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The end of Atlanticism: has Trump killed the ideology that won the cold war? | News | The Guardian
"special relationship" - The foreign policy establishment has been lamenting its death for half a century. But Atlanticism has long been a convenient myth // Atlanticism has never had a very stable meaning. For one thing, the US and Europe have not always considered each other natural political partners. For most of American history, there hasn’t even been a unified “Europe” to partner with. [...] Advertisement

In 1973, Henry Kissinger, himself a transatlantic refugee, launched a “Year of Europe” tour to try to save the relationship in the name of containment, preventing the further growth of the Soviet Union. Speaking as Nixon’s national security adviser, he asked whether the Atlantic community could thrive as the memory of the second world war began to fade. As the “rigid divisions of the past two decades diminish, new assertions of national identity and national rivalry emerge”. He argued that Americans should continue to support European unity. “If we permit the Atlantic partnership to atrophy … we shall miss our historic opportunity for even greater achievement.”
Donald  Trump  DonaldTrump  Brexit  Atlanticism  foreign  policy  affairs  diplomacy  USA  UK  Germany  Europe  China  Russia  history  coldwar  special  relationship  myth  nationalism  Kissinger  politics  foreignaffairs  Interventionism  Iraq  Afghanistan  nuclear  deterrent  G-Zero 
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Conservatives should blame capitalism for the 'war on Christmas' | Steven W Thrasher | Opinion | The Guardian
consumption as with dieting, is not consistent. [...] The first battles of this war on Christmas are usually fought right after (and increasingly on) Thanksgiving Day, as Black Friday shoppers are whipped into a frenzy of buying garbage products we don’t need, built in ways that maim and kill the people who make them and produced by means that slowly kill us all.
capitalism  Christmas  status  symbol  status  anxiety  zombie  consumer  consumerism  consumerist  household  debt  debt  servitude  consumer  debt  credit  card  debt  credit  card  crony  capitalism  advertisement  advertising  marketing  Selbstdarstellung  Social  Media  Selbstfürsorge  psychology  addiction  substance  abuse  Helloween  Valentines  dieting  Mindfulness  sociology  mass  culture  socioeconomic  status  status  rat  race  Religion  relationship  Intimate  relationship  relationships  sweatshop 
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Russell Brand on Porn: How It Relates To Everything - YouTube
instant gratification robs you of happiness, that results from putting in the work, being considered, mindful, thoughtful. effort can be the most rewarding thing in life. the pleasure of work. reward comes from hard work. --- a selfless life can bring much more pleasure than selfish life. we are social creatures. the only thing you've got to keep are your thoughts, emotions and health (well being, fitness)
happiness  happiness  index  instant  gratification  attention  span  attention  distraction  selfishness  selfish  effort  convenience  life  hacker  life  lesson  Alain  de  Botton  self-actualization  self-respect  self-regulation  philosophy  sociology  western  society  western  world  western  lifestyle  capitalism  advertisement  advertising  marketing  zombie  consumer  consumerist  consumerism  Dopamine  Serotonin  substance  abuse  sick  population  public  health  public  health  policy  Mindfulness  meditation  Self-esteem  status  anxiety  status  symbol  shopping  Intimate  relationship  partnerships  Escapeism  mobile  homescreen  Perspective  chronic  stress  consumer  choice  paradox  of  choice  Depression  Entitlement  Privileged  psychology  junk  food  processed  food  fast  food  Chain  loneliness  well-being  well  being  social  cohesion  Greed  social  tension  social  change  Buddhism  minimalismus  minimalism  rat  race 
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Dating while mentally ill: When to tell the guy about my condition?
On one hand, I am the most self-confident I have ever been. On the other hand, the tangle of depression, anxiety, OCD, and borderline personality disorder in my head came fairly close to talking me into a swan dive off of a fifth-floor Paris balcony last week. (If you’ve never suffered from depression, it might sound nonsensical that I would do this at my most self-confident. If there’s one thing I know about depression, though, it’s that it’s devoid of logic, and you can feel your lowest and your highest all at once.)
mental  illness  mental  health  stigma  relationship  relationships  Intimate  relationship  partnerships  partners  partner  love  public  awareness  public  perception  public  opinion  public  discourse 
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Planet Wissen │Die Liebe - YouTube
erwartungen, und sozialer stellenwert von liebe, und heirat, steigende Scheidungsrate, ... und secularism hat Religion mit Liebe ersetzt. --- & &
Intimate  relationship  relationship  relationships  Beziehung  book  Richard  David  Precht  love  secularism 
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Mit Sexualität umgehen lernen | SWR1 Leute - YouTube
from min 13:30 - // Beziehungen koennen todgeschwiegen werden. // min 22 - asexuality - platonische beziehungen (polygamy?) // trust in partner & body image - affects intimate relationship quality // wertevermittlung von TopModel - values in people // << innerlich unfrei macht << closed in - superficial // wide accessibility of Porn - consequences unkown - muss man problematisieren - ie misinformation etc. //
sex  ed  sex  education  sexuality  sexual  health  sexualität  childhood  childhood  development  psychology  sociology  Intimate  relationship  intimacy  love  asexual  sex  work  sex  worker  Prostitution  body  image  beauty  sickness  beauty  standard  Values  personal  status  anxiety  social  status  socioeconomic  status  extrovert  introvert  Porn  Pornography  LGBT  LGBTQIA 
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Men Blaming Jennifer Lawrence & Kate Upon for Nude Pics Leak, Hate NSA Spying - YouTube - "Samsung Gear, iCloud Hacks And Sarah Goes To Burning Man - September 5, 2014" +++ !!! >>> >> via "No one complained about the release of Pam Anderson's wedding sex tape. No one complained about the relase of Scarlett Johansson's pics. People mocked Anthony Weiner, people mocked Hulk Hogan. I mean honestly, mocking? You are not offended for them? You are not hurt, you are really honestly mocking them? But if it suddenly happens to some one you happen to like then its awful and horrible and no good." +++ WORLD NEEDS MORE FEMALE HACKERS - +++ +++ +++ !!! !!!
