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France to overhaul secularism teaching to help stop radicalisation | World news | The Guardian
The French principle of secularism has been twisted by politicians and so often wrongly used to attack Islam that schoolchildren have been left baffled, the French education minister has warned. Najat Vallaud-Belkacem told the Guardian that after last year’s devastating jihadi attacks in Paris, France was overhauling the teaching of secularism and civic values as part of the country’s drive against terrorism and radicalisation. “We have to reappropriate the concept of laïcité [secularism] so we can explain to our young pupils that whatever their faith, they belong to this idea and they’re not excluded. Secularism is not something against them; it protects them,” she said.
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Becoming radicalised – and keeping a secret - BBC News
Some of these individuals identified with an organisation such as IS or al-Qaeda while others followed their own extremist beliefs and underwent a more personal form of radicalisation. [...] Still in many cases individuals are drawn to IS or other extremist groups because they're unhappy in their own lives and are looking for a cause that's bigger than themselves. "The radicalisation process has been triggered by a personal crisis - the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job," says Indiana State University's Mark Hamm, the author of The Spectacular Few, a book about extremism. "Typically there's somebody in cyberspace who shows them a way - walks them from the brink of a cliff." // brutality of society at large. enabled by forces and pillars capitalism. ie your worth as a person is defined by your net work and credit score. what education you have (thus family). //&!
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