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How to eat like a Victorian - BBC News
According to a study published in the Royal Society of Medicine, "How the Mid-Victorians Worked, Ate and Died", the combination of enormous amounts of physical activity (most people did physically demanding jobs which meant they were active for 50 to 60 hours a week) and a diet rich in fruits, whole grains, oily fish and vegetables meant that Victorians suffered less from chronic, degenerative diseases than we do.
Dr Paul Clayton, one of the authors of the study, claims that they were "90% less likely to develop cancer, dementia and coronary artery disease than we are today". It certainly meant that diseases like type-2 diabetes, which plague modern society, were vanishingly rare.
NHS  Crisis  Food  Lobby  processed  meat  animal  products  diet-related  diseases  lifestyle  England  health  care  demand  budget  sick  population 
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Sibylle Berg über den Trend zur fülligen Frau - SPIEGEL ONLINE
In dieser Saison, ich fasse es noch einmal zusammen, ist es Mode, dünne Frauen für das Übel der Welt, die Tornados, den IS, zur Verantwortung zu ziehen. Nächstes Jahr werden es Frauen mit roten Haaren sein, mit Runen auf der Stirn. Dann wieder Homosexuelle oder einbeinige Frauen. Hurra, du dumpfer manipulativer Stumpfsinn, der viele Menschen natürlich beeinflusst. Aber wie soll man Menschen auch positiv manipulieren, wenn das eigene Hirn voller Mist ist?
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China's Tortured Beauties: Make Me Look Western - YouTube
>> with the arrival of western style capitalism and thus western media ... changes in values and ideals of beauty started to go cray cray. eye-lid surgery and pale skin are just two things. - Asian models with western faces. - Such thing is not apparent in Japan.
China  Asia  western  society  beauty  standard  beauty  industry  beauty  products  beauty  photoshopped  Photoshop  South  Korea  beauty  sickness  plastic  surgery 
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21 Women on the Dumbest Things They’ve Bought -- The Cut
“I have this really bad habit of thinking that because I am a ‘professional woman,’ I need all of this stuff to make me really BE that woman. Like, I will justify the constant purchase of expensive haircuts, manicures, leather laptop cases, blazers, and conservative heels with ‘this is basically a business expense.’ Except that I cannot write those expenses off, and now I have like ten more ‘work purses’ than I would ever need.” —Sarah, 28 [...] “First, I got into waxing for a while and maintaining that shit really adds up. [...] “Trendy clothes. [...] When I moved to New York, I had this really fucking dumb Carrie Bradshaw ideal of how I should dress and act. I thought that it was normal to spend a bunch of money on trendy shoes, [...] My brain can’t accept that it will never own Manolos if I also want to own a home someday.” [...] I spend money on makeup, blowouts, and nail art, in huge part for the Instagram likes. It is probably the saddest thing about myself.
feminism  feminist  beauty  industry  beauty  sickness  beauty  standard  beauty  products  gender  politics  gender  pay  gap  gender  policing  gender  inequality  double  standard  Patriarchy  everyday  sexism  Misogynie  misogyny  white  male  privilege  male  privilege  straight  white  male  gender  equality  gender  conforming  gender-based  discrimination  gender  norms  gender  role  gender  non-conforming  workplace  make-up  frugal  life  lesson  life  hacker 
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Grüne Kosmetik: Naturkosmetik Inhaltsstoffe wichtige Fragen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Wie ist die Wirkung? Gerade wenn es um Anti-Aging geht, hegen Verbraucher oft Zweifel, ob die konventionelle Kosmetik mit ihren hochpreisigen Hightech-Produkten nicht doch die besseren Faltenkiller zu bieten hat. Werner Voss winkt ab. In seinem Labor in Münster untersucht der Dermatologe jedes Jahr an die 3000 Produkte. Sein Fazit: "Der Alterungsprozess lässt sich mit keinem Mittelchen, das man von außen auf die Haut aufträgt, aufhalten." Wie knitterig jemand aussieht, hängt zu 90 Prozent von seinen Genen ab, zu 10 Prozent von der Ernährung, davon, ob man raucht, Alkohol trinkt, sich in die Sonne knallt. Es ist eigentlich nur möglich, der Haut Feuchtigkeit zuzuführen, dann sieht sie praller aus. Doch das kann laut Voss jedes solide Gemisch aus Fett und Wasser - die Grundlage einer jeden Creme. Es scheint also egal zu sein, ob man zur herkömmlichen Creme mit Silikonöl als Fettkomponente greift oder der natürlichen mit Pflanzenöl.
beauty  industry  beauty  products  beauty  Vegan  anti-ageing  premature  ageing  ageing  alcohol  abuse  omnivore  tanning  skin  cancer  cosmetics  cosmetics  industry  stem  cell  cosmetics  smoking 
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The Dispute Between Radical Feminism and Transgenderism
AND here the critique & // // // "In failing to provide a semblance of balance to the voices in the piece, this account becomes hopelessly skewed, and becomes little more than a radical feminist propaganda piece. Early on in her essay, Goldberg presents an extremely simplified and stereotyped view of trans women’s identities. She writes: “Trans women say that they are women because they feel female — that, as some put it, they have women’s brains in men’s bodies.” First, considering that the length of the article discusses trans people (and focuses heavily on trans women), to reduce the explanation of their complex experiences to three words — “they feel female” — is offensively reductionist. While such a passing nod to trans experiences might be not be out of place in a more LGBTQ-geared publication, in a more general consumption magazine[.]" + +
radical  feminism  transgender  feminism  feminist  radical  feminists  extremism  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  Misogynie  misogyny  stereotype  bias  judgement  labels  label  boxes  prejudice  Prostitution  sex  worker  white  male  privilege  entitlement  male  privilege  gender  inequality  gender-based  harassment  gender-based  discrimination  Porn  Pornography  book  beauty  industry  beauty  standard  beauty  beauty  products  gender  politics  gender  policing  gender  equality  gender  norms  gender  non-conforming  gender  conforming  gender  discrimination  gender  identity  gender  role  gender  gender  binary  gender  queer  masculinity  feminine  femininity  jock  culture  Campus  culture  society  Sheila  Jeffreys  Julie  Bindel  sexualität  sexuality  parenthood  parenting  childhood  childhood  development  living  environment  environment  Patriarchy  reproductive  rights  abortion  USA  cisgender  cis-gender  Julia  Serano  journalismus  Journalism  mainstream  media  TERF 
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Sexism sucks less once you’ve raised $56 million | PandoDaily
“The third wave of e-commerce is coming – it’s about the full stack today,” Park says, referring to the fact that Julep produces its own products. “We’re doing something fundamentally different in terms of how we serve the consumer.”
everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  VC  Venture  Capital  Silicon  Valley  Start-Up  Start-Ups  GitHub  Female  Founders  entrepreneurship  entrepreneur  e-commerce  full-stack  customer  retention  customer  acquisition  beauty  industry  beauty  products 
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BBC News - 'Cosmetic crisis' waiting to happen
Injections to plump up the skin are a "crisis waiting to happen" and should be available only on prescription, a UK review of cosmetic procedures has said. It warned that dermal fillers, covered by only the same level of regulation as toothbrushes, could cause lasting harm. The independent review added cosmetic surgery had been "trivialised". It also attacked "distasteful" companies for putting profit ahead of care. The review has recommended a series of measures to better protect patients. It was commissioned by the Department of Health in England, but the findings will be passed to health ministers throughout the UK. [...] Profits before patients, that's what happens. Surgery is sold like double glazing and it's totally wrong” >>
celebrity  culture  moral  stem  cell  cosmetics  society  beauty  industry  ethics  cosmetic  surgery  beauty  accountability  PIP  breast  implants  common  sense  transparency  celebrity  aging  gracefully  body  image  beauty  products  cosmetics  cosmetics  industry  western  society  culture  aging 
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The Cosmetics Wars -
"No sane person likes the idea of subjecting animals to unnecessary cruelty. But as things stand we’re all being used as guinea pigs in the great test of new product safety" ...As Sonya Lunder, a senior analyst at E.W.G., says, 'It shouldn’t be necessary to do more animal testing in order to ban or restrict the dozens of cosmetics ingredients that clearly are hazardous.'” - Cosmetics and Beauty products Companies are self-regulation in terms of product Safety - FDA statement “Cosmetic firms are responsible for substantiating the safety of their products. …”
carcinogen  beauty  products  beauty  industry  animal  testing  Lobby  regulation  FDA  cosmetics  cosmetics  industry  product  safety 
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Beauty is NOT skin deep: New research shows that even the most expensive cosmetic creams cannot penetrate the skin to repair from within | Mail Online
++ Society & Culture of pure Vanity (& whole industries feed them, in a self fulfilling cycle of glossy magazines, celebrity culture, etc) long-term chemical exposure consequences yet unknown. ++