n00d  Celeb  Trading  Ring  Celebgate  AnonIB  4chan  Reddit  Apple  user  experience  imgur  Celebrity  of  You  culture  gossip  culture  gossip  status  anxiety  status  symbol  social  status  The  Fappening  TheFappening  Sexual  objectification  objectification  darknet  iCloud  rippers  Misogynie  misogyny  feminism  feminist  revenge  porn  society  consent  Privacy  Internet  Privacy  DAU  victim  blame  blamegame  cyber  crime  cyber  attack  cyber  security  cyber  mobbing  cyber  bullying  cyber  espionage  security  online  security  password  security  two  factor  authentication  two  factor  verification  engineering  phishing  brute  force  attack  slut  shaming  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  sexualität  Intimate  relationship  hypocrisy  Daily  Mail  News  Corp.  Gawker  Tabloid 
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Fappening: Lawrence, Dunst, Upton - Nacktbilder von Promis - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Schon wieder sind die Frauen schuld. Dabei erklärt sich die Tatsache, dass weniger Männer-Nacktbilder durch das Netz geistern, vermutlich nicht allein dadurch, dass die Herren der Sicherheit von Apple weniger vertraut haben und bessere Schutzsysteme hatten. Sondern durch die Tatsache, dass die nackten Männer kaum jemanden interessieren. Ein nackter Mann ist ein nackter Mann. Ein Bild von einer nackten Frau, das sie angreifbar macht, ist für viele ein Grund, sich daran aufzugeilen und einen Kommentar abzugeben. Und dann ist da noch die große Frage, die über der ganzen Debatte schwebt: Warum nehmen sich Menschen überhaupt nackt auf? Für viele eine klare Sache: Eitelkeit. Entsprechende Kommentare sind von Häme durchdrungen. Sie missachten, dass Frauen nicht zwangsläufig Nacktbilder aufnehmen, um einem Mann einen Gefallen zu tun. Für viele sind sie Ausdruck, dass ihr Körper, ihre Sexualität, ihnen gehört. Sie machen Aufnahmen von sich und für sich.
n00d  Celeb  Trading  Ring  Celebgate  AnonIB  4chan  Reddit  Apple  user  experience  imgur  Celebrity  of  You  culture  gossip  culture  gossip  status  anxiety  status  symbol  social  status  The  Fappening  TheFappening  Sexual  objectification  objectification  darknet  iCloud  rippers  Misogynie  misogyny  feminism  feminist  revenge  porn  society  consent  Privacy  Internet  Privacy  DAU  victim  blame  blamegame  cyber  crime  cyber  attack  cyber  security  cyber  mobbing  cyber  bullying  cyber  espionage  security  online  security  password  security  two  factor  authentication  two  factor  verification  engineering  phishing  brute  force  attack  slut  shaming  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  sexualität  Intimate  relationship 
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Elon Musk: How I'm Guaranteeing Tesla Model S Car - YouTube
- worth of purchase - a little Poker. Knowing that he got the better hand. a much better hand. he did his math. great move. bold move. vision. inspirational. leadership. ... end of interview 7 minute in talking about Nissan Leaf ... "we will never do a product that we don't 100% believe in." +++ UK Launch - // talking about California and UK public transportation +++ // Justine Musk abt their pre-nups, mediation, divorce and other private accounts - - ". I didn't want to be a sideline player in the multimillion-dollar spectacle of my husband's life. I wanted equality. I wanted partnership. I wanted to love and be loved, the way we had before he made all his millions." + - "I think the foundation of love is virtue,"
Elon  Musk  Tesla  Model  S  Tesla  Motors  brand  brands  branding  Personal  communication  language  public  relations  PR  consumer  product  Consumerism  consumerist  consumer  product  management  Product/Market  Fit  multi-product  company  Wall  Street  Nissan  Leaf  Principle  Vision  leadership  aspirational  product  Design  product  experience  user  experience  customer  experience  experience  frictionless  friction  transportation  public  transportation  trophy  wife  Justine  Musk  partnerships  relationship  relationships  Intimate  relationship  postnup  prenup 
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Marketing Can No Longer Rely on the Funnel - Mark Bonchek , and Cara France - Harvard Business Review
We asked some of the leading marketers in the world — from companies like Google, Intuit, Sephora, SAP, Twitter, and Visa — to assess the relevance of the marketing funnel. What we found says as much about the future of business as it does about the future of marketing. [...] Consider all the members of the Nike+ running community who don’t own Nike products or the half million fans of Tesla’s Facebook page who don’t own a Tesla. Or consider companies where employees use their own devices or download their own software until IT purchases the enterprise version for the entire company. In today’s digital age, advocates aren’t necessarily customers. Marketers who think that advocacy comes after purchase are missing the new world of social influence. [...] [The solution is to shift the focus from the transaction to the relationship.] [Benefit when the] marketing is built right into the product. << Brand and Product awareness. [...] Products should be designed to market themselves.
advertisement  advertising  marketing  Sales  Funnel  Social  Media  e-commerce  Salesforce  affiliate  marketing  future  of  business  intent  consideration  advertisement  targeting  advertisement  re-targeting  Twitter  Facebook  Pinterest  Consumerism  consumerist  tastemakers  advocates  Evangelist  Sephora  engagement  conversion  customer  experience  sharing  currency  product  awareness  brand  awareness  Gary  Vaynerchuk  content  marketing  word  of  mouth  influencer  influence  context  content  value  creation  freemium  monetization  monetisation  business  model  customer  empowerment  customer  engagement  customer  acquisition  customer  retention  customer  service  customer  outreach  customer  amplification  marketers  ruin  everything  millennials  generationy  bullshit  detector  Google  AdSense  banner  ads  noise  home  screen  customer  relationship  non-linear  world  Personal  branding 
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Mating in Captivity: Reconciling Intimacy and Sexuality - YouTube
needs and desires. human needs. erotic and domestic in the same place - fundamental contradiction. need of safety, desire for freedom ...
