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DLD NYC 14 - Present Shock (Douglas Rushkoff) - YouTube
Douglas Rushkoff is an authority on the intersection of technology and culture. At DLD NYC, he introduces the phenomenon of presentism, the present shock and what it implies to be always-on. // human attention and time to extract value from and make profit from - eyeballs, pageviews --- 30 sec TV advertisement for 5 minutes is old shool, checking your notifications on your phone 200 times a day is normcore. as if the world would stop spinning if you don't. // Gaming / abusing the smart phone - the remote control for everyone life. not just remote control but also microscope and looking glass. // - Douglas Rushkoff - Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now | Interactive 2013 | SXSW
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The Story Of Whitney Wolfe Vs. Tinder
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