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More jobs paying below living wage - BBC News
'Prevalent' low pay The ONS figures show that the proportion of jobs paying below the living wage has grown. In 2014, young adults were most likely to be paid less than the living wage. Some 58% of jobs carried out by 18 to 24-year-olds outside of London and 48% of jobs in this age group in London were paid less than the living wage. In accommodation and food services in 2014, an estimated 65% of jobs paid less than the living wage in London and 70% in the rest of the UK. Northern Ireland had 29% of jobs paying below the living wage, the highest in the country. At the other end of the scale, 19% of jobs in the South East of England, London and Scotland paid below the living wage. [...] "These figures demonstrate that while the economy may be recovering as a whole, there is a real problem with ensuring everyone benefits, and low pay in still prevalent in Britain today."
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Why we Polish are downing tools to get the recognition we deserve | John Zylinski | Comment is free | The Guardian
[ Tories and Co pit them, us all, against each other ]
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