sexuality  sexualität  couples  Intimate  relationship  intimacy  relationship  psychology  eroticism  Porn  erotic  partnerships  marriage  western  lifestyle  human  needs  western  society  lust  relationships  relationship  advice  desire  mating  evolution  family  life 
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▶ Natur-VLog #11: Grasgeflüster über Neider & Hater - YouTube
Vlog #25: Das Glück in sich selbst finden = v=tnAoGBI8_O8 "das Glueck finded man nur in sich selbst. [...] Wenn man selbst sich nicht liebt ...." + v=QaHVQxrp_kE + v=5WA14FiqzaM + VLog #41: Dem Leben vertrauen - v=kgex989OgyU + VLog #39: Leben ist Veränderung - v=INMFbd4qd5k + VLog #36: Man kann es nicht jedem recht machen - v=AltCpDYAhfg
Hater  haters  lifehacks  lifehacker  envy  jealousy  Consumerism  consumerist  zombie  consumer  advertising  partnerships  partner  partners  psychology  Meditation  Yoga  Zen  relationship  relationships  marriage  Spiritual  spirituality  western  lifestyle  western  society  work  life  balance 
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Science Study: On Marriage, Listen To That Little Voice In Your Head | CommonHealth
If you’re thinking about getting married, you might want to listen to that little voice in the back of your head. A new study in the journal Science of more than 100 newlyweds found that a couple’s “gut” feelings about each other — feelings they couldn’t or wouldn’t verbalize — were good predictors of how happy their marriage would be four years later — better predictors than their conscious feelings. The title: “Though They May Be Unaware, Newlyweds Implicitly Know Whether Their Marriage Will Be Satisfying.” Of course, we all have gut feelings about our partners — and they tend to be positive or we wouldn’t be partners. But this study looked at something very specific: attitudes that are at such a deep level that we may not be aware of them, but they turn up on a kind of test that experimental psychologists have been using for years, that measures reaction times down to the millisecond.
psychology  marriage  relationship  relationships  partners  partnerships  lifehacks  lifehacker 
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▶ Eat Your Kimchi Full Interview Part 1 - YouTube
+ part2 - /watch?v=hLwkRrV4XIg (later part talking about differences [audience, niche, taste] between social networks, tumblr, twitter, facebook) + Our Love Story - /watch?v=1EeZIU_zZzo + TL;DR - How Simon Proposed to Martina - /watch?v=jnpIpdFfk2k + Draw My Life - Simon's Story - /watch?v=1EPO1Zblq3o
relationship  relationships  partnerships  partners  partner  communication  adaulthood  dating  friend  zone  marriage  lifelessons  lifelesson  lifehacks  lifehacker  Social  Media  socialnetwork  socialnetworks  YouTube  Eat  Your  Kimchi  South  Korea 
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Limbic Revision: How Love Rewires the Brain | Brain Pickings
In a relationship, one mind revises the other; one heart changes its partner. This astounding legacy of our combined status as mammals and neural beings is limbic revision: the power to remodel the emotional parts of the people we love, as our Attractors [coteries of ingrained information patterns] activate certain limbic pathways, and the brain’s inexorable memory mechanism reinforces them. Who we are and who we become depends, in part, on whom we love. [...] Real, honest, complete love requires letting go.
relationship  lifelessons  partnerships  environment  partners  book  social  science  lifelesson  relationships  social  study  personality  changes 
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▶ Autorin Jutta Martha Beiner | NDR Talk Show | NDR - YouTube
Eine Beziehung muss gelebt werden. Inspirirend. Motiviert. Erfreut. ... Wenn eine Beziehung nicht mehr gelebt wird, "Sofa Modus" eintritt. Angst for Veraenderung - die Beziehung zu beenden. Angst vor dem neuen Eigenstaendigem Leben. Wenn kein Liebe und die Freude mehr in der Beziehung ist. Ende mit Schuldzuweisungen. Gute, gemeinsame emotionale kapital aufgebraucht =
relationship  partnerships  separation  book  divorce  relationships  break-up 
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How Relationships Refine Our Truths: Adrienne Rich on the Dignity of Love | Brain Pickings
"An honorable human relationship — that is, one in which two people have the right to use the word 'love' — is a process, delicate, violent, often terrifying to both persons involved, a process of refining the truths they can tell each other." How relationships refine our truths – Adrienne Rich on the dignity of love
love  relationship  partnerships  partners  relationships 
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Onlineflirts, die sich zur Paarbeziehung entwickeln, durchlaufen in der Regel eine systematische Abfolge von Medien: Auf die Begegnung im öffentlichen Chat oder Forum folgen private Chats und E-Mails, dann Fotoaustausch, Telefonate, Handymitteilungen und schließlich das persönliche Treffen. Jeder Medienwechsel ist dabei ein Wendepunkt: Gibt der andere seine Telefonnummer preis? Hat man sich auch am Telefon etwas zu sagen? Gefallen die Stimme und das Lachen des Gegenübers? Ein verweigerter oder misslungener Medienwechsel gefährdet oder beendet meist die Beziehung, ein gelungener festigt sie.
relationship  dating  relationships  online  dating 
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BBC News - How to get along for 500 days alone together
[W]e can say that there are some guidelines for living in harmony in a confined space, and all of them fall into the category I call "simple, but not necessarily easy". One has to be able to give the other person mental elbow room. During our winter, when a person settled into the sofa in the salon with a book and started reading, he or she was not interrupted. The second important rule, is that showing care benefits both. We believe this to the point that it is built into our daily routine - we alternate cooking days. Each day's food becomes a present to our partner. We try to surprise the other with new dishes. There's a prize to be won - the other person's admiration. People sometimes joke that long-distance sailors must have a high boredom threshold, but my response is that one can only be as bored as one is boring.
relationship  lifehacker  partnerships  lifehacks  lifelesson  marriage  relationships 
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Christian Wulff sucht seine neue Rolle nach Trennung von Bettina Wulff - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Ehe-Aus per Exklusivbericht

