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It’s George Osborne who will shape Tory prospects for 2020 | Gaby Hinsliff | Comment is free | The Guardian
Power is leeching from David Cameron, and the colder, more ruthless chancellor is in the spotlight [...] Osborne’s big problem, of course, is that his fingerprints are all over everything the government has done – or not done – to tackle these problems over the last five years, let alone over the next five. And that’s not the only factor limiting his prospects of promotion He’s almost as exposed as Cameron is to fallout from the EU referendum gamble. (Heads we quit the EU, and government heads will have to roll; tails we stay, triggering Tory civil war).
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How Legal Immigration Failed Silicon Valley | TechCrunch
Our immigration system hinders entrepreneurship, innovation and productivity. Success in the tech industry, where whole new job categories are created overnight, requires deep familiarity with trends, products and technologies. Learning opportunities abound — if you’re willing to transition to new roles, educate yourself, work on different products or switch companies altogether. Building your own startup, or even joining one, can be the best career move; it offers remarkable potential for growth by wearing multiple hats in an expanding organization. The labor market benefits from this flexibility not just with an improved and adaptable workforce, but also one that creates jobs. The immigration process impedes all these possibilities. [...] [ reset process when switching companies ] [...] And that’s not even the worst part. If you get laid off, you must leave the country. Immediately. [...] Try telling your VC you spent $25,000 of their $1 million funding on immigration fees
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