary state of affairs. We have now reached a point where the NHS constitution will be routinely breached and NHS services are being withdrawn.”
NHS  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  Philip  Hammond  Theresa  May  budget2017  rationing  treatment  delay  waiting  times  CVD  Cancer  A&E  diabetes  overweight  obesity  chronic  sick  population  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  sickcare  demand  healthcare  CCG  CEP  STP  GP  elective  surgery  OAP  disabled  bedblocking  bed  blocking  Council  Austerity  adult  social  care  elderly  NICE  patient  safety  CQC  mental  health 
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Finance trumps patients at every level – UK healthcare needs an inquiry | Aseem Malhotra | Healthcare Professionals Network | The Guardian
tl;dr Diet & Lifestyle changes of the nation in the short-, medium- and long-term term can help (substantially) save the NHS. // A full public inquiry on the scale of Chilcot into the Iraq war may ultimately be required to overhaul a system where at every level financial interest continues to trump what’s best for patients – not only to improve the quality of care, but to restore trust in medical research. Until then, NHS England, the BMA and the Department of Health must make it a national priority to emphasise to patients that less medicine and healthier lifestyles are the most important solutions to sustaining the NHS. // statistics use in medical research and patient selection and reporting issue. absolute risk v % of all patients. // Such statistical and health illiteracy, far from being the exception, is actually the norm. The majority of healthcare professionals seem unable to understand medical literature. One study revealed 70% of those on a training programme failed a simple test on their understanding of evidence-based medicine.
NHS  crisis  big  pharma  BMA  pharmaceutical  lobby  vested  interest  profit  maximisation  rationing  treatment  delay  waiting  times  GP  A&E  prevention  public  health  sickcare  healthcare  demand  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  obesity  diabetes  economic  damage  OECD  S.A.D.  diet  western  lifestyle  sedentary  inactive  revolving  door  conflict  research  Statins  Statin  CVD  Cancer  overweight  disabled  medical  statistics  risk  patient  safety  literacy 
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This isn’t the start of an NHS crisis – it’s far worse | Jan Filochowski | Opinion | The Guardian
I spent several years researching why failure happens while also working as an NHS chief executive, much of that time turning around failing NHS trusts. What I found was that if a crisis is unacknowledged, and therefore not dealt with, the organisation in question is unable to honestly confront and then tackle the difficult but treatable problems it faces, and instead minimises or even ignores or denies them. Because of this inaction, things get worse very fast and only bottom out when the true nature of the problems is accepted. Today, it is not individual hospitals or GP practices but the NHS as a whole that is in the incredibly dangerous descent phase. We should be not so much worried as massively alarmed.
NHS  crisis  CQC  patient  safety 
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Stark warning over effects of cuts on A&E patient safety - The Scotsman
Hospital staff increasingly feel pressured into emphasising “only good news” and are reluctant to raise concerns amid fears they may face repercussions from NHS managers, MSPs have been told.

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) in Scotland says “firefighting has become the new norm” in emergency departments and revealed that some clinical governance systems have been axed because the £7,000 cost is prohibitive.
NHS  Crisis  CQC  patient  safety 
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These little-known opaque bodies could run health services. Are they legal? | Denis Campbell | Society | The Guardian
divorcing NHS failure from politics westminster and health minister. as jeremy hunt says ccgs are accountable: eg mental health spending.
NHS  England  ACO  Privatisation  accountability  Politics  Austerity  CCG  STP  CEP  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  rationing  waiting  times  CQC  treatment  delay  excess  death  patient  safety  outsourcing  PFI 
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Number of NHS patients waiting over six months for surgery up 40% | Society | The Guardian
Royal College of Surgeons says 151,710 patients in England were waiting more than six months for non-urgent operations
NHS  elective  surgery  rationing  waiting  times  referral  treatment  delay  CCG  GP  winter  crisis  Austerity  sickcare  demand  healthcare  Cancer  CVD  STP  CEP  patient  safety 
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NHS staff 'working on edge of safety' - BBC News
NHS staff in England are working on the "edge of safety" as rising demand is outstripping the increasing numbers being employed, health bosses say.
