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BBC Radio 2 - Steve Wright in the Afternoon, AA Gill, Simon Le Bon and Chris Ramsey, AA Gill talks to Steve Wright about his battle with the bottle
AA Gill talks to Steve Wright about his battle with the bottle - The columnist talks openly about his battle with alcoholism and his new book 'Pour Me'. // functioning. // still doesn't know why // may have a session with Gabor Mate about his childhood.
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Check Your Privilege Episode Two: Fat Acceptance - YouTube
The Beauty Myth - Naomi Wolf // 4:50 - feeling insulted & angry? because one tells one has the power (whole plant based foods/diet), & oneself is the culprit of what one puts in his mouth, & whether or not (free will) 2 exercise (HIIT, karabolic endurance)!? Yes, these womens feelings are real bc they have been told white lies, outright lies, deceived (deception), things have been spun and reframed, & now they are made to look like fools, self-destructive, lazy, addicts, ... under those circumstances, lots of people with thick emotions arnd food & their weight since childhood can be seen not irrationally angry but, fair & square, under the given circumstances. // "she got my genetics." #epigenetics is true. brain of unborn gets pre-programmed in womb with mothers eating habits & also with health habits from father (gene expression!). // but u have to look @ it also that women are much more harshly judged than men, around this. but it catches up; rise of bigorexia/muscle dysmorphia
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