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Tax credit cuts - will the House of Lords stop them? - YouTube
what constitutional crisis? democracy. separation of power. checks and balances. getting the voice of the minority heard who have no voice, nobody, no lobby in Westminster to speak and represent them. // 1:44:00 David Cameron and Osborne lied to win a small majority in the general election, withholding the details of further (12bn) welfare cuts in the next parliament if they were (re-)elected. The British public is fed up. Same with LibDems budging on Student Fees post-election and students went on the street in London and elsewhere. & 1:58-59:00 because of that fact, what the gov is asking us to do to waive this through, is unacceptable. & 2:00:00 no taxation without representation & 2:34:00 Poor have to make even more hard choices that Toff can't even imagine to make. & If you don't create middle-class jobs (job creation/industrial policy), you have to top up pay with tax credit for low income. Period. & 2:47:00 proposed amendments were just soft paced cut style. no principles!
tax  credit  child  tax  credit  working  tax  credit  House  of  Lords  UK  austerity  UK  Parliament  Tories  Labour  Party  Conservative  Party  nasty  Toff  Privileged  Establishment  George  Osborne  David  Cameron  precarious  work  Precariat  working  poor  income  distribution  income  redistribution  Gini  coefficient  inequality  income  inequality  health  inequality  gender  inequality  single  parent  social  mobility  income  mobility  neoliberalism  neoliberal  fairness  GFC  bank  bailout  corporate  welfare  social  safety  net  welfare  state  Generationengerechtigkeit  recovery  budget  deficit  tax  avoidance  tax  evasion  corporate  tax  rate  subsidies  subsidizing  election  campaign  promises  general  election  2015  budget2015  minority  low  income  low  pay  minimum  wage  Sozialer  Abstieg  squeezed  middle  class  poverty  child  poverty  food  poverty  poverty  trap  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  crony  capitalism  capitalism  democracy  social  contract  Millennials  generationy  part-time  Zero  Hour  Contractor  job  creation  Niedriglohn  Niedriglohnsektor  Service  Sector  Jobs  market  manual  PR  spin  doctor  messaging  vulnerable  Disabled  Support  Universal  Basic  hartz-iv  Agenda  2010  ALG2  liberal  economic  reform 
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Pushy parents stress out children, Eton head says - BBC News
There has been a rise in the number of parents "living their lives through their ambitions for their children", the head teacher of Eton has said. Tony Little, who is leaving the school, said most parents had been "supportive" but there were now "more pressures on young people than ever before". And if his pupils failed to conform to parents' "outcome template", it could "add to the stresses" in their life. Eton employs a full-time psychologist to promote "good mental health". [...] "Children don't learn unless they are happy," she said. [...] In a wide-ranging interview, Mr Little also said he was "exasperated" by England's exam system and that learning subjects in "silos" prevented pupils from thinking laterally. "It's like an egg timer," he said.
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Why Mental Health Disorders Emerge in Your Early Twenties | VICE | United Kingdom
[ nurture over nature ] What kind of things should people be aware of? It's important to know what you're at risk of. Let's say you had a parent with psychopathology; that certainly is a risk factor. If you've had a difficult time engaging in your social world as a kid, that's another risk factor. If your parents sheltered you instead of giving you some exposure to difficult things and showing you how to cope, that's another risk factor. The type of parenting that you had as a child can really affect the way you cope with the new challenges as you launch into adulthood.