There are now 6% more staff than there were three years ago, but demand for services has risen by three times as much in some areas.
NHS Providers, which represents health chiefs, said staff shortages was now the number one concern in the NHS.
NHS  patient  safety  CQC  staff  shortage  Nurses  Doctors  GP  Crisis  recruitment  hiring  locum  Austerity  CEP  STP  rationing  waiting  times  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  premature  sickcare  healthcare  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  ageing  public  health  Council  bedblocking  bed  blocking  demand  winter  A&E 
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NHS failing to tackle 'significant safety risks', warns its medical chief
Patients were being left at risk of suffering needless harm – including amputations, devastating maternity complications and deaths – because of the lack of action to protect them, the former heart surgeon said.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Sir Bruce said there were too many organisations vying for attention and instead, one simple system was needed to issue safety directives.

He also said too many hospitals were putting cost-cutting ahead of patient safety.
NHS  patient  safety  Austerity  STP  CEP  rationing  delayed  treatment  waiting  times  healthcare  demand  sickcare  ageing  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  Disease  complex  staff  shortage  Nurses  recruitment  Crisis  winter  hiring  training  adult  social  care  Council  bedblocking  bed  blocking 
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Badly-behaved surgeons are ​putting patients' lives in danger ​due to 'culture of bullying', report finds
The Sunday Telegraph says trainee surgeons have complained that an endemic culture of bullying among senior colleagues is putting patients' lives at risk.
The paper says some surgeons have reported being assaulted during operations for raising safety concerns, and an atmosphere of fear is said to be leading to failures in concentration that directly harm patients.
NHS  Austerity  chronic  staff  shortage  burnout  stress  Whistleblower  bullying  patient  safety  STP  CEP  rationing  waiting  times  treatment  delay  Culture  HR  human  resources  recruitment  hiring  training  CQC  excess  deaths  sick  population  healthcare  demand  sickcare  complex  diseases  governance  accountability 
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Sex in surgery by BMJ talk medicine | Free Listening on SoundCloud
11:50 - how busy a surgeon is is critial for post surgery outcome. mistakes. burnout. chronic staff // 4% lower worst outcome. - to have female surgeon had statistical significance. //
NHS  patient  safety  staff  locum  recruitment  healthcare  demand  sickcare  chronic  sick  population  hiring  burnout  complex  diseases  gender  gap  gender-based  discrimination  pay  Austerity  rationing  waiting  times  treatment  delay 
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Doctors to breathalyse smokers before allowing them NHS surgery | Society | The Guardian
He said that by introducing “increasingly harsher policies” CCGs might believe they were alleviating financial pressure but they could actually cost more in the long term because of the risk of complications and the cost of healthcare in the interim. The CCGs said no financial savings were expected as a result of the measures, which they claimed were aimed at improving the long-term health of residents. They also stressed that if at any time the harm of waiting for surgery outweighed the benefit of losing weight or stopping smoking, then the patient would be referred.
NHS  CCG  STP  CEP  Austerity  rationing  obesity  overweight  healthcare  demand  sickcare  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  referral  waiting  times  patient  safety  delayed  treatment  premature  ageing  GP  A&E  IVF 
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NHS waits for cancer care, A&E and ops worsen across UK - BBC News
Twelve out of 135 English hospital trusts, four out of five Northern Irish health trusts and five out of seven Welsh trusts have failed to hit any target in the past 12 months. //&! &! << ageing population w complex care needs for chronic diseases &! Wales worst -
NHS  sickcare  demand  healthcare  health  care  Austerity  ageing  chronic  sick  population  winter  crisis  demographic  bubble  bedblocking  bed  blocking  Council  CEP  STP  rationing  waiting  times  referrals  GP  A&E  delayed  treatment  burnout  staff  shortage  locum  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  obesity  overweight  England  Wales  Scotland  patient  safety  CQC  adult  elderly  social 
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NHS operations could be cancelled for months this winter, senior medics warn
"If, as we expect, we see a flu outbreak, I think the NHS - in terms of both beds and clinical staff - will break far worse than last year and elective activity will almost certainly cease for several months." [...] Meanwhile, leaked documents seen by Health Service Journal suggest that an NHS trust with a history of high death rates agreed savings plans, despite warnings from its then finance director that doing so could threaten patient safety.
