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BBC News - Nigel Farage: UKIP to be serious players at general election
Labour Party gaining ground .... but will it be enough (traction) to replace the coalition of Conservatives/LibDems? - waiting for further detailed analysis; "Most revealingly for the party’s long-term prospects, UKIP’s triumph in local elections is proof of its growing knack for campaigning on-the-ground and on domestic political issues. For years the party’s success was limited to European elections, where bluster about the EU and a strong broadcast presence was enough. Not any more. The party’s membership has shot up to more than 35,000, meaning it can now seriously compete in first-past-the-post contests." + "LOSING America is popularly considered to have been one of the things that cost King George III his sanity. David Cameron, by contrast, appears to think that losing Scotland would not even cost him his job."
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Born Bankrupt: State of UK economy, part1/2 (24Aug12) - YouTube
Generational Theft. In-front of our eyes. Decline in-front of our eyes. Decline is subliminal.

Society's Contract, is broken. Society (baby boomers) is also bankrupt ethically and morally. Who are they to say what ought to be dome about the state of 'the system'!?

Part 2:

Book: Jilted Generation, Ed Howker (Author)
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Bagehot: Simple pleasures | The Economist
(UK) Both parties have an interest in banker-bashing. That is unfortunate

The government, too, has faced two ways in its dealings with the bankers. Attacking them has a certain electoral appeal—bankers were unpopular long before the posh Italians set about persecuting Shylock—but the bankers have been generous to the Tories. According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, in 2010 half of the party’s donations came from the City. More important, the government understands the danger of undermining a sector so important to jobs, growth and tax receipts. So it has dealt gently with the banks in, for instance, watering down somewhat last year’s recommendations by the Independent Commission on Banking about how to tighten regulation.

Gov has announced a parliamentary inquiry into the behaviour of the banks, brushing aside Labour’s demands for a judicial inquiry as an attempt to postpone the post-mortem.
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Lord Ashdown's powerful response to Lord Carlile's attack on reform, from his former party leader | Mail Online
We think we are facing an economic crisis. But we are also facing a political one. The people have lost confidence in politicians – and with good reason.


But when it comes to holding the Executive to account, we are incapable of doing it. How can we hold the Government to account when we are the creatures of its patronage! If the Lords had been able to do this job properly, we would never have had the Poll Tax or, I fancy, the Iraq War.


... If we don’t reform, then the number of Lords could well rise from 800 to more than 1,000. All of whom can draw their untaxed
allowance of £300 a day – for life. Cost? £18.7 million and counting.

[...] we should be ashamed that a part of our Parliament remains an undemocratic leftover from a bygone age.

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BBC News - Queen's Speech: David Cameron says plans will rebuild Britain
UK's governing coalition (Conservatives & Liberal Democrats) made it through half-time, here is what they want to do with the rest of their time ... :

David Cameron has hailed the coalition's plans for the year ahead as a "Queen's Speech to rebuild Britain".

et al ...

Banking Reform Bill: Splitting banks into separate retail and investment arms
Draft Communications Bill: Making it easier for police and intelligence agencies to access, store and share data on private phone calls and email communications
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Bagehot: David Cameron is not too posh | The Economist
The most alarming finding from focus groups conducted by the Conservative Party after last month’s budget did not involve tax rates. It was that voters suspect that British budgets no longer much matter, because the country is just a little island buffeted by global forces. Most British fear their children will be worse off than they are. They are losing faith that governments can fix this.


But a graver test looms. An earlier Conservative critic once coined a deadly phrase, calling the Major government “in office but not in power”. Today all big political parties face a similar charge. Their challenge is to convince unhappy, cynical British voters that politicians have power to do much good at all.

[[ The last bit is true for Germany too. Except that Ms Merkel still got some backing. ]]
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George Galloway on Britain and the Falkland Islands (02Mar12) - YouTube
Political commentator did acknowledge that recent trouble is 'politics' and 'believe' and 'national interests'.
Dispute far from over ... the situation will bubble ahead.

Logic in leading global economy, global 'getting along' is missing from David Cameron's & Nick Clegg's coalition.

Political commentator did mention history, where Thatcher led UK to war over the Islands.
Well history is past, politicians should not hold grudges in that sense. And people then were only humans too.
GeorgeGalloway  latin-amarica  BRIC  davidcameron  nickclegg  foreignaffairs  diplomacy  politics  Argentina  UK  2012  Falkland  Islands 
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BBC News - 'Pay-per-Neet' scheme aims to help teenagers find work
(2012) Government tries to tackle youth unemployment.

The £126m scheme is aimed at 55,000 teenagers in England with poor qualifications who are currently not in education, employment or training.

The scheme, part of the Youth Contract announced in the autumn, will invite bids for contracts worth up to £2,200 for each teenager who can be sustained in work, education or training for 12 months.

The target group will be 16- to 17-year-olds without any GCSEs at C grade or above.

Almost one in five young people aged between 16 and 24 are classified as Neet - with the most recent figure standing at 1,163,000.
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