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Jobseeking Surrounded By Fictions, Myths And Convenient Narratives | Welfare Weekly
It is worth remembering that the origin of the social welfare payments by the state was to stop these kinds of moral judgements being made about a deserving and an undeserving poor. The state officially supports the stereotype of sympathy for the ‘deserving poor’ and scorn for the near criminality on the part of ‘scroungers’. [...] unemployed people are forced to drink this [Tories] cool-aid or face destitution. [...] Underlying all this is the deeper fiction that individuals are responsible for their own state of unemployment. [...] There is a broader change in the world of work, - neo-liberalism - whereby the rules developed at the height of the industrial revolution are now fully circumvented by employers [...] transfer the risk and responsibility around labour from the organisation (and state - ie keeping national workforce competitive through various means of education) to the individual. [...] leading 2 lowest common denominator regulation. [short-term, price fight, dereg]
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