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Newsweek Feature Stories: The Future of Branding - YouTube
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Corner Office - Switch Desks and Build Teamwork, Says Care.coms Chief - Question -
Business is about people too.

It might have been my legal training, but I was very focused on the facts, as opposed to the person who was doing the work. I had to constantly remind myself that it’s about people.

Q. How do you balance focusing on results and the people?

A. I think it’s a push-pull, and it’s a little bit of an experiment in really understanding who you’re managing and the relationship you have with that person, and what they’re capable of. I can’t say that there’s one way of managing, because there are so many idiosyncrasies when you’re managing a specific individual. So I think it’s learning the different styles that people have, and harnessing their strengths, and how they get motivated and what inspires them to get stuff done.
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