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Foreign Affairs Expert Leslie Gelb: Masters in Business (Audio) by Bloomberg View | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Leslie Gelb, wrote Pentagon Papers. Which Ellsberg leaked (Whistleblower) - // Back in the days, national interests and force was expressed in war and seldomly in economic embargos (Napoleon tried that against British Empire) and there were economic skirmishes (oil/diesel, rubber) in the run-up to WW2 and the first couple of months before USA officially entered WW2. TODAY! National interests are only expressed in economic terms with trade embargoes, tariffs, trade deals and protectionism. Only little military skirmishes here and there and when, the nation tries to hide them from the publics eye (through rouge nations for hire army/special forces, a nations secret services supplying the underground arms trade that doesn't show up on its balance sheet or one of their nations manufacturers. West excluded Russia from recent G8 summit in Munich and made it G7. Russia/Europe/USA playing game of chicken of economic escalation. Or using corporate actors & new cyber war!
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Noam Chomsky: US is world's biggest terrorist - YouTube
self-inflicted extinction event. USA and Israel rouge states, and greatest threats to world peace. // // Greece debt owed to EU banks - advocates for haircut/debt jubilee. // Europes problems - no actual political and fiscal union. - technocrats failoure as well as leadership, policy and career politicians failure - symptoms; Protest Partei and no solidarity and "everyone for himself" mentality // Europe racist!!! xenophobic and antisemitic, // hope only in form by Syriza and Podemos, << protest party and rechtsruck right wingers wins in European Election 2014.
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