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The Down And Dirty History Of TMZ
“There’s no doubt: [Harvey] Levin absolutely changed the way celebrities function today.” TMZ has been responsible for breaking the biggest celebrity scandals of the last 10 years: effectively ending a 30-year career (Mel Gibson), tarnishing golf’s most sacred idol (Tiger Woods), and puncturing the pristine image of celebrity royalty (Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z). But it’s not just celebs: In 2009, it caught a bank spending millions of taxpayer bailout funds on a lavish party (Northern Trust), and, via spin-off TMZSports, instigated the $2 billion sale of an NBA team by applying the same surveillance to a racist owner (Donald Sterling) once reserved for the Hollywood stars and socialites.
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The Tulisa Sting Wasn't Just Classist, It Was Informed by a Racism That Associated Her With Criminality | NOISEY
Yesterday Tulisa walked free from a drug trial that had the potential to destroy her career. It was collapsed by a judge who deemed that the reporter who led the sting had lied at a pre-trial hearing. There was always something trap like about it - a cynical show orchestrated to drag a successful woman through the dirt. [...] || & || || || || Guardian - || || || ||
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Russell Brand: Bill O’Reilly represents the values of the Devil -
Bill O'Reilly always used inflamed language & communication to bring his points across as valid arguments and facts. And lets not forget about the shouting and screaming and then the body language and gestures ... like he is the center of reason and managing the debate. The emperor has actually no clothes.
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Murdoch's Scandal - complete FRONTLINE from PBS 720p, Rupert Murdoch media baron - YouTube
Murdoch's Empire is a Shakespear tale, ... what he build threatens to kill him.
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News Corp.'s Tangled Web - Businessweek
News Corp.'s Tangled WebThe phone hacking scandal's wide reach
News Corp. closed its British tabloid newspaper, News of the World, founded in 1843, on July 10 after allegations that it obtained phone, medical, and bank records from as many as 3,870 people ranging from celebrities, politicians, and the police.Data: Bloomberg, The Guardian; Photos: Bloomberg; ABACA; AP Photo (6); Corbis (5); Getty Images (18); Newscom (4)
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Over The Past 4 Years News Corp Generated $10.4 Billion In Profits And Received $4.8 Billion In "Taxes" From The IRS | zero hedge
News Corp, which after generating $10.4 billion in profits over the past 4 years, and which would have been expected to pay the IRS $3.6 billion at the statutory corporate tax rate, instead received $4.6 billion back from Uncle Sam. Bottom line: Murdoch's corporation had a cash paid tax rate of -46% between 2007 and 2010. The culrpit: two little somethings called Deferred Tax Assets and Net Operating Loss Carry-forwards.
IRS tax loopholes as deferred tax assets and NOL carryforward? Not entirely.
+ Hundreds of Offshore Accounts.

News Corp. has 152 subsidiaries in tax havens, including 62 in the British Virgin Islands and 33 in the Caymans. only Citigroup and Morgan Stanley have more tax haven subsidiaries than News Corp., a 2009 U.S. Government Accountability Office study found.

However, in the interest of objectivity, News Corp. is merely one of many corporate transgressors who take full advantage of the massive loopholes in America's tax code.
USA  taxation  taxevasion  corporate  tax  newscorp  rupertmurdoch  offshore  IRS  barackobama  presidency  2011  fraud 
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British Tabloid, The News of the World, to Close in Hacking Scandal -
The saga turned yet more disturbing Thursday with suggestions that journalists for the paper had broken into the voicemail not only of a 13-year-old murder victim but also of relatives of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that the paper had paid tens of thousands of dollars in bribes to police officers for information.
The scandal had been taking a toll on the News Corporation, and driving down its stock price. Some advertisers were fleeing The News of the World, and new doubts emerged about Mr. Murdoch’s proposed $12 billion takeover of the pay-television company British Sky Broadcasting, in which he already owns a large stake. Many legislators have now criticized the deal, and it appears unlikely that the government will decide before the end of the summer whether to let it go ahead.
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Jon Stewart Rally Shifts Blame to the News Media -
So instead the host of “The Daily Show” took steady aim on the one American institution that everyone can agree to hate: The Media. Within the first minute of his deft, very articulate stump speech at the end of the rally, Mr. Stewart turned his gun sights on the, um, fake news, which he called, “the country’s 24-hour political pundit perpetual panic conflictinator,” which, he added, “did not cause our problems, but its existence makes solving them that much harder.”