Die Trennung der Wulffs wirkt von außen gesehen wie ein logischer Schlusspunkt, der sich schon länger angekündigt hatte. Bettina Wulff selbst distanzierte sich in ihrem Buch "Jenseits des Protokolls", das im September vergangenen Jahres herauskam, von ihrem Ehemann, beklagte die starke Belastung durch Öffentlichkeit und Amt - und plauderte intime Details aus.
Es waren Sätze, die kein Ehemann dieser Welt gerne über sich liest. Schon auf der ersten Seite des Kapitels "Männer" steht folgende Passage: "Was findet eine Frau an diesem Mann? Irgendwie fehlen da ein paar Ecken und Kanten, etwas Besonderes und Eigenes."
personality  marriage  relationships  relationship 
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Autoren Amelie Fried und Peter Probst | NDR Talkshow - YouTube
"Verliebt, verlobt - verrückt. Warum alles gegen die Ehe spricht und noch mehr dafür" - Das wollen Amelie Fried und Gatte, Peter Probst, allen Zweiflern in ihrem neuen Buch erklären.
lifehacks  lifelesson  life  marriage  relationship  relationships 
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The myth of Psyche — Paulo Coelho's Blog
love is an act of faith in another person, and her face shall stay covered in mystery.

Each moment shall be lived and enjoyed, but whenever we try to understand it, the magic disappears.


