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BBC One - Panorama, The VIP Paedophile Ring: What's the Truth?
wikipedia Jimmy_Savile_sexual_abuse_scandal &! Elm_Guest_House_child_abuse_scandal //&! ExaroNews - - corruption within Police related to VIP Paedophile Ring to be investigated &! - BBC Panorama to plan to smear and discredit survivors of child abuse and media outlets like ExaroNews &! THERE HAVE BEEN LEAKS WITHIN MET to BBC/PANORAMA to make PROGRAM!? &! ExaroNews editor-in-chief declined to be interviewed for Panorama Program, because they were out to debunk the 'VIP Paedophile Ring.' claims also two VIP cases are VIP BBC people. &! - according to them, BBC tries to delay publication of the inquiry into its own failings of Jimmy Savile. Could be (according to sources) so damning that it undermines negotiations of BBC Charter Renewal. //&! Political Correctness of Politicians, Police, Social and Public Services let Rotherham, Rochdale, Derby (& across country) happen. &!
Operation  Midland  pedophilia  Westminster  abuse  of  power  Career  Politicians  British  Empire  Establishment  Privileged  Politics  UK  corruption  bribery  phone  hacking  Met  Police  BBC  British  Broadcasting  Company  Jimmy  Savile  society  Justice  System  Law  &  Justice  Gesellschaft  child  abuse  sexual  harassment  sexual  assault  child  pornography  multiculturalism  Political  Correctness  pedophile 
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Met police admit mistakes in Westminster paedophile ring inquiry | Society | The Guardian
&! //&! - Westminster paedophile ring inquiry 'not a shambles', says police chief Met commissioner says criticism of Operation Midland is unfair but admits detectives have found it difficult to corroborate some allegations
Met  Police  Scotland  Yard  UK  Toff  Westminster  Establishment  Privileged  pedophilia  corruption  nepotism  bribery  history  British  Empire  Margaret  Thatcher  abuse  of  power  Monarchy  Operation  Midland 
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Sex trafficking: Lifelong struggle of exploited children - BBC News
In the US, poverty, deprivation and exploitation draws thousands of its own children down into a dark underworld that offers few ways out. [...] The FBI says child sex abuse is almost at an epidemic level, despite the agency rescuing 600 children last year. [...] "Trafficking" often conjures images of people from other countries being smuggled over land and across the sea and then forced to work against their will in foreign lands. People are trafficked into America from Mexico, Central and South America. But the vast majority of children bought and sold for sex every night in the United States are American kids. We have heard from a number of women from the East coast to the Mid-west who have frighteningly similar and horrific stories. Neglected, abused, exploited and often ignored starting from a young age - sometimes even prosecuted by the very people who should have protected them.
USA  Human  Trafficking  sex  poverty  child  poverty  poverty  trap  Gini  coefficient  post-racial  America  Prostitution  pedophilia  sex  work  sex  worker  deprivation  Perspective  welfare  state  social  safety  net  Public  Services  Services  neoliberalism  neoliberal  trickle-down  economics  education  policy  inequality  gender  inequality  American  Dream 
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Germany urges paedophiles out of the shadows - BBC News
Some men who are sexually attracted to children would like help to change their condition but fear doctors will tell the police. In Germany, though, a campaign is under way to persuade them to sign up for confidential treatment, even if they have abused a child - and doctors are hailing it as a big success.
pedophilia  stigma  mental  health  mental  illness  prevention 
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DSK and Dodo the Pimp: Sex and power in France - Newsnight - YouTube
complicit and impunity - see same in UK with abuse scandals and paedophiles up and down Britain's Society and especially Westminster - and Met Police looking away during recent history till back then during Thatcher's time and maybe even way back even more. What a picture of society and what it means in a persons life to have "power." And also include the Church! Sure, back then paedophiles, rapists and abusers of any kind often got away with it more or less because of the stigma as victim (you brought this on you) and the lack (non existent) of prosecution and support. Dark ages. Dark ages. That is recent history. Just one generation. Thinking about it is abhorring - that these people still shape our life's to some extent.
France  DSK  Prostitution  feminism  Patriarchy  Misogynie  misogyny  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  Career  Politicians  abuse  of  power  culture  moral  beliefs  morals  morality  Establishment  Privileged  Toff  society  pedophilia  UK  Scandal  history  Metropolitan  Police  Service  inequality  Met  Police  Westminster  Politics  Gesellschaft  abuse  paedophile  Catholic  Church  Church  Religion 
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BBC News - Church of England 'has a duty to debate politics'
The Church of England "has a right and a duty" to speak in the political debate ahead of May's general election, Church leaders say. // ... like not reporting your paedophile colleague? Oh wait, ... Westminster has that already running for themselves. // &! &! The Church Vs Russell Brand's Sex Appeal? Russell Brand The Trews (E259) -
Religion  Politics  Policy  Makers  LGBTQIASP  UK  feminism  feminist  gender  inequality  gender  gender  policing  CDU  CSU  erzkonservativ  neoconservatives  Conservative  Party  gay  rights  gay  marriage  Homo-Ehe  inequality  homophobic  Homophobia  Transphobic  transphobia  minority  ethical  machine  moral  beliefs  ethical  beliefs  Westminster  Establishment  Privileged  Toff  pedophilia  paedophilia  paedophile 
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BBC News - New Zealand judge Lowell Goddard to lead abuse inquiry - Rotherham Council's cabinet is to resign in the wake of a damning report which found it was "not fit for purpose" after a child abuse scandal. Louise Casey's report found a culture of bullying, sexism, suppression and misplaced "political correctness". << bc majority of men were of foreign background and culture. behaviour widespread across UK among (young and old) communities of immigrant background (post-british empire/ww2). &! - In December of last year, Scotland Yard was handed a dossier by MPs containing the names of 22 high profile figures, including three current MPs and three members of the House of Lords, who it alleged were involved in a Westminster paedophile ring that operated in locations throughout the country in the 1970s and 80s. &! &! &!
