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Twitter works just fine – but for investors, anything except total market domination is a disaster | Comment is free | The Guardian
Nothing better illustrates capitalism’s addiction to illogic than the mismatch between Twitter’s workability and its unpopularity with Wall Street [...] Any company that cannot demonstrate a clear route to monopolising its space, monetising its users’ data on a vast scale, is to be discarded, targeted for acquisition, consigned to perpetual dowdiness. [...] When I’ve pointed to Wikipedia, Apache or Linux as harbingers of a new, non-market, open source economics, one of the stock responses is: “now show us something more spectacular.” The problem is, these modest, functional and free products are already in their own way spectacular. Wikipedia is the biggest information product in the world; Apache runs half the world’s web servers; and Linux is the system of choice for at least a third of all servers (the computers that run businesses) and 97% of the world’s supercomputers.
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oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: The Changing Nature of Middle Class Work
The economy is changing in structural ways that affect not just the job market but the nature of work itself. If we ask, what is work?, the conventional answer is tasks that somebody will pay us to do. This is true, but it doesn't address why someone is willing to pay us. The answer is to create value. ... [ Skills, not Expertise. ] ...... As technology's ability to replace costly human labor moves from the factory floor to the service sector, the nature of middle class work is changing. [ IBM's company wide Pivot over +10 years from HW to Services and Software Company. With the accompanying downsizing. ] ... Jobs that can be learned in a few hours are prone to being replaced by machines. [...] The protected sectors beset by soaring costs (healthcare, higher education, major weaponry programs, finance, etc.) will undergo the creative destruction of technology-based productivity gains for the reason that they are already unaffordable, not just to households but to the nation.
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