trust in Love, even running the risk of erring.


who sought to find safety in knowledge, found insecurity.

Those who don’t accept it and always seek an explanation for the magic and mysterious, human relations will lose the best of what life has to offer.
PauloCoelho  marriage  love  relationship  relationships  lifelessons  life 
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The secret to a happy marriage: Don't forgive and forget, and have a row instead, say researchers | Mail Online
‘short-term discomfort of an angry but honest conversation’ can benefit the health of a relationship in the long term.

forgiveness in marriage can have some unintended negative effects.

we must decide whether we should be angry and hold onto that anger, or forgive.'
His research found a variety of factors can complicate the effectiveness of forgiveness, including a partner's level of agreeableness and the severity and frequency of the transgression.
'Believing a partner is forgiving leads agreeable people to be less likely to offend that partner and disagreeable people to be more likely to offend that partner,'

anger can serve an important role in signaling to a transgressing partner that the offensive behavior is not acceptable.
sociology  psychology  marriage  partners  relationships  relationship 
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More than half of all British married couples regret their marriage | Mail Online
Most change their minds after one or two years of married life
Chief reason for regret is a loss of independence
marriage  relationships  relationship 
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BBC News - A Point of View: Embarrassing parents and the teenage truth
All parents are destined to be ridiculous, embarrassing or annoying, warns Adam Gopnik.

My Take:
As kids grow up into puberty, in to adulthood, they change. On the way the parent some way change too as a parent and a person. There is no constant. Thus the relationship changes. The dynamic, the aspect of parenting. The parent has to be aware of that; instead of treating the 16 year old like a youngster of 9. Treat your child like a respectable growing young adult (with screaming hormone levels) with rights and responsibilities, with freedom and rules.
psychology  relationships  relationship  children  childhood  parenting 
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Marriage and the Art of Game Theory - The Daily Beast
To cooperate or not to cooperate? To budge or stand your ground? To say “OK, fine” or “not a chance”? These are questions married people find themselves asking with surprising frequency. Ideally, the answer is always cooperate, budge, and say OK. But in practice, when there’s baggage involved and a history together and scars from past relationships, getting to that point takes effort.