NHS  winter  crisis  flu  influenza  Brexit  staff  shortage  Nurses  GP  A&E  elective  care  surgery  Cancer  CVD  recruitment  hiring  immigration  ageing  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  premature  bedblocking  bed  blocking  Council  Austerity  norovirus  adult  elderly  social  Disabled  vulnerable  frail  STP  CEP  rationing  waiting  times  treatment  delay  patient  safety 
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Council and NHS in £19.5m funding row over patients staying in hospital too long - Stoke Sentinel
[first NHS Councils blame each other for little progress, now NHS Department withholding funds bc no progress from Council ] But now NHS England is threatening to withhold the cash (one tranche from the Better Care Fund) because the authority is failing to reduce its bed-blocking figures by ensuring care packages are in place. Council leaders say the target – cutting social care-related delayed transfers of care by two-thirds in eight weeks – was unrealistic and set at ‘extremely short notice’. Now they are lobbying the Government on the issue, and working with the local NHS to find alternative ways of paying for the affected services. It comes after the council had to make cuts in areas such as drug and alcohol services after the NHS withdrew £15 million last year.
NHS  England  Council  bedblocking  bed  blocking  elderly  social  adult  care  sickcare  healthcare  demand  health  UK  ageing  demographic  bubble  premature  chronic  sick  population  complex  diseases  CVD  Cancer  diabetes  obesity  disabled  overweight  Austerity  CEP  STP  rationing  treatment  delay  patient  safety  waiting  time  public  Crisis  winter  CCG 
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'High risk' of NHS Tayside failing to balance budget - BBC News
NHS Tayside delivered £45.5m in efficiency savings in 2016/17, nearly double the savings of the previous year.
However, the auditor general said that was still £1.3m below target.
The main overspends last year were on workforce, prescribing costs, and clinical supplies.
NHS Tayside chief executive Lesley McLay said the board was "actively addressing" its issues. &! &! - NHS Tayside must save £214m over next five years
NHS  Scotland  Austerity  healthcare  demand  health  care  sickcare  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  ageing  premature  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  obesity  overweight  rationing  waiting  times  referral  treatment  delay  patient  safety  bedblocking  bed  blocking  Council  adult  elderly  social  Disabled 
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NHS future precarious, says regulator - BBC News
The Care Quality Commission (CQC) says the health system is "straining at the seams" and faces a "precarious" future.
The England's regulator's annual report raised concerns about staff shortages, rising demand and the number of patients with preventable illnesses. It said so far the quality of NHS and council care has been maintained but warned standards were likely to drop. //>> GPs not focused to reverse diet lifestyle diesease. // "We are going to see a fall in the quality of services that are offered to people and that may mean that the safety of some people is compromised,"
NHS  GP  public  health  Crisis  bedblocking  bed  blocking  chronic  sick  population  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  obesity  overweight  complex  diseases  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  babyboomers  prevention  diet  lifestyle  S.A.D.  western  food  food–industrial  A&E  type2  reversal  stress  coping  mechanism  Alcohol  alcoholism  fast  lobby  Sugar  Tax  junk  UK  economic  damage  Productivity  sickleave  DWP  mental  immune  system  inflammation  Alzheimer  dementia  autoimmune  healthcare  demand  sickcare  STP  CEP  rationing  waiting  times  delayed  treatment  patient  safety  CQC  Austerity  Council  staff  locum  shortage  Nurses  recruitment  hiring  paycap 
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Telephone consultations - no cost savings, but increased GP workload by BMJ talk medicine
Independent evaluation result (v private company claims) = no savings, increased workload. OVERALL outcome slightly increases 8% in workload. But screening (triage) is a disincentive for some. Big variation in attitude. And one size fits not all. eg teachers can't receive a phone call during day, another issue could might be (time will tell) detecting sepsis, angina and other stuff that needs to see doc urgently till its too late. easier diagnostic seeing patient eg how ill they look. 'it is no magic wand to eradicate gap between healthcare demand and available resources' -
NHS  Privatisation  GP  Austerity  CCG  STP  CEP  rationing  A&E  referral  waiting  time  health  care  demand  ageing  chronic  sick  population  telemedicine  demographic  bubble  complex  diseases  CVD  diabetes  Cancer  obesity  overweight  treatment  delay  management  premature  burnout  staff  locum  hiring  recruitment  morale  shortage  patient  safety  healthcare  sickcare 
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Altenpflege und der Personalmangel: "Wir laufen auf eine Katastrophe zu" - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Kurz vor der Wahl wird der Pflegenotstand zum Thema. Im Interview spricht Ökonom Stefan Sell von Niedriglöhnen und Personalmangel - und erklärt, weshalb Altenpfleger in die Gewerkschaft eintreten sollten.
