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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Annedroids on Amazon Prime! - YouTube
>> something that needed done! - #democratisation of content - against the pattern matching & recognition of Hollywood, Music Industry & Entertainment Industry. #Democracy is / can be messy (See YouYube) // hard things are hard because they are worth it to do - in the end.
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It's official: Comcast and Time Warner Cable announce $45.2B merger | VentureBeat | Business | by Jordan Novet
Comcast and Time Warner Cable are the largest and second-largest cable providers in the U.S., respectively. [...] federal regulators could challenge the deal, just as they have pushed back on mergers of big mobile service providers such as AT&T and T-Mobile. + The Tek 0096: Comcast & Time Warner Wouldn't Hurt a Fly + + 30:06min in - all this comes back to the fight of the Middleman to try hardest to stay relevant in the future of distribution of digital content. Whether it be music, movies, tv, tv-series, and any other digital content. The future is about b2c, currently its about b2b2c. The middleman will fall away, but it is fighting back. Remove a middle man and get rid of the mark-up. + + +
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