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BBC News - Michael Bay: How to 'wing it' without a script
Remember, the time passes much more slowly for you than it does for the audience so take your time. If you're blanking make it look like it's an enigmatic pause that you've left for the audience to take in the full import of what you've said.
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The List of N Things
I bet you the current issue of Cosmopolitan has an article whose title begins with a number. "7 Things He Won't Tell You about Sex," or something like that. Some popular magazines feature articles of this type on the cover of every issue. That can't be happening by accident. Editors must know they attract readers.

Why do readers like the list of n things so much? Mainly because it's easier to read than a regular article. [1] Structurally, the list of n things is a degenerate case of essay. An essay can go anywhere the writer wants. In a list of n things the writer agrees to constrain himself to a collection of points of roughly equal importance, and he tells the reader explicitly what they are.
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