UK  NHS  Germany  health  care  demand  adult  Altenpflege  elderly  social  demographic  bubble  babyboomers  chronic  sick  population  premature  ageing  complex  Diseases  working  poor  Austerity  Altersarmut  CVD  diabetes  Cancer  obesity  overweight  patient  safety  Privatisation  profit  maximisation 
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Virgin Care asks Bath staff not to report safety concerns to health watchdog - Bath Chronicle
Virgin Care asked staff in the Bath area not to report their safety concerns to the health watchdog.

Registered managers in health and social care have a legal obligation to report issues to the Care Quality Commission if they feel their service is unsafe.
NHS  Privatisation  CQC  Whistleblower  patient  safety  health  care  demand  rationing  adult  social  elderly  Council  demographic  bubble  ageing  population  chronic  sick  Disabled 
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Health bosses apologise as number of ops in cancelled by NHS Grampian increase - Evening Express
MSPs held a debate in the Scottish Parliament on the situation at NHS Grampian after new figures showed 9% of all planned operations were cancelled in August. &! - The number of vacancies for consultants and nurses in the North-east has increased. &! - NHS Grampian 'sees 75% of locum spending in north of Scotland' &! Stress fissure show everywhere, even higher up:
NHS  Grampian  elective  surgery  health  care  demand  ageing  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  bedblocking  bed  blocking  ICU  Council  A&E  GP  babyboomers  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  obesity  overweight  waiting  times  treatment  delay  patient  safety  adult  social  elderly  Disabled  staff  shortage  winter  Crisis  recruitment  hiring  locum  Nurses 
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Care homes places 'crisis' in five years across England - BBC News
Consumer group Which? said "urgent action" was needed because of a rising population of older people.
England has 407,000 care home beds but would need another 50,000 by 2022 to meet demand.
Health secretary Jeremy Hunt said he was "addressing" the issue and £1bn was invested in 2017. [...] The problems are "systemic" and as it can take up to seven years to plan and build a new care home, the sector "won't be able to meet the growing need of the country's ageing population", Which? said. &! - five years’ time, nine out of ten local authorities in England will not have enough care home places to match the demand of the growing elderly population.
NHS  bedblocking  bed  blocking  Council  social  adult  elderly  care  Austerity  STP  CEP  rationing  waiting  times  elective  delayed  treatment  Nurses  health  demand  demographic  bubble  ageing  population  chronic  sick  CVD  Disabled  diabetes  obesity  overweight  Alzheimer  dementia  Crisis  staff  shortage  locum  patient  safety  Brexit  immigration  mental  diseases  complex  needs  Jeremy  Hunt  surgery  GP  A&E 
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NHS plans to introduce an 'App' for staff to 'work extra hours at short notice' - VIDEO: HUNT – “I’LL GIVE NURSES AN APP TO WORK LONGER AT SHORT NOTICE” //&! Several changes to nursing education were also announced during the conference including; increasing the number of trainee nursing associates and introduce nursing apprenticeships. apprenticeship nurses! are you kidding me!? // from reg nurses w work experience and college/uni time to nursing associates to apprenticeship nurses! // Jeremy thinks you can catch patient safety w Nursing for Idiots. As well as allowing family to wash their relatives. // [...] [ending free nurse training = policy blunder bc also pay cap, austerity, not valued = training numbers down] Mr Hunt's announcement begs a big question - why is the Government flagging up a route to nurse qualification with no tuition costs at the same time as scrapping free tuition for student nurses? Could the Health Secretary have realised that making nurse trainees pay for their tuition might deter future applicants?
