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Prof. Gary L. Francione on the Problem with Welfare Reforms and Single-Issue Campaigns - YouTube
Free Range and Co. - still promoting animal exploitation. Same with don't eat veal (eat the mom) or Foie gras (just eat the bird, don't force-feed the bird to eat the liver). << Single Issue Campaigns still promote animal exploitation. More morally better because you don't eat that kind of cruel meat? // Greenpeace doesn't promote Vegan. Just sustainability. Whole Foods "happy exploitation." << betrayal of animal rights! PETA gave Whole Foods an award for "best animal-friendly." [...] "lessen the suffering." // when its about human rights we take an absolute position. but animal rights public takes no absolute position but talks about meatless Monday's. If it's wrong its wrong. If it violates fundamental human rights, it violates human rights. There are not baby steps. No journey. // Educate people about Veganism. And animal rights will take care of itself. But current Vegan movement is just about "humane" or "compassionate" animal exploitation. Vegan has to be a moral imperative!
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Aaron Levie of Box - TWiST #224 - YouTube
min 35:40 - Freemium in the business space is even cooler than in the consumer space. min 39 - Marc Andreessen "how much do you need to win in this space? how fast do you need to grow, to win." [cost of customer acquisition (freemium, and or Bounty Model from Paypal) and retention]. and define what is winning, what scenario? what measure? ... key accounts long-term commitment? ad spend from key accounts? customer happiness - retention? resellers, dominating sales channels to a vertical of business type and SME/SMB's? min 53 - new playbook is now Get Big, then turn on revenue. disrupt the ecosystem/existing business model, winner takes all. min 54 - how you go from a small shop with profit to raising $+100m round telling than that they get multiples back in their investment, that comes when you live a time here in Palo Alto/Silicon Valley. ( + follow-up "having a playbook." + war for talent: 1 disenfranchised 2 ppl wnt 2 create value, 3 business model
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App Store Is a Game Changer for Apple and Cellphone Industry -
or Apple, the review process is a necessary evil. The company places high value on what it describes as “customer trust,” or the idea that users have faith that an application distributed on the iPhone won’t crash the platform, steal personal information or contain illegal content.
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Manufacturers redirecting R&D on declining GPS device orders? -- Engadget
Google put existing GPS business out of business with free turn-by-turn navigation for Android.
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