childhood  childhood  development  parenthood  parents  parenting  helicopter  parent  environment  mental  health  mental  illness 
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Malcolm Gladwell Interview on Genius, Late Bloomers, Criminal Profiling, Intelligence Failure (2009) - YouTube
min10 Networking & making Conversation, "Everyone is interesting. Let them talk abt what they know well & do well. If not u may make them uncomfortable - ur fault. Just ask them the right inquisitive questions." // Career & Life Advice. Stay Humble (humility) & Smart. Overconfidence is the disease of the expert. Titans of Wall Street believed in such command that they were risk averse & believed never 2 fail (black swan, blind spot). Overconfidence & arrogance is a psychological problem of success. // Also, learning from experience, the elders, is so important ie 2015, Unicorns in Silicon Valley with burn rates greater than during the dot. com bubble & the youngsters do not listen 2 have plan b & c in their desk drawer as Bill Gurly mentioned in his 2015 SXSW talk w Gladwell. bc "U only learn certain things when youve been humbled." // 23:35 its not about IQ (intelligence), its abt environment & culture! Nature vs Nurture (Peers Cohort). + Innovation by Late Bloomers + Taleb
Networking  socialising  life  lesson  life  hacker  introvert  extrovert  Career  Politicians  Policy  Makers  advice  ladder  GFC  Success  education  environment  living  environment  culture  society  Gini  coefficient  American  Dream  income  mobility  social  mobility  peers  childhood  childhood  development  parenthood  parenting  parents  helicopter  parent  lifehacker  lifehacks  lifelessons  lifelesson  Nassim  Taleb 
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Ballet star Tamara Rojo says modern children lack discipline - BBC News
The principal dancer at the English National Ballet says many of today's pupils lack the discipline to succeed. Tamara Rojo told Radio Times magazine that children were often praised for quick results rather than hard work. "We live in a society that rewards fast success based on little talent or commitment, which is transient and a dangerous place to be," she said. "Do we want to promote instant success and instant failure, or do we want to promote self-esteem and hard work?"
growth  mindset  helicopter  parent  parenthood  parenting  parents  Success  failure  discipline  education  policy  teaching  life  hacker  life  lesson  lifehacks  lifehacker  lifelessons  lifelesson  Millennials  generationy  childhood  childhood  development  perseverance 
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The Case for Free-Range Parenting -
Such narrowing of the child’s world has happened across the developed world. But Germany is generally much more accepting of letting children take some risks. To this German parent, it seems that America’s middle class has taken overprotective parenting to a new level, with the government acting as a super nanny. Just take the case of 10-year-old Rafi and 6-year-old Dvora Meitiv, siblings in Silver Spring, Md., who were picked up in December by the police because their parents had dared to allow them to walk home from the park alone. For trying to make them more independent, their parents were found guilty by the state’s Child Protective Services of “unsubstantiated child neglect.” What had been the norm a generation ago, that kids would enjoy a measure of autonomy after school, is now seen as almost a crime. &! via
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Lithuanian psychologists say censoring information on LGBT issues does harm to minors - EN.DELFI
Lithuania - Delfi: "Lithuanian psychologists say censoring information on LGBT issues does harm to minors"
LGBT  LGBTQIA  diversity  sex  ed  sex  education  childhood  childhood  development  helicopter  parent  parenthood  parenting 
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Rich Kid, Poor Kid: For 30 Years, Baltimore Study Tracked Who Gets Ahead : NPR Ed : NPR
But a study published in June suggests that the things that really make the difference — between prison and college, success and failure, sometimes even life and death — are money and family. // +++ see Alain De Botton - Status Anxiety.
men  are  not  created  equal  social  mobility  income  mobility  education  policy  plutocracy  Aristocracy  Super  Rich  1%  tax  free  income  tax  credit  tax  code  work  environment  living  environment  environment  parenthood  parents  parenting  helicopter  parent  childhood  childhood  development  epigenetics  sociology  psychology  social  science  white  male  privilege  privilege  Privileged  male  privilege  entitlement  income  inequality  gender  inequality  inequality  Gini  coefficient  USA  UK  Europe  democracy  Toff  Career  Politicians  private  education  working  poor  squeezed  middle  class  middle  class  child  poverty  food  poverty  Public  equality  gender  equality  social  status  social  safety  net  social  study  social  society  Zivilcourage  Zivilgesellschaft  civic  life  civic  society 
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Effect of duration and age at exposure to the Stroke Belt on incident stroke in adulthood
Growing up in the Stroke Belt (the southeastern United States, in particular Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia) is associated with 17% higher risk of stroke - regardless of whether you flee from "the belt" after adolescence. Guess what's the confounding factor here? Being sedentary and consuming the crappiest incarnation of the SAD diet you can think of in a critical period of you live: childhood & adolescence. >> see &
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