NHS  Nurses  Junior  Doctor  gig  economy  1099  on-demand  Jeremy  Hunt  Brexit  immigration  EU  staff  recruitment  Austerity  remuneration  Crisis  staffing  hiring  locum  CEP  STP  rationing  waiting  times  delayed  treatment  bedblocking  Council  bed  blocking  Simon  Stevens  quality  patient  safety 
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NHS spends £80m on private ambulances a year, data shows | Society | The Guardian
Staff shortages and rising demand have forced NHS trusts to hire non-NHS ambulances, leading to fears of lower care standards //[ never events ]
NHS  patient  safety  A&E  Austerity  STP  rationing  health  care  demand  ageing  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  Ambulance  Paramedic  UK  public 
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Entrepreneurs don’t have a special gene for risk—they come from families with money — Quartz
micro social safety net helps taking risks. see also what happens to your brain when living in poverty day to day. // And this is a key advantage: When basic needs are met, it’s easier to be creative; when you know you have a safety net, you are more willing to take risks. “Many other researchers have replicated the finding that entrepreneurship is more about cash than dash,” University of Warwick professor Andrew Oswald tells Quartz. “Genes probably matter, as in most things in life, but not much.” [...] “If one does not have money in the form of a family with money, the chances of becoming an entrepreneur drop quite a bit,” Levine tells Quartz.
Entrepreneurship  Silicon  Valley  Grundeinkommen  Universal  Basic  Income  social  safety  net  Dogma  chronic  stress  poverty  trap  Deprivation  Middle  Class  working  poor  Myth  UBI  risk  mental  health  Start-up 
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'Hopeless': how senior doctor described NHS maternity unit's testing regime | Society | The Guardian - / The GP’s emails express alarm about the maternity unit’s procedures for communicating medical test results, accusing some departments of having a “fax and forget” attitude.

He said that without explanation or context, it was difficult for GPs to understand why particular tests had been ordered, how to interpret the results and how follow up appropriately.

The GP, who has expertise in patient safety, said: “At best these issues are an irritation; at worst, it’s dangerous. There seems to be an inability to change and to learn from mistakes. The safety culture isn’t responsive.
NHS  Austerity  health  care  demand  staff  shortage  CQC  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  patient  safety  rationing 
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Is chlorinated chicken about to hit our shelves after new US trade deal? | Environment | The Guardian
[ corn syrup as sweetener everywhere, GMO, growth hormones, chlorinated chicken, industrial mass farming, environmental protections, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, Monsanto, CHLORINE CHICKEN AND ACID-WASHED MEAT, HORMONE AND ANTIBIOTIC GROWTH PROMOTERS, ANIMAL BYPRODUCTS FED BACK TO LIVESTOCK ] And as their multi-ingredient products don’t have to list the country of origin of individual ingredients, there would be no sure way of avoiding eating milk or meat produced to less exacting US standards, unless you never ate processed food.