UK  Social  Services  child  sex  abuse  Pedophilia  abuse  of  power  immigration  immigrants  history  integration  society  cohesion  culture  subculture  Toff  Establishment  No  Representation  Privileged  Westminster  Career  Politicians  Margaret  Thatcher  Rotherham 
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Video "Pädophilie: Kaum Geld für Therapieplätze" | Kontraste | ARD Mediathek
Pädophilie ist eine Krankheit, die zwar nicht heilbar, aber therapierbar ist. Schon 2012 berichtete KONTRASTE, dass Pädophile oft monatelang auf einen Therapieplatz warten. Mit dem Fall Edathy wurde das Thema wieder aktuell. Wir haben nachgefragt: Was hat sich verändert? Das Ergebnis ist enttäuschend, trotz aller Beteuerungen der Politik.
Pedophilia  mental  illness 
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Machtproben im Vatikan: Franziskus' Kampf um Reformen geht in die heikle Phase - YouTube
Im Ringen um Reformen in der katholischen Kirche haben sich Tonfall und Gangart im Vatikan verschärft. In der Kurie und bei brennenden Fragen zu Ehe, Familie und Sexualmoral fehlen dem Papst eindeutige Mehrheiten. Gegner wittern Morgenluft.
Pope  Francis  Vatican  Religion  21stcentury  sex  ed  sex  education  gay  marriage  same-sex  marriage  CDU  CSU  Germany  Homo-Ehe  gay  rights  Pedophilia  Mafia  Rome  Italy  UK  USA 
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BBC News - Child abuse viewers need medical help - police chief
People who view child sex abuse online should get medical help - not prison time - a senior police officer says. Norfolk's Chief Constable Simon Bailey said police must focus on "contact abusers" - people who commit abuse - an estimated 16-50% of those who view it. Mr Bailey, the Association of Chief Police Officers' lead for child protection, said police "simply cannot cope" with the numbers viewing images. But a former social work leader said those watching abuse were "causing" it. Mr Bailey said he understood how controversial his proposal was, and that most people would want those who viewed child abuse locked up. [ ... maybe in 5 years there is a protocol in UK so people can seek sincere help (non-offenders with paedophile urges) ... and maybe 5 to 10 years into research, medical profession found a humane solution to help stop paedophile urges - how ever it might look (under guidance of medical ethics) ... attached stigma is preventing advances in medical care & research .. ]
Pedophilia  mental  health  mental  illness  stigma  medical  research  medical  profession  medical  advances  Social  Services  prevention  medical  care 
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"Segen für homosexuelle Lebensgemeinschaften ist möglich" Notker Wolf - YouTube
"Münchner Runde" vom 21.10.14: Die Synode in Rom ist zu Ende, die Sensation blieb aus: Reformen im Umgang mit Homosexuellen, Geschiedenen und Wiederverheirateten wurden abgelehnt, die Diskussion dauert an. Tobt ein Machtkampf im Vatikan? Was will der Papst?
Religion  LGBT  Homo-Ehe  gay  rights  marriage  gay  marriage  Politics  secularism  Pedophilia  paedophilia 
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You’re 16. You’re a Pedophile. You Don’t Want to Hurt Anyone. What Do You Do Now? — Matter — Medium
Elizabeth Letourneau, founding director of the Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse at Johns Hopkins University, told me. “A lot of these guys don’t want to be sexually abusing children.” We first met at her office one dreary afternoon last February. Out the window, whose sill was flanked by framed photos of her two sons, you could see rain gently blanketing downtown Baltimore. The center’s core mission is “to try to change the way the nation views child sexual abuse, as something that is preventable.” From a desk piled high with books and manila folders full of journal articles, she continued: “We say we’re really concerned about sex offending and we really don’t want children to be sexually offended and we don’t want adults to be raped, but we don’t do anything to prevent it. We put most of our energy into criminal justice, which means that the offense has already happened and often many offenses have already happened.” - via
rape  sexual  assault  Pedophilia  Law  &  Justice  Justice  System  prevention  Pedophile  abuse  sexual  abuse  physical  abuse  physical  assault 
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