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Paris attacks | World news | The Guardian - Western interventions have an unhappy recent record. The world as a whole must unite against a force that makes an enemy of everyone else //&! - - Banlieue; allowing urban ghettoes to spring up in suburbs across the country, many home to unemployed & disaffected young immigrant men, she said. “This creates frustration,” she said. //&! - Current Profile. Intelligence Agency had files on most of them, being radicalised, not integrated to society. Surveillance state/data collection does not prevent attack/crime! &! &! //&! Hollande giving war speech (against jihadi terrorism) to secure political survival - - France’s escalating problem of homegrown terrorism [...] ills of society //&! Followed by raid on everyone they have on file - - reactionary. this is not prevention/intervention. &! UK beefing things up. &! one might be from Syria -
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