In a survey of married people my co-author and I conducted for our book, It’s Not You, It’s the Dishes, we posed the open-ended question, “What’s the hardest part about being married?” Sure enough, most of the answers related to cooperating, or, more specifically, to not wanting to cooperate ...

[I]f game theory teaches us anything, it’s that relationships aren’t about having it all, they’re about having all you can under the circumstances.
book  marriage  relationships  relationship  game  theory  economics 
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Money can't make you happy... if you are only spending it to impress others | Mail Online
Spending money on once in a lifetime experiences from luxury holidays to concert tickets won't make you happy, according to a surprise study.
But before you cancel that world cruise it's worth noting that you'll only fail to find contentment if your motive is to impress others.
'Why you buy is just as important as what you buy,' said assistant profressor Ryan Howell, from San Francisco State University, who led the study.
'When people buy life experiences to impress others, it wipes out the well-being they receive from the purchase. That extrinsic motivation appears to undermine how the experiential purchase meets their key psychological needs.'
lifestyle  lifehacker  lifelessons  relationships  psychology  money  relationship  consumption  wealth  management  wealth 
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The Economic Case for Same-Sex Marriage - Bloomberg
Economics of marriage and its changes through the centuries.

"Gary Becker, an economist at the University of Chicago, won the Nobel Prize partly for describing the family as an economic institution -- a bit like a small firm that employs people with different skills to produce both income and a well-run household.


Economists describe a “second Industrial Revolution” in which washing machines, dishwashers and microwave ovens have reduced the value to the family “firm” of employing a domestic specialist. Cheap clothes can be imported from China, rather than sewn at home. Healthy meals can be purchased from the freezer at Trader Joe’s.

As a result, our grandparents’ marriages, in which husband and wife have separate roles and spheres, are no longer so popular. Two-earner couples have become the norm, and families spend less time on housework.

... !!! marriage has evolved !!! and bc of the emergence of hedonic marriages - divorce rates are up.
change  divorce  rate  hedonic  marriage  academia  economic  history  economics  marriage  relationship  relationships  economic-thought  same-sex  marriage  gay  marriage 
may 2012 by asterisk2a
Make-Up Sex Hurts: Why and How to Avoid It | Psychology Today
The truth is that most make-up sex results from having felt and expressed extreme negative emotions during a heated argument, without any true resolution afterward. Because these individuals get sick of feeling the negative extreme end of the spectrum, they hunger to switch gears and jump to the opposite end of the spectrum — to feel the high that comes with making up. Honestly, it's not that different from an addict who needs a hit of cocaine.
lifehacks  lifehacker  life  psychology  relationship 
may 2012 by asterisk2a
BBC News - Phone data shows romance 'driven by women'
"It's the first really strong evidence that romantic relationships are driven by women," he told BBC News.

"It's they who make the decision and once they have made their mind up, they just go for the poor bloke until he keels over and gives in!"

The researchers say that a woman's social world is intensely focussed on one individual and will shift as a result of reproductive interests from being the mate to children and grandchildren.

They found that men tend to choose a woman the same age as themselves - which the researchers presumed to be their girlfriend or wife - as a best friend much later in life than women do, and for a much shorter time. This occurs when they are in their early-30s, possibly during courtship, and stops after seven years or so.

Women, however, choose a man of a similar age to be their best friend from the age of 20. He remains for about 15 years, after which time he's replaced by a daughter.
relationship  romance  relationships  anthropology  sociology  Behavior  gender  gender  asymmetry 
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The Downside of Cohabiting Before Marriage -
Couples who cohabit before marriage (and especially before an engagement or an otherwise clear commitment) tend to be less satisfied with their marriages — and more likely to divorce — than couples who do not. These negative outcomes are called the cohabitation effect.

