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Amazon a cyber-sweatshop? SARAH LACY praised the New York Times reporting on Amazon: "When you freak out the tech world, you're a powerful news organization." // "brutally efficient" 'white and blue collar jobs being exposed to the same treatment manual work and service sector jobs have been treated by competition and globalisation (flat and borderless world), for the last +30 years. "it's what you don't say and how it gets interpreted down the line." // Investigative Journalism! NYT (paper), a institution, a stalwart of investigative journalism, reporting, holding companies and people accountable, .... same along the line of - One overlooked theme emerging from the Times’s Amazon story is the power of the paper itself. // this story underlines, is a data point in time, you can look back on. and say the world went this way such and such // competing on price is the easiest thing to do! the first thing in reach! its about the hard things that actually leverage/multiplier
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