USA  UK  Brexit  trade  deal  TTIP  food  safety  deregulation  self-regulation  GMO  Meat–industrial  complex  Food–industrial  lobby  processed  pesticide  antibiotic  antibiotics  Transparency  consumer  protection  neoliberalism  crony  capitalism  profit  maximisation  regulation  regulators 
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Technological Unemployment (2013) w Jacque Fresco
wikipedia Jacque Fresco // MORE AI, automation, robotics, augmented intelligence, self-driving cars = LESS AGGREGATE DEMAND (disposable income of the middle class, working class & working poor) [...] productivity has risen but incomes NOT! [...] & companies are making more money for shareholders & owners with less & less people (see Facebook) [...] Industry doesnt care abt people. They hire people because it hasnt been yet automated. [...] A JOBLESS RECOVERY & JOBLESS GDP GROWTH [...] routine middle class jobs eliminated fastest! [...] pace of destruction is greater than pace of creation of new jobs! [...] ie Lawyer Software searching through files via augmented intelligence //&! Humans Need Not Apply - //&! Jerry Kaplan ((re)distribute wealth more equally -, Rifkin (Zero Marginal Cost), Paul Mason (post-capitalism) book //&! UBI a must in future - &! &!
technological  unemployment  aggregate  demand  aggregate  demand  short-fall  disposable  income  discretionary  spending  squeezed  middle  class  western  world  working  class  working  poor  Precariat  automation  Robotics  augmented  intelligence  self-driving  cars  autonomous  car  autonomous  cars  purchasing  power  wage  growth  inequality  income  distribution  Gini  coefficient  1%  10%  20%  winner  take  all  globalisation  globalization  neoliberal  neoliberalism  social  safety  net  Universal  Basic  shareholder  capitalism  crony  capitalism  capitalism  in  crisis  post-capitalism  triple-lock  pension  secular  stagnation  USA  UK  European  Union  Chicago  School  neoclassical  economics  Brexit  No  Representation  Career  Politicians  politician  Smart  Grid  Zero  Marginal  Cost  Jeremy  Rifkin  book  Mobile  Creative  Mobile  Creatives  Industrial  Revolution  technological  progress  technological  history  Soziale  Marktwirtschaft  Grundeinkommen  Paul  Mason  recovery  destruction  multinational  conglomerate  low  pay  minimum  wage  mindestlohn  Jerry  Kaplan  income  redistribution  income  growth  income  inequality  Support  income  tax  credit  welfare  reform  welfare  state  Elizabeth  Warren 
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Stocks are up. But it appears to us that the U.S. economy is going down. Go figure.
velocity is at 57yr low - WOW! the money that is in circulation is in less hands! the econ expanded according to GDP, but less and less $ reach on avg each hand. - "This is serious. The velocity of money tracks how often each dollar is used to buy something in the economy. Falling velocity shows that consumers and business are pulling back… becoming more reluctant to spend and invest… downsizing… and holding onto dollars rather than spending them. This has a similar effect as reducing the supply of money bidding for goods and services. Prices drop. Deflation, in other words. The bubble has developed a leak. The hot air is gushing out." //&! //&! &! - it is associated with stagnant NGDP [...] demand problem.
monetary  velocity  liquidity  trap  Richard  Koo  nominal  GDP  targeting  GDP  measurement  GDP  recovery  reflate  reflation  economic  history  money  supply  Fed  fiscal  policy  monetary  policy  Gini  coefficient  inequality  economic  harm  economic  damage  GFC  crony  capitalism  shareholder  capitalism  Greed  profit  maximisation  profit  maximization  squeezed  middle  class  Elizabeth  Warren  Joseph  Stiglitz  Paul  Krugman  Robert  Reich  Thomas  Piketty  2016  UK  USA  secular  stagnation  Pact  fiscal  stimulus  austerity  Schuldenbremse  social  mobility  income  mobility  working  poor  Precariat  low  pay  low  income  Service  Sector  Jobs  Zero  Hour  Contract  Contractor  self-employment  inflation  targeting  microeconomic  policy  macroeconomic  policy  Super  Rich  1%  plutocracy  oligarchy  capitalism  capitalism  in  crisis  self-regulation  book  shareholder  value  Wall  Street  meritocracy  meritocratic  post-racial  America  barackobama  Larry  Summers  Bernie  Sanders  Establishment  Privileged  deregulation  bank  bailout  social  safety  net  welfare  state  aggregate  demand 
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