The majority of young adults in their 20s will live with a romantic partner at least once, and more than half of all marriages will be preceded by cohabitation. This shift has been attributed to the sexual revolution and the availability of birth control, and in our current economy, sharing the bills makes cohabiting appealing. But when you talk to people in their 20s, you also hear about something else: cohabitation as prophylaxis.

ie You would only marry someone if he or she agreed to live together with you first, so that you could find out whether you really get along.

But that belief is contradicted by experience.
The "gradual slope" of relationships makes the couple bypass talking about why & what is happening
love  convenience  lifelessons  change  Behavior  behavioral  economics  culture  psychology  gender  asymmetry  single  gender  study  advice  relationship  marriage  relationships 
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Facebook and Instagram: When Your Favorite App Sells Out -- Daily Intel
... This is, after all, the way of our new product-based civilization — in order to participate as a citizen of the social web, you must yourself manufacture content. Progress requires that forms must be filled. Thus it is a critical choice of any adult as to where they will perform their free labor. Tens of millions of people made a decision to spend their time with the simple, mobile photo-sharing application that was not Facebook because they liked its subtle interface and little filters. And so Facebook bought the thing that is hardest to fake. It bought sincerity.
relationship  relationships  internet  content  socialmedia  twitter  sincerity  instagram  facebook 
april 2012 by asterisk2a
Why women seek men like their fathers and couples are less happy after marriage: New book explains science behind common relationship themes | Mail Online
'Dissatisfaction occurs because you know that person and there’s no novelty. Relationships become boring,'

_Can_ become boring.
novelty  relationships  relationship 
april 2012 by asterisk2a
Birth Control Pills Have Lasting Effects on Relationships: Scientific American
hormonal birth control pill does affect your taste of men.

This relationship stability might be caused by the bias of women on the pill toward low-testosterone men, who tend to be more faithful. Roberts suggests that women who met their mate while taking the pill might want to switch to nonhormonal contraceptives several months before getting married to test whether their feelings for their partner remain the same.
sexual  health  marriage  relationships  relationship  genetics  evolution  hormones  contraception  birth  control 
march 2012 by asterisk2a
Authors@Google: Dr. Ruth, "Sexually Speaking" - YouTube
Dr. Ruth Westheimer is an American sex therapist, media personality, and author. Best known as Dr. Ruth, the New York Times described her as a "Sorbonne-trained psychologist who became a kind of cultural icon in the 1980s. She ushered in the new age of freer, franker talk about sex on radio and television—and was endlessly parodied for her limitless enthusiasm and for having an accent only a psychologist could have."
relationship  parenting  relationships  Dr.  Ruth  Westheimer  book  sex  therapist 
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Can friendship survive the wealth divide? | Mail Online
‘In Britain, we don’t like to mention money,’ he says. ‘We are uneasy about discussing it with friends and our pride will mean we make excuses not to join in rather than admit we can’t afford to. But you can preserve your friendship, no matter how different your incomes. If you are the more affluent friend, be considerate of your less well-off friend’s feelings.
‘No one likes to be treated like a charity case, so even if you pay for dinner, let your friend contribute by buying the coffees or dessert.
‘If you have less money, rather than turning down invitations from wealthier friends, suggest doing cheaper things, such as going for a walk or visiting a museum rather than going out for dinner. Remember that your friendship is worth more than your pride.’
So perhaps it is time to call my rich friend and suggest a girl’s night in as a belated birthday celebration.

Read more:
greatrecession  GFC  austerity  UK  culture  british  relationship  money  friendship 
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Marriage is overrated, say experts, as study reveals health and happiness benefits for wedded couples are a MYTH | Mail Online
'We found that differences between marriage and cohabitation tend to be small and dissipate after a honeymoon period.
'Also, while married couples experienced health gains - likely linked to the formal benefits of marriage such as shared healthcare plans - cohabiting couples experienced greater gains in happiness and self-esteem.

