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John Oliver Edward Snowden Interview - YouTube
language shapes thoughts. how you communicate and on what level. US elected official talk is always about "keeping America and Americans, safe." what % of baby boomers or millennial do knows what meda data, profiling, and big data is or do or how it can be leveraged. they know what a selfie and a selfie stick is. That's why Career Politicians and Lobby organisations hire PR people. CORPORATE (Wall Street) PR PEOPLE!!! Talking 5 minutes to the nation and saying nothing at all of concrete notion, IS CORPORATE PR SPEAK. Setting the tone for the public discourse, its sort of art and honed down to a science. // &! Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Government Surveillance (HBO) >> >> Section 215 - bulk collection // principle, no to self-censorship
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Lance Armstrong asks court to dismiss promotions company's bonus claim | Sport |
>> ANY publicity that an event gets because Armstrong wants to compete in or take part in, is now negative publicity. It will take some balls & great communication (well honed message) of some event organiser to let Armstrong compete and put a positive spin to it. Time will tell. Wounds are just too fresh. Needs time to heal. Armstrong needs now patience till he's rehabilitated. + >> +
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Londons Bürgermeister Johnson wird in BBC-Interview demontiert - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Johnson konnte sich warm reden. Es wurde dann aber schnell ungemütlich für Johnson: "Warum haben Sie ein Zitat erfunden?", fragt Mair und spielte damit auf einen Vorfall an, der mehr als 20 Jahre zurückliegt. Johnson hatte damals beim Traditionsblatt "Times" gearbeitet und war wegen des Interview-Problems entlassen worden. >> Peinlichkeiten aus dem Privatleben [...] Für ihn selbst sei es nicht der beste Auftritt gewesen, räumte Johnson ein. Das habe aber auch daran gelegen, dass Mair Fragen zu Themen aus der Vergangenheit und zu privaten Angelegenheiten gestellt habe. > >
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Radsport: Ex-Usada-Chef bezichtigt Armstrong der Lüge - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Der Gegenwind für Lance Armstrong wird immer heftiger: Der ehemalige Usada-Chef Terry Madden warf dem Ex-Radprofi erneut vor, dem Verband eine Spende angeboten zu haben. Armstrong hatte dies bei seiner TV-Dopingbeichte bestritten.

Bereits nach der Ausstrahlung des ersten Teils hatte John Fahey, Chef der Welt-Antidoping-Agentur (Wada) Armstrong vorgeworfen, weiterhin die Wahrheit zu verschleiern.

Der gefallene Rad-Profi hatte im Gespräch mit Winfrey bestritten, auch bei seinem Comeback 2009 gedopt zu haben. Laut Fahey ist die Usada jedoch im Besitz eindeutiger Blutproben Armstrongs, die "mit absoluter Sicherheit" zeigten, dass er auch bei seiner Rückkehr in den Profisport mit verbotenen Substanzen nachgeholfen habe.
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Op Ed – Lance Armstrong: Time To Rebuild
Competitor Group is not as critical of Armstong's PR Campaign as others (See "You Are Not Welcome Here" Op-Ed
... because it has close ties to the WTC for exclusive content and coverage, and the WTC does want Lance to compete in the future one way or the other. So it is clear that anything out of Group will be not critical - more like apologetic in favour of Lance.
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Oprah Winfrey und Lance Armstrong: Doping-Beiche im TV - SPIEGEL ONLINE
>> If Armstrong would re-enter Sports, it is sending a signal that - you can dope, and it might even be forgiven if you get caught.

Armstrong braucht eine Bühne, Winfrey braucht Quoten. Gemeinsam verklären sie Dopingbetrug zum Hollywood-Drehbuch - Happy End inklusive. [...]

Man merkt: Bei dieser Kungelei werden viele Hände gewaschen. Alle profitieren. Armstrong beginnt das Doping-Comeback. Winfrey dopt ihren schwächelnden Sender. Und CBS sendet die Promo-Clips seines Winfrey-Interviews über das Armstrong-Interview in Dauerrotation.

