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Media Websites Battle Faltering Ad Revenue and Traffic
[lots more competition for people's attention] The trouble, the publishers say, is twofold. The web advertising business, always unpredictable, became more treacherous. And website traffic plateaued at many large sites, in some cases falling — a new and troubling experience after a decade of exuberant growth. Online publishers have faced numerous financial challenges in recent years, including automated advertising and ad-blocking tools. But now, there is a realization that something more profound has happened: The transition from an Internet of websites to an Internet of mobile apps and social platforms, and Facebook in particular, is no longer coming — it is here. [...] “How do I monetize [content]?” he asked. “Still not clear.” //&! - if buzzfeed is hurting, everyone else is screwed. //&!
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Podcaster Marc Maron.
And Tom plays an outtake of his interview with podcaster Marc Maron.
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Can Serial make podcasts pay? - BBC News
The podcast Serial is back for its second series. Will its popularity give radio another chance to shine?
Podcast  podcasting 
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How To Get 1 Million Subscribers - YouTube
meritocracy, democratic, egalitarian. anyone who has interest, can find it. u will have an audience, even it is just 1. either they like it, share it & come back. or they leave u alone. // Beme, remove the aspect of creation. the friction. the cognitive cost. the overhead. a process to follow. a tutorial or how to listicle to read. to Google or to ask. >> Product developers & investors should think about the cognitive cost of their products. The cognitive cost very often can be much higher than the financial cost. Products with a low cognitive cost are those where the technology fades away and dont require a consumers ongoing attention. // "Don't make me think." << book, UI UX mantra. // Photo-filter-app vs photo-editing-app vs video-editing-ai-augmented-intelligence-app that have popped up. podcasting. EDM // what has lots of overhead & sometimes really disappointing user experience? Skype, Windows, FriendFeed, Twitter?(niche compared 2 FB). Q&A
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Why podcasts are suddenly “back” –
>> listening to podcast eats time away from the existing pie pieces of other forms of entertainment, escapism, and snacking. But it shares similarities with Music, TV, Movie, ... you can let it run in the background and do something different and listening in.
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How Relay FM Proves That Podcasts Aren’t An Overnight Success | TechCrunch
When Myke Hurley and Stephen Hackett launched Relay FM, they expected to build a small independent network of weekly tech podcasts. Just a year later, Relay FM features 16 different shows and delivers 1.5 million downloads every month. Building this loyal audience was an overnight success six years in the making. [...] “The shows that we do are conversations between friends” [...] “I think advertising does work as a model. It works for both journalistic and creative output. You look at those old time newspapers or radio dramas, and they are all ad supported,” Hackett said. “It’s very embedded and it’s very native and that works. We talk to big sponsors, small app developers and everybody in-between.” [...] Podcasts feel like the early blogging days. Amateurs who found a popular niche are turning into professional podcasters. Listener numbers are still very small compared to the potential market — most people just don’t know what a podcast is. [...] Blogging didn’t take off overnight...
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