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Britain needs a real manifesto for growth | Business | The Guardian
There is a chronic shortage of supply in transport, energy and housing. Roads, rails and airports are clogged; we are in danger of the lights going out due to low electricity capacity and pathetic rates of house building have generated stratospheric prices. Building infrastructure produces permanent economic gain, but provokes temporary political pain. Nimbies object to disruption and we have been reluctant to compensate them properly. So it’s no surprise that people use the archaic planning system to block and delay investment projects. Politicians find it easier to prevaricate and reverse their predecessors’ decisions and set up ad hoc celebrity reviews (e.g. the coalition’s bottling out of Heathrow expansion). When the time comes for spending cuts, investment is first on the chopping block because the economic bruises only come out years later. Political short-termism is mirrored by corporate myopia which holds back innovation. There remains a lack of competition in banking. ...
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BBC News - 'No wage rises' until jobless rate falls to 5% says MPC member
Martin Weale said there may be more spare capacity in the economy than policymakers had previously estimated. +++ Bank of England 'puzzled' by productivity gap - >> London Finance Centre Canary Wharf drove up productivity in the run up to the 2008 GFC :: UK workforce as a whole, lacking skills for the future, thus the productivity gap; Mobile Creative, Mobile Creatives, skill-biased technological change, knowledge worker, White-collar Worker, Blue-collar Worker. Year of Code is too late and a drop/tea-cup in the ocean. College needs to offer Computer Science Degrees (Technichal College), not just University. College's offers courses as "Beauty Technicians." Services Industry that does NOT scale. A locals hairdressers service can not be exported, sold and consumed in other countries. Period.
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