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The Media Equation - What Would It Take to Support a Newsroom? -
“Fewer journalists are reporting less news in fewer pages, and the hegemony that near-monopoly metropolitan newspapers enjoyed during the last third of the 20th century, even as their primary audience eroded, is ending.”

In other words, the current advertising model won’t continue to support so-called accountability journalism.
“And the Internet philosophers who suggest that individuals posting on the Web are going to replace what newsrooms have been doing are not being realistic. We have to find new ways to maintain professional news-gathering capacity.”
“The money is there, but a lot of it gets sunk into facilities and programming to drive membership, and it needs to be reallocated to reflect the need for local coverage,” Mr. Downie said. “And it has to be mandated because this is a time of crisis and we can’t just depend on good intentions.”
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