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John Oliver Edward Snowden Interview - YouTube
language shapes thoughts. how you communicate and on what level. US elected official talk is always about "keeping America and Americans, safe." what % of baby boomers or millennial do knows what meda data, profiling, and big data is or do or how it can be leveraged. they know what a selfie and a selfie stick is. That's why Career Politicians and Lobby organisations hire PR people. CORPORATE (Wall Street) PR PEOPLE!!! Talking 5 minutes to the nation and saying nothing at all of concrete notion, IS CORPORATE PR SPEAK. Setting the tone for the public discourse, its sort of art and honed down to a science. // &! Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Government Surveillance (HBO) >> >> Section 215 - bulk collection // principle, no to self-censorship
Edward  Snowden  surveillance  state  Orwellian  public  discourse  public  awareness  public  interest  public  perception  communication  language  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  Five  Eyes  public  relations  interest  groups  lobbyist  Lobbying  lobby  presidency  barackobama  public  opinion  publicrelations  Policy  Makers  social  cohesion  Millennials  short-term  thinking  short-term  view  crony  capitalism  Wall  Street  FISA  Court  FISAAA  Patriot  Act  War  on  Terror  False  Flag  military–industrial  complex  metadata  Vorratsdatenspeicherung  Intelligence  Agency  Foreign  Intelligence  World  Police  abuse  of  power  USA  UK  Imperialism  National  Security  vested  interest  interest  bulk  collection  reform  Constitution  corporate  espionage  industrial  espionage  cyber  espionage  Europe  Empire  British  Empire  CIA  self-censorship 
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Women Won't Name Harassing Venture Capitalists, Even Anonymously || "It's not my place to dictate a solution, but I think until victims can name names this won't change." It's structural. It's the patriarchy of the Valley VC's slash boys club slash 'Valley Boys' slash brogrammers slash The Fetish ... the power they hold. People think they hold. The power to enable you to make it big (or acqui-hire) or out rightly fail. But that is a dogma. Those who made it big, didn't make it because of the patriarchy ... the future ones definitely won't bow down to the dogma, if they are actually smart and have the guts and the heart and personal values in the right place. // 'living inside their own bubble without perspective - feedback loops.' + + >> 'bossy' // +
brogrammer  Venture  Capital  VC  dogma  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  gender-based  harassment  gender-based  discrimination  gender  inequality  gender  discrimination  racial  discrimination  discrimination  ethnic  minority  minority  black  minority  Women  in  Tech  STEM  Female  Founders  Misogynie  misogyny  gender  gap  gender  politics  gender  policing  gender  bias  gender  equality  gender  norms  gender  role  gender  conforming  gender  non-conforming  stereotype  bias  prejudice  judgement  white  male  privilege  entitlement  male  privilege  privilege  Privileged  jock  culture  Campus  Fetish  Silicon  Valley  bubble  San  Francisco  war  for  talent  self-awareness  Perspective  Power  Play  abuse  of  code  of  social  conduct  Sheryl  Sandberg  Lean  Bossy  language  communication 
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Newsweek Feature Stories: The Future of Branding - YouTube
+ << democratisation of voice, KPI - social following, influence, engagement, ... currency is respect; long-term view/long-term thinking - domain knowledge - domain expertise. ... long-form content << measure of quality. not just instagram snaps. differentiation. standing out from the noise. the constant bombardment (( full video -
brand  Personal  brands  branding  Gary  Vaynerchuk  entrepreneurial  entrepreneur  entrepreneurship  communication  PR  public  relations  barriers  to  entry  democratisation  voice  blog  bloggers  Blogger  Blogging  domain  knowledge  domain  expertise  bullshit  detector  peopleship  peoples  power  Instagram  publishing  self-publishing  publishing  2.0  long-term  thinking  long-term  view  Hustle  quality  engagement  Social  Media  differentiation  differentiate  noise  signal  vs.  digital  natives  digital  economy  digital  content 
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IOC-Präsident Rogge vor Abschied in Buenos Aires - SPIEGEL ONLINE
2001 wurde der Belgier in der Schweiz zum Präsidenten des bedeutendsten internationalen Sportverbands gewählt. Rogge kündigte Großes an: Kampf gegen Doping, Kampf gegen Gewalt, Kampf gegen Korruption, Kampf gegen Gigantismus. Der damals 58-Jährige wollte den Sport wieder glaubwürdiger machen.
DFB  human  rights  DOSB  FIFA  Politics  NFL  ethics  Jacques  Rogge  I.O.C.  Power  Play  accountability  Thomas  Bach  transparency  NBA  Machtspiele  Machtgehabe  China  LGBT  diplomacy  ethic  communication  Olympics  corruption  Russia  governance 
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Why Twitter Will Endure -
By carefully curating the people you follow, Twitter becomes an always-on data stream from really bright people in their respective fields, whose tweets are often full of links to incredibly vital, timely information.
twitter  socialmedia  interesting  trends  social  curation  curator  friction  virginairlines  power  brand  communication  customer  customerservice 
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