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Britain's fading greenery - BBC News
[ after the collaps of energy prices, commoditiy prices and freed up labour from oil and gas industry ... instead of tripling investment in renewable energy, they cut it. increasing long-term competitiveness with domestic cheaper energy prices. stupid. instead they cut corporate tax rate, as if tax evasion and avoidance wasn't helping them already ... no further development of 6 killer apps. policy for vested interest. subsidies for oil. tax breaks. etc etc. ] The energy team at business consultancy EY can't expect to get many contracts out of Whitehall - not after a thorough trashing of UK policy. //&! Al Gore chimes in - //&! //&! - Stop Propping Up Fossil Fuels. Subsidies, as a rule, distort financial incentives and leave the economy less efficient. Subsidies on fossil fuels are doubly foolish: They also divert investment and consumption away from cleaner energy, and cost taxpayers a bundle.
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Pfizer and AstraZeneca: Deal or no deal | The Economist
IT'S ALL A MATTER OF DEGREE. Degree of vitality, dynamism, plurality & competition further reduced within the pharmaceutical industry in case of a M&A deal. + "M&A deals intended specifically 2 enable growth fail 2 achieve their expressed growth objective." + /// vs. Internal Growth through start-up/entrepreneurial culture within. --->> once you are a public company, your options to facilitate growth are hugely curtailed do to the short-term thinking of money, crony capitalism >> Wall Street. /// + + | BRITISH INTEREST IS & SHOULD BE MARKET PLURALITY. From May 7th. - 7 days later | this case; fiduciary responsibility = short-term thinking
market  plurality  Pfizer  AstraZeneca  UK  big  pharma  pharmaceutical  industry  pharma  oligopol  oligopoly  crony  capitalism  corporate  governance  WallStreet  growth  though  acquisition  M&A  mergers  merger  growth  through  merger  Career  Politicians  business  management  short-term  thinking  long-term  thinking  public  policy  antitrust  Competition  collusion  research  medical  research  public  health  policy  trust  trustagent  confidence  Science  R&D  European  Competition  Commission  Europe  regulators  regulation  governance  transparency  accountability  davidcameron  general  election  2015  GeorgeOsborne  Lobbying  lobbyist  lobby  interest  groups  national  interest  job  market  productivity  skill-biased  technological  change  skill  skills  capital  skills  knowledge  worker  White-collar  Blue-collar  Mobile  Creative  Mobile  Creatives  fiduciary  responsibility  greed  stakeholder  shareholder  unknown  unknowns  unintended  consequences  complexity  human  progress  technological  progress  humanity  post-antibiotic  era  external  threats  externalaties  externality 
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