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Funding the NHS: Is it finally time for a new approach? - BBC News
A ring-fenced tax for health and social care has been resisted in the past by the Treasury. Such a policy is known by economists as hypothecation. Opponents, including Treasury mandarins, believe it ties the hands of chancellors.

But, intriguingly, a former top civil servant at the Treasury, Sir Nick Macpherson, has come out in favour of a ring-fenced tax which is renewed every five years.
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More than 24,000 Scots hospitalised because of drinking
50p minimum price per one unit of alcohol, to come into effect March 2018, after years of legal fight against the alc lobby vested interest. (Sugar Tax, ) - - Minimum pricing has been broadly welcomed by health bodies and alcohol awareness groups, who say it will target the kind of drinking that leads to the greatest harm. //
People from the most deprived areas are nearly eight times more likely to need help, according to the NHS. There were 36,235 alcohol-related hospital admissions last year - the equivalent of more than 100 a day. They involved 24,060 individual patients - up from the 35,376 admissions involving 23,656 patients the previous year. Alcohol-related admissions had been falling for almost a decade but the latest figures show there were 685.2 hospital admissions per 100,000 people last year - an annual increase of almost 2%. //&!
NHS  Scotland  Alcohol  minimum  pricing  alcoholism  deprivation  addiction  coping  mechanism  maladaptive  Austerity  poverty  trap  Precariat  binge  drinking  Society  class  Gesellschaft  Sociology  working  poor  Council  childhood  care  Policy  public  health  prevention  sickcare  demand  chronic  sick  population  mental  psychology  psychiatry  depression  aus­sichts­los  hoffnungslos  hopelessness  hopeless  Aussichtslosigkeit  human  condition  humanity  homeless  homelessness  abuse  substance  Opioid  war  on  drugs  tobacco  food–industrial  complex  Sugar  processed  food  lobby  vested  interest  revolving  door  profit  maximisation  obesity  liver  overweight 
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Paris climate summit: UN negotiations 'need redesign' - BBC News
[ only bottom up works ... till the tide is big enough. same with health and fitness (which in part has to be about looking good/fit). self-esteem. ] The UN climate negotiations are heading for failure and need a major redesign if they are to succeed, scientists say. The pledges that individual countries are offering ahead of the Paris climate summit in December are too entrenched in self interest instead of being focussed on a common goal. The researchers say the science of cooperation is being ignored. Instead, they say the negotiations should focus on a common commitment on the global price of carbon. This means countries would agree on a uniform charge for carbon pollution, a scheme that would encourage polluters to reduce their emissions. The comments from researchers at the University of Cambridge, UK, University of Maryland, US, and University of Cologne, in Germany, are published in the journal Nature. //&!
United  Nations  UN  climate  change  bottom  up  consumer  choice  climate  crisis  global  warming  pollution  ecological  disaster  environmental  disaster  negotiation  national  interest  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  shared  economic  interest  Public  Good  zombie  consumer  selfish  gene  Selbstdarstellung  Selbstfürsorge  Career  Politicians  Kyoto  No  Representation  self-interest  self-improvement  self-actualization  awareness  perception  Great  Pacific  Garbage  Patch  recycling  hyperlocal  local  NHS  health  sick  population  nanny  state  intrinsic  motivation  health  policy  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  health  crisis  Autonomy  Mastery  Purpose  Self-esteem  carbonemission  carbonfootprint  emissions  carbon  tax  carbon  pricing  carbon  trading 
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Ambition | The Best VC Blogs for SaaS Sales
If SaaS Products Sell Themselves, Why Do We Need Sales? - - The true purpose of sales is to create new value for customers. Especially for a startup or growth company that’s addressing a new market or trying to solve a complex problem. That’s why enterprise/SaaS sales requires a well-developed process and guidelines. [ << blog, communication, evangelists, referral codes, feedback, content marketing, building a Tribe/1000 True Fans one by one >> ] Our job was to go out there and show customers a different but better way of doing business. // The Price Is Right: And for Early-Stage SaaS Companies, It Needs to Be. - - //Understanding Your Customer's Desired Outcome.
SAAS  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  metrics  KPI  closetphile  sales  marketing  content  marketing  Tribe  1000  True  Fans  Purple  Cow  Seth  Godin  mission  vision  community  community  management  pricing 
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Travis Kalanick of Uber - TWiST #180 - YouTube
MVP - minimal viable product, test of thesis; they rented a handful of cars with drivers in SF & build little app, the rest is history. make move to not have drivers but enable people to be drivers with income. Uber - elegance, design, ... this is now a brand, a status symbol. +++ on demand lifestyle, making magic happen via technology - employing STEM people. +++ could, because of supply liquidity, deliver, at premium, food to your door. +++ because of their technology, their platform, they either could licence out their problem solving platform (ie demand prediction - people just opening up the app - math is an operational cornerstone) to air transportation and or goods transportation. +++ Travis Kalanick at Startup School 2012 - >> multi-product company - for different budgets. Operations, Scaling - one problem that needed solving, a Playbook for expanding from one city to the next. Changing how u live, over months. not decades, today's age.
Uber  Travis  Kalanick  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  entrepreneurship  entrepreneurial  entrepreneur  status  symbol  system  design  Product  systems  design  brand  Personal  brands  branding  on  demand  Supply  and  and  Supply  ondemand  on  demand  lifestyle  magic  technology  STEM  reputation  Silicon  Valley  multi-product  company  travel  traveling  transportation  public  transportation  Platform  lifestyle  western  lifestyle  instant  gratification  frictionless  friction  accelerated  life  marketplace  efficiencies  marketplace  plurality  marketplace  marketplace  inefficiencies  business  model  mobile  first  urbanisation  urban  planning  Operations  scaling  algorithm  algorithms  algo  dynamic  pricing  mathematics  complexity  marketing  Viral  Airbnb  Utility  utilities  21stcentury 
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In ridesharing, it all comes down to the Benjamins | PandoDaily
+ "always providing the reliable cheapest ride [by utilising data about demand and supply]", >> "search pricing" [enabling price elasticity of supply (of caps).] // But in the weeks prior to Lyft announcing its huge Series D, it was able to roll out Happy Hour pricing — something Uber has not yet done. As a cherry on top, it slashed its rates 20 percent in all markets after wrapping up the Series D.
Uber  Flywheel  Lyft  dynamic  pricing  search  pricing  ryanair  economy  airlines  Supply  and  Demand  consumer  product  customer  retention  customer  acquisition  customer  acquisition  cost  microeconomies  microeconomics  economics  price  elasticity  of  disrupting  markets  disruption  marketplace  public  transportation  inefficiencies  efficiency  marketplace  inefficiencies  product  market  fit 
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Online prices: Caveat | The Economist
The transparent user = Transparent Consumer = Guide to Profit Maximisation.

"The makers of price-customisation software are eagerly promoting its potential for boosting profit margins; those firms trying it out are, perhaps unsurprisingly, less keen to talk about it."
online  shopping  datamining  data  pricing  profit  maximization  capitalism  Amazon  algorithms  internet  security  consumer  ecommerce 
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Opening Bell: 02.18.11 Dealbreaker: A Wall Street Tabloid Business News Headlines and Financial Gossip
Buffett Says Pricing Power Beats Good Management (Bloomberg)“The single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power,” Buffett told the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission in an interview released by the panel last week. “If you’ve got the power to raise prices without losing business to a competitor, you’ve got a very good business. And if you have to have a prayer session before raising the price by 10 percent, then you’ve got a terrible business.”
warrenbuffet  business  lesson  entrepreneurship  pricing  competition  product 
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