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Syrische Flüchtlinge: Sie werden weitgehend auf sich gestellt - SPIEGEL ONLINE
wieso kann man nicht eine syrische familie adoptieren, und persoehnlich helfen? wieso macht das keiner? hyper local web app for adoption program. ... >>> Martha Nussbaum: "To be a good human being is to have a kind of openness to the world, an ability to trust uncertain things beyond your own control." ( ) || + a sprinkle of fear and illinformed/educated about other forms of Religion than Christianity -,_anti-national,_and_anti-ethnic_terms#Anti-religious_terms || Deutsche gesellschaft ist nicht so weltoffen wie es sich gerne gibt. Bloss nicht vor meiner hausstuer. +++
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Twitter, SXSW, and Building a 21st Century Business - Umair Haque - Harvard Business Review
Openness as a survival strategy. I asked Ev about why Twitter's been focused on openness, and his response was that it's a "survival strategy." New ideas, new concepts, new applications — all flow to open organizations. That's a great way to express the point that for next-gen organizations, openness is now table stakes: fail at it, and you're not even in the game.

Organizing for experimentation. "Why don't you guys have a business model?" That was the essence of my first question — and the response was about experimentation. Though many organizations want to experiment, they can't — because they're not built to. Ev gave a blow-by-blow description of how Twitter organizes for experimentation, by creating modular teams that rapidly iterate to solve tough problems. That's what 21st century organizations look like: networks, not pyramids.
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Set our Data Free and Create a (Digital) Economy | redcatco blog
today’s digital information is trapped in non-portable and hard to process formats.
There are four aims behind the project and opening up the data: 1) Aid transparency and accountability. 2) Empower citizens to drive public service reform. 3) Unlock the social and economic value in the data. 4) Stimulate the UK’s digital economy, with regard to technology and research in the web domain.
new generation of digital talent
My hope is that the data will provide a platform for an ecosystem of businesses and micro-businesses, as well as non-profit organisations, to create value for UK Plc, both for the public good and for economic good. It will also be a proving ground for a new generation of geeks who can work with massive datasets and produce insights from them. Exactly the kind of folks the knowledge-based business of the future will need.
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