Dr Kelly Musick: 'Marriage has long been an important social institution - but differences between marriage and cohabitation are small and dissipate after a honeymoon period'
'For some, cohabitation may come with fewer unwanted obligations than marriage and allow for more flexibility, autonomy, and personal growth.'
relationships  relationship  advice  life  marriage 
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Stay Or Leave? Book says you can work out whether he's Mr Right, or just Mr Right Now | Mail Online
Step 1: Start being yourself, not the person everyone else wants you to be
Step 2: Don’t worry what others think
Step 3: Resolve your split personality
Step 4: You’re not as trapped as you think you are
Step 5: Live by your own values
Step 6: Consider what you’d do if you knew you had only six months to live
lifelessons  lifehacker  lifehacks  life-style  life  love  advice  relationships  relationship 
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Mnner-Psychologie: Mit Luxus-Shoppingzumschnellen Sex - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Wissenschaft
Was dem Pfau seine Federpracht, ist dem Mann sein Porsche - so das Fazit einer Studie von US-Psychologen. Das Auto kann dabei durch alle möglichen Luxusgüter ersetzt werden - denn Männer gehen gern teuer einkaufen, um Frauen zu beeindrucken.

University of Texas in San Antonio Studenten beiderlei Geschlechts zu einer Reihe von Tests ein. Sie sollten Geld für bestimmte Dinge ausgeben - allerdings abhängig von unterschiedlichen Szenarien, mit denen ihre Gedanken auf kurz- oder langfristige romantische Beziehungen mit attraktiven Partnern gelenkt wurden. Außerdem maßen die Forscher das grundsätzliche Interesse der Studenten an beiden Beziehungstypen mit einem Fragebogen.

Designerkleidung, exklusives Parfum oder Luxusuhren waren besonders für die männlichen Studenten interessant, die nach flüchtigen erotischen Begegnungen suchten.
psychology  dating  relationship  sexualität  women  men  sexuality  wealth  sex-sells  attention  atraction 
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The Female Factor - In Germany, a Tradition Falls, and Women Rise - Series -
Across the developed world, a combination of the effects of birth control, social change, political progress and economic necessity has produced a tipping point: numerically, women now match or overtake men in the work force and in education.

In the developing world, too, the striving of women and girls for schooling, small loans and status is part of another immense upheaval: the rise of nations in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Women already form the majority of university graduates in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development,

This trend turns the question of child care into one of economic competitiveness, notes Karen Hagemann, professor of European and gender history at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “High birthrates and female employment rates tend to move together,” said Ms. Hagemann, an expert on the German care system. “Child care and a school system that covers the working day is key.”
germany  education  women  gender  feminism  economics  society  men  relationships  relationship  trends  equality  trend  OECD  workforce  USA 
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More Men Marrying Wealthier Women -
“Men now are increasingly likely to marry wives with more education and income than they have, and the reverse is true for women,” said Paul Fucito, spokesman for the Pew Center. “In recent decades, with the rise of well-paid working wives, the economic gains of marriage have been a greater benefit for men.”

The analysis examines Americans 30 to 44 years old, the first generation in which more women than men have college degrees. Women’s earnings have been increasing faster than men’s since the 1970s.

“We’ve known for some time that men need marriage more than women from the standpoint of physical and mental well-being,” said Stephanie Coontz, a professor at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash., and research director for the Council on Contemporary Families, a research and advocacy group. “Now it is becoming increasingly important to their economic well-being as well.”
men  women  economic  relationships  marriage  education  gender  culture  economics  feminism  income  trend  relationship  equality 
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Google Should Make Apple Beg For Maps Navigation
Apple is in a terrible position here because the future of mobile apps are Web apps, and Google excels at making those. Apple needs Google, its most dangerous competitor in the mobile Web market, to keep building apps for the iPhone. Google would be foolish not to since the iPhone still has the largest reach of any modern Web phone. But it will no longer be a priority.
relationship  business  apple  google  ericschmidt  iphone  android  platform  mobile  future  trends  history 
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Paul Kedrosky: Why I Love Venture Capitalists
Creating a successful startup is among the hardest things you can do in a capitalist economy. Entrepreneurs must successfully navigate a sea of multi-dimensional uncertainty, from technology (will it work?), to people (do I have the right employees?), to market (will anyone care?), to financial (can I finance doing this, and can I then sell the product or service for more than it costs?) At big companies you can fail at launching a product, fail at hiring people, fail at making money on a product, and fail at figuring out whether something will work. Your big company will probably be unaffected, and you may even get promoted. Do any of those things wrong at a startup and, in all likelihood, you’re dead. You are wandering a maze of dark and twisty passages — most of which are paved with trapdoors to hell.
business  technology  VC  entrepreneurship  capital  Investing  venturecapital  entrepreneur  capitalism  relationship 
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