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Corporate disclosure - deciding what matters | Authers' Note - YouTube
"material" - based judgement. unter anderem.... ie also audience short vs long-term investor.
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Why Readers Don’t Get the True Story — The Information
The costs of off-the-record reporting are increasingly greater than the benefits, as the culture of talking without attribution gives companies too much control. // lots of companies use this practice / PR ... for what? have good relationships, tend the relationships with reporters/journalists? Give them a sense of being in THEIR circle? From outsiders view it looks like 'patting on the head like a child?' // Sarah Lacy once talks about it that there must be more stuff than Techopus. But the cheerleaders within the bubble of success, fame, notoriety and money ... WILL not look, dig, investigate ... because they are hired as cheerleaders (pageviews business model)
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What Makes Uber Run | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
"cultural lightning rod."? excuse me please what? < From the cheerleading squadron within SV. TC, Verge (Vox Media), HuffPo (AOL (Verizon Wireless)), BuzzFeed (VC's & corporate media investors NBCU), VICE & Co. // - David Plouffe: Being caught threatening a journalist was "the most devastating thing imaginable" for Uber execs - A lot of chatter yesterday about this major profile of Travis Kalanick, in which the Uber founder -- with a little help from Fast Company -- launches his -- second? third? attempt at rebooting his reputation. //&! - "On bad days, I look at our revenue graph." - Travis Kalanick // &! - Kalanick: I love self-driving cars because I can fire Uber drivers. Audience member: "Don't be a dick" // &! - Court docs show Uber has settled lawsuit over death of 6-year-old-girl, but wants insurance company to foot the bill //&! Late Show w Colbert - &! Uber's lost case in China!
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