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Shift to automation may prevent Trump from delivering on his jobs promise - Chicago Tribune
Can Republicans "create jobs" decrease inequality, increase wages for the 80%. Ian Bremmer Agrees - - ie defence budget is going up? // Saudi Arabia not happy .. // voter turnout anemic! apathetic! // whites less educated saw their livelihoods going away. especially rural area. not the big cities! // dems clintons not going to fix whats wrong. trump choice worse than clinton would have been. // &! econ challenges structural and more coming!
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Technological Unemployment (2013) w Jacque Fresco
wikipedia Jacque Fresco // MORE AI, automation, robotics, augmented intelligence, self-driving cars = LESS AGGREGATE DEMAND (disposable income of the middle class, working class & working poor) [...] productivity has risen but incomes NOT! [...] & companies are making more money for shareholders & owners with less & less people (see Facebook) [...] Industry doesnt care abt people. They hire people because it hasnt been yet automated. [...] A JOBLESS RECOVERY & JOBLESS GDP GROWTH [...] routine middle class jobs eliminated fastest! [...] pace of destruction is greater than pace of creation of new jobs! [...] ie Lawyer Software searching through files via augmented intelligence //&! Humans Need Not Apply - //&! Jerry Kaplan ((re)distribute wealth more equally -, Rifkin (Zero Marginal Cost), Paul Mason (post-capitalism) book //&! UBI a must in future - &! &!
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