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Banner “Fraud” Doesn’t Matter | Hacker News "A Message from brand marketers to publishers [...] We use banners as little billboards now. We use them strategically as incredibly cheap repeat impressions for brand awareness. We know many people don’t see them, we know most people don’t see them. Thats okay. We use them accordingly & the cost has been adjusted down to make them a perfectly great buy even though most people dont see them. [...] It’s an indicator to us that you don’t get this by the fact you’re still always talking about clickthrough, which was kind of BS when you first sold it to us twenty years ago, and doubly the case now." [ CPM will go lower, fundamentals point in that direction, Social Media & other future forms of advertising will fill in the lower CPM rates overall. Thus pressuring business models reliant on pageviews even more 2 increase pageviews as the revenue average per pageview declines. Thus u have 2 question which consumer product (entertainment & else) business model do you choose!?
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Slack's massive funding round is everything amazing and insane about the startup bubble | The Verge
[ COMPETITION 4 HOT DEAL, Private Market (Private Equity) highest bidder wins. Thus to get in, people make compromises. ] "It’s the best time ever in the history of the world, or at least the tech industry, to raise money. Will it get better? It’s possible. Six months from now, we might say darn it, we should have waited," Butterfield told me. "On the other hand it’s a pretty amazing deal. In a certain respect it would have been irresponsible not to take it for five-ish percent of the company on clean terms." For those not familiar with venture capital, Butterfield means he only had to give up a small percentage of the ownership in Slack to get this new funding, and that the deal didn't come with a bunch of crazy terms which favored the new investors. [...] [ also mentioned 20-30% rise in HR cost compared to last year! << SF/SV becomes prohibitive for bootstrapping & even for Seed/Angel backed start-ups w 2-5m. Run out of time (MVP fit) bc run out of cash bc high local burn rate. ]
Slack  Unicorn  growth  round  Silicon  Valley  San  Francisco  distortion  Private  Market  Private  Equity  Venture  Capital  SAAS  Enterprise  2.0  valuation  hunt  for  yield  speculative  bubbles  asset  allocation 
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A Farewell To Jobs | TechCrunch
[the downside of making yourself hard to replace is, that its equally hard to move upwards the career ladder] the gig economy tends to reduce workers to fungible, replaceable cogs. Workers devalued in that way inevitably make less money and receive fewer benefits. When you can be more easily replaced, you become, pretty much by definition, less valuable; and technology is making the process of replacing one laborer with another increasingly frictionless. [...] in principle, both nurses and engineers are reasonably fungible. Short-term nursing contracts are plentiful, as are short-term engineering projects. One good iOS developer can easily replace another; good developers write code that’s easy for others to understand, maintain and expand. [...] an excess of supply relative to demand. [... thus the need for universal basic income / welfare state.] [...] spreading work more evenly among those who want it. [Borderless Flat World] -
Zero  Hour  Contract  Precariat  precarious  work  working  poor  minimum  wage  on-demand  squeezed  middle  class  contractor  outsourcing  Mobile  Creative  Mobile  Creatives  Future  of  Seth  Godin  marginal  cost  Jeremy  Rifkin  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  Open  Source  SAAS  IAAS  PAAS  Services  Industry  Service  Sector  Jobs  economy  Share  marketplace  marketplace  efficiencies  freelance  labour  economics  labour  market  algorithm  AI  augmented  intelligence  competitive  competition  oligopoly  oligopol  monopoly  Peter  Thiel  welfare  state  Universal  Basic  Income  flat  borderless  globalisation  globalization  crony  capitalism  capitalism  exploitation  self-employment  Wall  Street  social  cohesion  fairness  tax  avoidance  tax  evasion  Industrial  Revolution  economic  history  Career  Politicians  No  Representation 
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Jaron Lanier: "Wem gehört die Zukunft?" | Kulturjournal | NDR - YouTube
only those who have the date, profit from the data. middle class jobs will be lost as software and automation more and more takes over other peoples jobs. 3D printing, transportation, - user data should cost money - it is valuable. Companies will appear that offer people money to share their data, their online lives, in return for money. Less people around the globe needed to produce/make stuff people around the world need. means less menial, task oriented jobs to go around. thus the future is in software, problem solving and creativity. in the next 5 years, Amazon will have only roboters in its warehouses. no people packing the packages.
big  data  Facebook  Google  future  Internet  Jaron  Lanier  Philosophy  book  complexity  unintended  consequences  private  medical  insurance  health  insurance  Ray  Kurzweil  Amazon  IaaS  SaaS  middle  class  Robert  Skidelsky  productivity  labour  market  globalisation  globalization  jobmarket  jobcreation  job  market  job  creation  capitalism  Twitter  3D  printing  transportation  singularity 
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