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I had alcohol-related breast cancer. Here’s why I still drink | Joanna Moorhead | Opinion | The Guardian
The chief medical officer advises women to think about cancer when having a drink. But if I did that every time I had a glass of wine, I think I’d feel the cancer had won [...] I guess what it comes down to is quite simply the importance of enjoying life. When I had cancer, I discovered that I didn’t just want to survive; I wanted to have fun, to make the most of every single day, and to enjoy happy occasions and meals with my friends and family. [...] drinking wine, beer or tequila adds a dimension to social occasions that I rather enjoy. And somehow it feels to me that it wasn’t worth surviving cancer if I’m going to limit my life to thinking, every time someone offered me a glass of something, about my breast cancer and the likelihood of it returning. [...] Life is too short to cut out something you enjoy in moderation, [ picking up the words from the food lobby, heart disease and cancer in moderation. sprinkling in doubt. to continue that lifestyle. do you say asbestos in mod? ]
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