[...] "Wir lieben es, zu vergeben und zu vergessen", sagt der PR-Experte John David. Sicher, alle fühlten sich von Lance Armstrong betrogen - doch keiner wolle ihn wirklich "hängen" sehen: "In Amerika gebührt jedem ein Comeback."
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What Lance Armstrong Wants From Oprah Winfrey -
A few years ago I was at a dinner with a star pro cyclist—a guy who still races, and has won multiple Tour de France stages—and he spoke with slack-jawed awe about Armstrong's life. Not the bike racing part. The private jet part. The audiences with world leaders. The celebrity girlfriends. This bike racer was young and rich and in his prime and yet to him, Armstrong just kicked it on a completely different, interplanetary level. He didn't talk about Lance Armstrong like Lance Armstrong was a cyclist. He talked about Lance Armstrong like Lance Armstrong was Beyoncé.

That superhuman status set Armstrong up for the hardest kind of fall, and he has plummeted back to earth. Even though he rejected the doping allegations brought by USADA, he lost control of his narrative, and now there is only the thinnest of sympathy. Fame is being pushed aside by infamy. He has been humbled and humiliated and sponsors have left and his name has been stripped from his charity foundation. He is still a relatively young man, and it is said that he still wishes to compete, in important triathlons, but now he is banned from the best ones. There's something haunting and almost poetic about that. All that stamina, and nowhere to put it.


As the ESPN writer Don Van Natta Jr. posted on Twitter, "You don't go on Oprah to confess. You go on Oprah to be forgiven." [...] It's about trying to clear a road ahead.
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You Are Not Welcome Here Anymore -
> giving him a 2nd chance? USA would like it, they like their comeback kids (Bill Clinton, Robert Downey Jr, ). + In short, this now looks like a carefully choreographed, slow-release PR plan – likely managed by Armstrong's long-time agent Bill Stapleton – to perform a 180-degree turn on all previously held positions: belligerent denial, self-righteous indignation and bullying belittling of accusers. Instead, we have Lance Armstrong the penitent sinner: the weepy, choked-up prodigal son, who is finally coming clean and seeks redemption. As is well-established, an audience with Oprah achieves that almost instantaneously: I can see her right now, reaching out and taking his hand as he shakes with emotion and talks about the pain of living the false life we all made him lead. [The Law Suits and future Settlements are no Threat] [...] But here's the thing: Armstrong's net worth is estimated to exceed $100m. These sums sting, but they don't really hurt him. And next to his post-rehabilitation earnings potential, they're chump change. [...] We do know that Armstrong lied repeatedly, even under oath, [...] A criminal conviction, no; but civil damages he can afford. Armstrong will have done his math, and worked out where the percentage lies: it's with confession. The benefits outweigh the costs: he'll earn that rehabilitation, but he will come out ahead. > Nicole Cooke. In her statement, I can't help thinking that the cheats win on the way up and the way down. >,1472784,3234562.html >

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Facebook PR: Tonight We Dine In Hell!
The fact of the matter is that the entire PR industry is like a weed growing out of control. Current estimates have PR people now outnumbering journalists 3 to 1. Think about that for a second. And one of the industries in which this infectious growth is most apparent is the tech industry, where it’s boom time. My email inbox is a testament to this. As is my voicemail inbox. I’d bet that at least 75 percent of the messages I get in the day are from PR people. Their campaign strategy in this war is shock and awe.
Now, I don’t mean to suggest that all PR people are evil or have the wrong intentions. Many are very nice people. And some are even very good at what they do. But increasingly what they do is nothing more than attempt to spin or grossly misrepresent what it is we do. For many of them, helping journalists/bloggers/writers get access to accurate information is secondary. It’s all about controlling a narrative — by any means necessary. And that has to stop.

"Spin a Story"
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