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The wounded healer: how my father’s cancer led me to a life of helping others
The language of cancer echoes that of war: fights and battles, bravery and resistance. But, like soldiers, patients can develop shell shock. The strength of their reactions can be overwhelming, making re-engagement with the enemy impossible. Sometimes surrender seems the only thing to do. [...] [... RADIOTHERAPY LONG-TERM CONSEQUENCES ...] I was a partner in a practice by the time new difficulties arose. The skin over the bottom of his back – in the area of his old radiotherapy field – started to break down and refused to heal despite a plastic surgeon’s best efforts at grafting. Then a routine blood test picked up a problem with his liver. An ultrasound scan found extensive metastases. A biopsy revealed an aggressive, poorly differentiated cancer that might have arisen originally from squamous skin cells. It’s a long-recognised problem with radiotherapy: some 35 years after treatment, the radiation that once saved a life can prove to have caused a new cancer to form.
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seizures, mri scan, op 90% removed, biopsy - grade 4 glioblastoma. 26 years old. [... + life extension treatments that will reduce quality of life significantly ] Nadia started chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat the tumour this week. She said: “The idea is to try and shrink it – hopefully holding it off a little bit and give me a longer life expectancy.”
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▶ BBC Two - Victoria Derbyshire, 23/11/2015, 'We battled recurring cancer'
Cancer charities say there needs to be more support for people facing a recurring diagnosis of cancer. Figures show there is a 5% chance of sufferers getting a different kind of cancer in the future. // overweight/obese carry higher risk of cancer bc of the fat being inflammatory factor! inflammation through fat and diet is bad for immune system -
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Dear FURIOUS PETE, here’s what the CANCER INDUSTRY doesn’t want YOU to know - YouTube
isnt the hippocratic oath - do no harm!? // 500bn sales - big pharma. //
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