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Fat Shaming and Making Fun of Fat People - YouTube
+ wikipedia TOFI // makes me want 2 eat. I hate myself, every inch of my body. but i am not ashamed. // addiction 2 engineered food: 50/50 sugar/fat plus salt! + animal protein & products. its addiction & substance abuse in one. not knowing ('because everyone eats what I eat') 4 urself that u are addicted & u abuse food as emotional cure/balance. bc its engineered (moorish) 2 trigger release of pleasure hormone dopamine. engineered 2 be able 2 eat nearly unlimited quantities. //&! // - Weight Loss Ward Docu (BBC); people have 2 be [1] fully educated abt "The System" they are a victim of. & move forward & not be a victim, angry & not change. But show the middle finger & take control & build a new identity. Only building a new identity = new lifestyle (small changes, step by step, decided by one self (made to stick via autonomy, mastery, purpose = intrinsic motivation), active lifestyle, W-F P-B D & HCLF&P 801010 &!
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