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Budget 2016 shows Osborne's failure on debt, surplus, GDP
// higher in-work poverty
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Child poverty measurement set to change - BBC News
"We are all in this together." // "In short - can a [Tory gov] that says it is governing for "One Nation" unpick the rules around measuring & cutting the # of poor children in Britain without being accused of cynicism? // &! "The plan sounds reasonable, but the purpose is to whip up confusion at a time when the poor are about to get poorer. [...] “blue-collar Conservatism”, appealing to working-class Tories who are not much interested in such abstractions as relative poverty, but can certainly be rallied against those who are felt to be living at the expense of hard-pressed taxpayers." [pitting them against each other]. &! &! existential threat &! &! &! Scrapping £320m independent living fund - &! 'trickle-down doesnt work, says IMF [...] 1% & well off only buy 1 pair of jeans. power 2 implement reform? [= rebellion, not able with status quo ppl << Chris Hedges]'
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