“The press can hold its magnifying glass up to our problems bringing them into focus, illuminating issues heretofore unseen or they can use that magnifying glass to light ants on fire and then perhaps host a week of shows on the sudden, unexpected dangerous, flaming ant epidemic,” he said, to roars of approval from the crowd.
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Murdoch Finalizes Paywall for Two British Papers -
The Wall Street Journal, also owned by News Corp., The Financial Times and Newsday all charge for access. The New York Times has announced a plan to do so. Each has a payment system developed largely __in-house__.
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Where Did VCs Go Wrong In Online Video?
But the entrepreneurs who have made fortunes in media tend to reinvest in their own empires rather than dole out the money to potential startup competitors. Media moguls like Rupert Murdoch, William Randolph Hearst, Sumner Redstone, SI Newhouse and the like who never sold out retained their earnings and built empires. Once they became the Establishment, it made little sense for them to finance the disruption.
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James Murdoch sees smaller role for newspapers | Entertainment | Industry | Reuters
Newspapers will play a smaller role in News Corp's operations in future as the group focuses on more profitable pay-TV operations in western Europe and India, the group's head of Europe and Asia said.

James Murdoch, son of News Corp chief executive Rupert Murdoch, also said the company would remain conservative in its use of capital.

"We do not feel, looking at the overall environment, that we are out of the woods yet," he said. "We have got to continue to be pretty cautious."

James Murdoch, told an investor conference that News Corp, the world's biggest news company, expected to have smaller audiences for online news when it starts charging readers next spring, but journalism would still play a part in the group.
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BBC News - Twitter urges Murdoch to be open
"We can give away this real-time feed of data to other companies such as Google and Bing to give them a better experience for searching Twitter," he said.
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Factiva Expanding Web Presence in Wall Street Journal Professional Edition
-- News Corp puts all his content behind pay wall.
-- What when others follow?
-- Whats happening then with blogs?
WSJ  journalism  monetization  rupertmurdoch  newscorp 
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MySpace Close To Spinning Off Photobucket
The tougher the times get, the leaner the businesses want to be.
myspace ebay newscorp rupertmurdoch lean business recession rightsizing downsizing stumbleupon
myspace  ebay  newscorp  rupertmurdoch  lean  business  recession  rightsizing  downsizing  stumbleupon 
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Economist introduces pay-wall for archive articles | Media |
WSJ - Wall Street Journal
The Times and Sunday Times (all three run by News Corp / Rupert Murdoch)
FT - Financial Times
Economist (both have same shareholder)
Who is next with a paywall?
paywall  journalism  newspaper  media  payment  payments  micropayments  micropayment  rupertmurdoch 
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Michael Wolff on Rupert Murdoch |
Rupert Murdoch is going to battle against the Internet, bent on making readers actually pay for online newspaper journalism–beginning with his London Sunday Times. History suggests he won’t back down; the experts suggest he’s crazy. Is he also ignoring his industry’s biggest problem?
journalism  newspapers  rupertmurdoch  news  business 
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Dialogue: Rupert Murdoch
during a changing model of communications: television, moving pictures and so on. But the Internet has been the most fundamental change during my lifetime and for hundreds of years. Someone the other day said, "It's the biggest thing since Gutenberg," and then someone else said, "No, it's the biggest thing since the invention of writing." With the technology that goes with it, the fact is that everybody now is empowered: Anyone can buy what they want, shop where they want, talk to anybody in the world that they want (and) state their own opinions. There's no mystery to a blog: Put up your thoughts (and) find friends. And the younger people are, the more time they're spending on it -- it's extraordinary. We bought ( a few weeks ago and just closed the deal last night, legally. There are 32 million people already registered on that, and there are 125,000 a day being added to it. They're finding common interests: ....
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Murdoch aims to tear up the online rule book - Telegraph
Beleaguered media executives have been toying with the idea of charging for content, but none has been so bold as to widely reintroduce the payment model most newspapers abandoned a decade ago. Mr Murdoch hopes charging for content will not only reverse News Corps fortunes – the company swung to a $3.4bn (£2bn) loss for the year to the end of June – but also revitalise the newspaper industry and ensure the future of quality journalism. "Quality journalism is not cheap, and an industry that gives away its content is simply cannibalising its ability to produce good reporting," Mr Murdoch said.

"The digital revolution has opened many new and inexpensive methods of distribution. But it has not made content free. Accordingly, we intend to charge for all our news websites. I believe that if we are successful, we will be followed by other media."
Murdochs idea is rigth wing and Michael Arrington from TechCrunch is on the left wing of the future of journalism debate.
- Economics decide.
journalism  nytimes  techcrunch  michaelarrington  rupertmurdoch  future  content 
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