Cosmetic skin creams cannot ‘penetrate’ the skin as claimed by many manufacturers, a study found today.

Many pharmaceutical brands claim that nanoparticles in their products give their creams a ‘deep penetrating action’.
But scientists at the University of Bath found that such claims are 'patently' untrue and that even the tiniest of nanoparticles do not penetrate the skin’s surface.

Beauty creams that claim to penetrate the skin have been hailed as miracle workers for women of a certain age
Their work suggests that creams are simply deposited into creases in the skin and do not carry nutrients deep under the surface.

'The skin’s role is to act as a barrier to potentially dangerous chemicals and to reduce water loss from the body. Our study shows that it is doing a good job of this.
beauty  products  human  tragedy  humanity  culture  society  vanity  beauty  industry  cosmetics  cosmetics  industry  skin  care  pharmaceutical  industry  pharma  human  skin 
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Paul Buchheit: If your product is Great, it doesn't need to be Good.
Kevin Rose spoke about it, now Paul buchheit,
Twitter is about it.
... blown up MSFT is where we see mistakes.
ipad  products  product  innovation  design  usability  apple  entrepreneur  entrepreneurship  entrepreneurial  basic  lesson  leadership  management 
february 2010 by asterisk2a
While Rivals Jockey For Market Share, Apple Bathes In Profits
Apple made $1.6 billion in operating profit off of the iPhone in Q3. Nokia, meanwhile, made $1.1 billion. Let’s put this in perspective. Recent numbers suggest Nokia controls roughly 35% of the worldwide handset market. Apple? About 2.5%.

Running a successful business, instead of running for market share and product diversity!
apple  iphone  businessmodel  nokia  profit  business  leadership  product  products 
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Caffeine: It’s Google On Red Bull, Or Something
Even an established product needs to be improved every now and then .... by user suggestions and testing ... bla bla bla.
google  products  search  innovation  improvement 
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