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The Growth Trap
[ growing for growth sake! vs growing in a world/area that is not conducive to grow ] When Twitter went public in 2013, its stock soared and its value jumped to $25 billion. Its founders and early investors got rich. But since then, the company has been considered a failure, despite the fact that it boasts 320 million active users, because it's not growing fast enough. Douglas Rushkoff, author of "Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus: How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity," talks to Steve Paikin about why he sees the push for more growth as dangerous. // true capitalists (shareholder, crony, greedy) w/o self-regulation or governance extract all the value there is to extract and then leave, dispersing it to the few who already have [...] WE MUST REWRITE THE RULES OF THE GROWTH GAME ITSELF! [...] you want to optimise the economy based on velocity of money (circulation of money), not share price and value extraction [...]
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The tech industry has cut a Google’s worth of jobs in the past 12 months
bigger companies, more profitable products, with less people. // “It would be wrong to assume that increased job cuts are a sign of weakness in the tech sector,” Challenger, Gray & Christmas CEO John Challenger said in a statement. “The simple fact is that the industry is going through a transformation and companies either have to shift their focus or risk extinction. We will always need technology, but how we interact with it, as well as where and when we interact with it, are changing rapidly.” //&! - Intel missed the mobile revolution. Now it faces its day of reckoning.
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